The spiritual meaning of the fox: what does it mean when you keep running into foxes?


The fox is a robber and a clever one, or at least that’s how man portrays him. With his intelligent eyes he has a lot in his sights. The beautiful often reddish brown fur provides a great camouflage when lying still on the ground and stalking prey. We can learn a lot from the fox, both about what to do and what not to do. Read in this article what the fox wants to tell you.

Some foxes even change their coat color as the season changes. For example, it can suddenly be bright white in regions where there is a lot of snow in winter. How ingenious is that?

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smart fox

Foxes are often labeled as the bad guy in stories, whether in movies or not. That is not so for nothing. The animal is a robber, who doesn’t care about humanity. The fox digs and climbs, so you’ll have to be a good man to keep him out. People are affected by this and that is where the pain lies. That is why people put the fox in a bad light.

However, this animal also needs to eat normally and probably provide food for the nest with young. If there were enough food to be found in the fields and forests, then the fox would not have to take any risk at all to come near people. But this smart one also likes convenience sometimes. Just a quick meal available. Kind of like a takeaway. The choice is made instinctively.

Universal test

The fox gives you a universal test. An opportunity that you really can’t say no to or it has presented itself and you went for it. You have considered rationally. It was the next step in your career with a better income, for example. Or you have ended up in the same kind of environment (systems such as healthcare, education, government, etc.) as before or in that relationship again. You have forgotten to feel from a deep connection with yourSELF. To test. You actually stepped into something a bit blind and didn’t think about whether everything would be in balance. That then relates to what you ‘put in and what comes out’.

Maybe you couldn’t estimate things well beforehand, but there are always things that you can test. For example at a job. What are you going to commit to? What kind of dimension company do you end up in? What do you feed with your efforts within this company? And is that true with who you are?

Or in a relationship. If you show yourself as your true SELF, how did the other person react? Can you share everything, or are worlds too far apart? Is the (sexual) need for affection greater than listening to your SELF, where you are actually looking for that person where everything is right? Have you made concessions in any form?

Know dear one, that whatever you choose or have chosen, everything is just all right. If it is the case that afterwards it turns out that the outcome is different from what you expected, do not grieve. Look especially at what the clever trick of the fox has taught you.

Focus and Commitment

The fox gives you a test about focus and commitment. Have you kept your focus sufficiently on what you really should or had to do? Some things seem too good to be true and they are. But you only find out afterwards.

If you have again chosen a job in a system that does not resonate with you, you will run out of energy. Same with relationships. In this way you can learn to make increasingly finely tuned choices. The fox actually wants to show you that something completely different lies ahead for you. Something that comes from your SELF as an autonomous beautiful powerful person. Something that is unique.

You are already complete

Secretly you know this too, only the temptation to step back into things from the 3D world is great. Your mind just keeps asking questions. “But how? What can I live on then? How am I going to pay for my home and other expenses?” As for relationships, was the need to fill the hole you have IN YOURSELF stronger than discovering and nurturing the deep love for YOURSELF? Does the other person have to make you feel valuable, useful, important maybe and and loved? That is never the right starting point. Another does not complete you. You are already complete, you just have to discover that. First feel deep love, respect and appreciation for yourSELF and then the right partner will follow. As a welcome addition. Not as ‘filling’ for the hole that is still in you.

If you are put back in your place, you can take a look at yourSELF again. What was I doing again? What did I want with my life again? What’s on the shelf? And didn’t the choice you made earlier lead you away from that?

You can walk your authentic direction

The fox shows you that you can now really walk in a different direction. One that resonates with you. You don’t have to settle for less than you are worth and you know, dear one, you are worth so much more than you can ever imagine. That’s why you run into these things.

If you have been distracted from what you really come to do on this planet, then it is time that you put your focus back on that and also have the courage to persevere. Where is your deepest passion? Or simply put: what do you like to do and what makes you happy? You can pay attention to that. You can organize your life with doing what you like. Even though that may seem totally impossible now, the ways of the Universe are inscrutable in that regard.

You will find that if you follow your passion or heart or intuition, things will unfold that you never thought possible. You will be asked to make an effort. Physically, mentally, spiritually, in whatever form. WHAT is it that makes your heart beat faster? Go for that. It’s not difficult. Just start and see where it takes you.

The spiritual meaning of the fox:

BEING selective

The bad thing about the fox is that it always kills all the chickens or other small animals at once. Not one by one; he takes what he can and tries to build in a certainty for the survival of his species. If he dies, then no young offspring will come or the offspring that is there will not survive either.

