The Spiritual Meaning of the Serpent: What Does It Mean to You?


Winding, sometimes poisonous, in beautiful colors or nice and uni. In the water or on land or both, that is also possible. Symbol for medicine, ‘the firm’s trickery and deceit’, seduction, and so on. The serpent has a spiritual meaning, which has to do with the head-heart separation. Something that is very much emphasized in our current society and that we are confronted with on a daily basis. What is the serpent’s spiritual message to you? Read it in this article.

The snake is a useful animal in Mother Earth’s ecosystem and can survive in environments where others lose it. That is the power of the serpent, which is also present in you.

Messages from other beings

Speaking in tongues is a language associated with Christianity where the speaker himself does not understand what he is saying. This is believed to be a direct language from or to the divine. Something similar happens in Harry Potter. Harry understands and can communicate in ‘the tongues’ of the serpent, which in this case is not linked to the divine, but to the dark.

You may also understand ‘languages’ of other beings. These can be creatures on earth, such as animals and/or flowers, plants and trees. But it could also be intergalactic. This means that out of the blue you suddenly get words that you don’t understand at all (yet). Or that you suddenly have a song in your head that sounds pretty good, but you can’t make sense of an earthly language. Is not necessary. You will automatically feel whether it feels completely okay or not. Maybe you unlock very old songs from tribes of yesteryear. It’s all possible.

Messages from your inner wisdom

The same applies to the ‘coming through’ of messages and/or insights from your inner wisdom. What you ‘download’ from the immense ‘cloud’, which has been there for centuries. This is often done in fragments or drop by drop, so that you can make the total picture yourself in the long run. Or it works via the ‘via via’, as with the animals, which then bring you a message that helps you further. You may then read between the lines and/or pick up the loving signals, such as words, pictures, cloud formations, numbers, etc. and perceive/interpret what the real message is in your own unique way.

You will be communicated with in a way that no one else can understand. It’s up to you to pick up on this communication in any way you can. Never underestimate how the universe works. Your head can’t reach this anyway. All you need to do is be alert to what is around you daily, in the NOW, and wherever you feel you need to take action, it does.

The meaning of your own ‘snake’

Everyone uses it daily. Abbreviations and symbols in apps and other expressions: xx, tnx, 😊, etc† You may have your own slang (English word for dialect or slang). Your own language with your own words. That is amazing. Are you doing something with it too? Perhaps the snake wants to point you to express yourself in your own way. Your way. In your own form. You can express yourself in many different ways. Not just in words. Also paintings, photos, possibly edited in any way and made ‘your own’, drawings, works of art, wood carvings, knitting, paste and cutting pieces, even furniture or a homemade jar of jam or cake convey something. As long as you put your love and uniqueness into it. Your unique recipe. Then it radiates off and it can spread.

Don’t just think about selling. Also consider making it available on the website where we work on the basis of donation or by handing it out. Bet that people will be happy and surprised when you show up at their door with a piece of homemade cake or whatever? Bet that whatever you share, whether for money or not, can inspire others?

With what comes out of you (or what comes out of you), your own ‘snake’, you can develop your own chain. A chain separate from the many cunning systems that are common in our society and that focus on self-interest, greed, preserving the old, destroying the earth, and so on. In these chains there is no hesitation in taking more and more, skimming off or supposedly granting you something first, and then somehow taking it away from you again All this has one goal: to make and keep you dependent. The snake in this example aims to gobble up as many prey as possible and then slowly ‘digest’ it in the snake’s straitjacket.

If you develop your own chain – you create something and make it available in your own unique way – then that is your success and directly also your independence.

green snake

Trickery and deceit

Whether you are a believer or not, you too know the story of the serpent and Adam and Eve in paradise. From this ‘history’ the snake has always been given a cunning role everywhere. In (cartoon) films he tries to make someone grow into something or make ‘wrong’ choices by presenting something that is so beautiful that you have to be strong in your shoes if you want to decline such an offer.

A snake in your head

Sometimes you are tempted to make choices or give reactions that do not actually fit your BEING. There is then a snake in your head, which keeps saying that it is really good if you do this or that and/or say or if you choose that. However, if you manage to find the way to your heart, you will feel that something is not right. Yet you may regularly opt for that hose. Simply because you can’t resist the temptation. It’s something human. That unbridled curiosity or arranging your life from the direction of your head, while your heart screams not to listen (anymore).

That means that you get angry anyway, you start yelling, you lower yourself to boontje comes for his wages, in other words you’re going to do the same thing that someone else does to you. Here the snake wants to teach you a lesson. The lesson of staying with YOURSELF. This means that you never lower yourself to the behavior of the other, but always learn to stand in your loving-kindness. Even if that means that in some cases it is better to keep your mouth shut, instead of spouting all kinds of ugly things ‘in tongues’.

