The spiritual meaning of the poppy: it awakens your inner wisdom

The spiritual meaning of the poppy: it awakens your inner wisdom

Don’t mock the poppy! This mystical and magical flower can help you awaken your intuition and grow your strength. How does she do that? It’s a secret… It is a flower of supernatural wisdom that it does not trumpet but protects like a magician.

The poppy is in connection with the moon and the silent sleeping wisdom that lies hidden within you.

A treasure trove of mystical wisdom

The poppy is a flower with a nice balance between masculine and feminine energy. She combines her assertive masculine energy with the mystical and inward-looking feminine. A patient and dignified flower that is not to be trifled with. She comes out of her button entirely on her own compass and in her own time and will not be rushed, manipulated, or compromised.

She cares little about her outward appearance, though she knows she contains an undeniable beauty. The outside is not so important to her, for she feels that her value lies within her ancient and mystical wisdom. Hidden deep in the black, purple, and gold heart of the poppy lies her secret wisdom.

Her big secret

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And what is her secret? Her clear and powerful connection to both the heart and the head. She knows and feels like no other what she needs to be completely in balance and to stand in her power. A very valuable and rare gift. In addition, the poppy is a true Amazon. A flower with a strong will and at the same time the calmness and patience of an ancient sage to let things unfold at the right time, without doubting or losing heart. With the pure sense of justice, honor, and dignity of a warrior.

This flower has the deep inner knowing of a shamanic spirit. That wisdom sinks all the way to your base, filling your sacred space with knowledge, intuition, determination, confidence, and militancy. A pure inner knowing; wisdom whose origin need not be doubted. The deep red velvet of this flower has great appeal and awe. Its seeds are strong and medicinal. They help bring well-deserved and necessary rest and sleep. Just sleep and wake up clearly and fully consciously with a pure inner knowing and power.

Connected to the moon

The poppy contains the wisdom of your ancestors and the ancient knowledge of the alchemy and magic of nature. Pluck her and she will drop her petals quickly, but let her stand in her worth and strength and she will bring you abundance, so have respect for her.

She is in connection with the moon and the silent sleeping wisdom that lies hidden within you. “I am who I am and always have been,” she says. A magical flower with supernatural wisdom that she doesn’t trumpet, but protects like a druid or magician. She won’t just tell you, because her wisdom is secret and only for herself and for the right beings who cross her path.

Dangerous narcotic qualities

The spiritual meaning of the poppy: it awakens your inner wisdom

The poppy is a worthy and merciful flower, but woe betides if your intentions are not honorable. Then take care. The poppy snaps shut if your intentions are not pure or selfless. If you approach her with unworthy intentions, she can pose a danger to you and confound and daze your mind with her powerful anesthetic qualities and even put you to sleep forever. So be warned, because she won’t be fooled and knows exactly when your intentions are right and when not.

An important message for you

If lately you often feel the poppy as a messenger on your path and you are open to its lessons with a pure heart, then you may receive its wisdom.

“ I come to bring the message of knowledge. Of trust in the heart in balance with the head. My deep red color speaks of mysticism, deep wisdom, and inner strength. I am full of confidence in myself and my inner knowing.

 I can defend and protect myself very well and I consider myself to be of high quality. Straightforward and clear, just and decisive. Do not doubt your own inner compass, beautiful creatureand do not let yourself be compromised. Deep down you know exactly what you need to be completely in balance with your masculine and feminine energy and to stand in your power from there.

Don’t be afraid to shut up if people approach you inappropriately or want to get something done from you with a palpable hidden agendaYour intuition is correctYou can certainly rely on that and you can keep out impure intentions towards you and react adequately and assertively in such situations. Shine in your sovereignty, inner knowing and dignity and follow your own path with the courage and wisdom of a warrior. 

Visualization: the poppy brings you to your inner knowing


*Sit in silence and visualize yourself in the middle of the golden-purple heart of a giant poppy, surrounded and protected by its red velvet leaves.

*The poppy receives you with love within her and folds her leaves
slowly around you, ever closer until you are completely absorbed in her dark and sacred temple of wisdom.

*And when you sit there, in this mystical place, you feel that the poppy connects with your own inner temple. The place in your physical or energetic body where your wisdom and intuition are hidden. Feel the poppy’s warm love pouring into your temple, illuminating it with its red and gold glow.

*Stay in this loving space as long as you like. Feel the power and wisdom warm your entire being. Rest your full weight in the heart of the poppy and know that you are carried and protected by her and by the strength and wisdom within your beautiful divine temple, where your inner warrior watches over you.

*Perhaps images or words arise from your sacred space. Answers to questions or insights about how you can best be in balance and in your power. Just watch what comes, without expecting or forcing anything. It may be enough for you to simply feel and enjoy the warm light. That alone can help you awaken your hidden wisdom and intuition and grow your strength.

*You can do this visualization as often as you want. Especially if you want to consult your inner compass or intuition or call on the power of your inner warrior.


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