So it is with humanity at this time on Earth. We take so much because we ‘think’ we can guarantee our survival on the planet with it. Nothing could be further from the truth, because just taking will get us nowhere. The fox is also apparently allowed to evolve in its cleverness, because if another predator (man) removes the buried prey, then all the effort has been for nothing.

It’s probably the same with you. You spent a lot of time and energy on something, but it was not in line with your highest good. You have gained new experiences. Or even learned new things. That is of course a nice bonus and certainly not for nothing. But if you can only eat once from all your effort, while you had planned for a month, then something is going wrong somewhere. Or if you put all your energy into something and you lie exhausted on the couch every day, something is not right.

Set priorities

You can really enjoy things. Not for a moment, but for a very long time. That asks you to BE more selective. What do you pay attention to and what not? What has priority? One tip for prioritizing is to ask yourself if something or someone will die if you don’t do something right away. For example, answering all those emails or watering your vegetable garden.

Think about all the things on your to-do list and ask yourself what’s the worst that could happen if you don’t pick up on an item right away. This makes it very easy to put things into perspective and make much better choices in what you can take action on and what can be left behind for a while. Even if you are a perfectionist and there is fluff on the floor and the dishes are still there. That’s just how it is.

In fact, you always set the bar way too high for yourself. Your mind often takes care of this by constantly repeating what you SHOULD NOT do. A first-class energy guzzler. It’s up to you to just feel from peace whether that is really the case. And you know, the more fluff on the floor, the greater the feeling of satisfaction when this item suddenly comes to the top of your priorities. Not that you should be slacking off. That would never happen with you, by the way, but adding a little more ‘relax’ really doesn’t hurt.

As sly as a fox

Man cannot grasp the cunning of the fox. That’s what the fox is showing you and the world right now. It is the cunning that is currently being used to seduce mankind on a large scale. Beautiful, but empty promises are made. Which, once you have gone along with it, are simply adjusted again. Whether it is followed by a ‘wir haben es nicht gewusst’. While they know very well in advance what will happen, but do not hesitate to pull out all the stops, so that their plan can manifest as ‘mainstream truth’.

The great aim is to seduce mankind. Just as the serpent tempted Adam and Eve (whether this story is true or not) to take a bite of the poisonous apple. So is Snow White and you know where that led to. She has fallen asleep and Adam and Eve are permanently banned from paradise. While they had everything needed to live a rich life in full abundance.

Cunning brings you nothing

The fox tricks are not loving here. Not out of a warm heart. They are focused on their own gain. The motivation is to keep power and keep money flowing. This gives money a bad taste and a low energetic frequency. Something that should change. That good things are done with it. Humanity is being tested. Literally and figuratively. How far can the foxes go? How far are people willing to step away from SELF? How far do we accept? The fox is asking you to see through this agility and only make choices that resonate completely with your heart.

For you, as a beautifully beautiful light being, because cunning does not bring you anything. Manipulating, acting unfairly, lying, gossiping, judging, etc. are stations that your soul has long passed. You know that deep down too, but because of the energetic frequencies around you, the temptation to fall for this can arise, resulting in the build-up of new karma. Rise above it, dear one, never lower YOURSELF.

Cunning brings you nothing. Your soul already knows that. Agility does add something. You may use it to do only that which is in line with your BEING. Agility is a true art; navigate through everything that goes on around you. You don’t care what’s going on around you, but just keep following your path and nourish YOURSELF with essentials that contribute to letting your light shine.

fox hole

It’s actually quite cozy in the fox’s den. There are corridors, several rooms and exits, which lead to different environments. For example, the playground for the little ones and the toilet. What is very nice is that the enormous castle of the badger or an abandoned rabbit hole, whether inhabited or not, can serve as a habitat for the fox. The fox is super smart, because he doesn’t have to do the heavy lifting and digging is a piece of cake for the badger and the rabbit .

This shows you that you don’t have to do everything yourself. That there are others who have skills that are complementary to yours. This is also about agility. Consider for yourself whether you want to put your energy into learning something new, which actually doesn’t really match your passion, while someone else can do it in no time. You can then spend the time that is gained with this on what you do like and enjoy. This will always pay off.

On the other side is ‘taking advantage of’. If you take advantage of the goodness of others for your own gain, that is not right. That doesn’t apply to you, but maybe to some in your area. You are then like the badger or the rabbit. Busy digging and creating and then the cunning fox takes up residence there. Dear human being, be alert to what you give your energy to. Because of your loving-kindness, which is inseparable from your 5 th dimension BEING, others will try to take advantage of you. Consciously or unconsciously. It’s up to you to be selective. To feel good and then make choices about whether you want to go along with it or contribute to it. Then you outsmart the fox in a good way.



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