Wrong choices

It also means that you (again) make the choice to choose a job or a relationship, for example, which you secretly already know in advance that it will not work for you, simply because you are drained on the loveless systems, environments and products. /services. But the pressure from society and from your head to ‘have to act like a ‘normal’ person’ and living a normal house, tree, animal, is the snake of temptation for you.

Just like the fear of being alone or being left alone, which can sometimes be really deep-rooted in your soul, tempts you to get into a relationship (again) or to want to maintain an unhealthy relationship.

Dear human being, understand that today’s society is actually not designed for souls like you at all. You don’t even know what to do with it. If you break down somewhere, due to a burnout for example, the goal is to patch you up as quickly as possible, whether or not with crafty suppressive, chemical, artificial and often addictive drugs, which remove you further and further from YOURSELF. Which instead of connecting you to your heart, distance you further and further from it.

Society is focused on you MUST contribute to it. At least, that is what is being asked/demanded of you, but for you this does not resonate. Who wants to be part of a snake pit where you have to squirm like a slave to survive? Where crowding, envy, dishonesty, power games, behind your back and what more are all part of everyday life. Where you are rewarded with ‘just enough’, because very little ‘what feeds you’ is thrown into the pit and you should also fight for that. Something that is not in your dictionary at all.spiritual meaning snake

Head – heart

Back to paradise and the story of Adam and Eve. You can very nicely draw a parallel. The snake here represents the temptation to let the human being make choices from the head (you could also call it EGO in this case) and to get rid of the heart connection. The ‘banishment from paradise’ in this context has to do with letting go of what your heart tells you and listening to it, so that you can stay in paradise. The head wins in this story and perhaps also regularly in your life, so that your paradise does not manifest as you would like.

It’s up to you to create your paradise, even if you may not be at your destination just yet. Wherever you are, you can contribute to a piece of paradise. The earth is basically one big paradise and belongs to all of us. In nature there are no boxes and stickers on heads. There are no fences. Everything and everyone can move freely. Animals have no opinion and judgment about what the other person looks like. Plants grow from their natural BEING in their very best way. Every part of nature aims to feed a much bigger picture, namely the ecosystem of the earth.

And yes, nature is certainly not loving. Animals hunt and eat each other, and even though that may be a strange state of affairs in your heart, it is so arranged on this planet to maintain the natural balance. We, as humans, are bothered by the snakes, who whisper to us that we can do everything to our will. That we may intervene, manipulate, control and limit everything. This state of affairs will result in a change. It cannot be missed.

That is why it is so important that you see your uniqueness. You do not fall outside of society, as you are once again cunningly led to believe, but you are the link in the new one. Something that society simply cannot reach in terms of energetic frequency. Simply because there is a ceiling to their reach. Think of it as man-made 3D WiFi that no longer works in space. But your connection is far beyond all this. Both when it comes to those with the Universe, Mother Earth and everything that lives.

It doesn’t matter that society doesn’t understand you. If only you know deep within SELF that you are special and for a reason on this planet NOW. You are helper, manifester of the new world. And the great thing is that this new world is already here. It only asks of you to step into your power and stop being led by all that is cunning and deceit. Then the suffering will remain for you.


Challenges will come your way to show your commitment to your mission here on Earth. What do you choose if you are presented with something that may seem ‘too little’, or if you feel that you are taking a step back instead of forward.

It has to do with (here again) the separation of head (EGO) and heart. Perhaps if you are willing to ‘take on’ something, or ‘bow down’ to something that you actually consider ‘too little’ for yourself, a door will open. Then you suddenly take a step forward instead of back. What are you willing to sacrifice? Are you willing to commit yourself unconditionally to whatever manifests itself spontaneously on your path?

This is showing the power to put your head aside. Trust that things, even though they may not seem to match your wishes or you have no idea what they are for, will come your way and accept it for a reason. Even if it’s not fun. Insight then follows more quickly from resignation. Again, you don’t know how the Universe works.

The rattle

One of the most famous snakes is the rattlesnake. A great animal that rattles its tail when threatened or threatened. His rattle lets you see that you have one too. That of your intuition. Your higher SELF. Or from your soul or whatever you want to name the animal. When your rattle goes off, what do you do? If you are at a train crossing and a train is coming, you will not continue. Your ‘reptile brain’ then jumps in between and signals real danger.

But doesn’t your rattle go off more often? Are you listening to it enough? If your head waves it aside, it is no wonder that things come your way that are not in line with your BEING and attract similar situations in your life. Dear human being, really try to tune in more to your heart, even if the voice of temptation shouts much louder and it keeps rattling continuously in your head.

The rattle is also an ancient remedy that was used during séances. Where the subconscious was brought to the conscious. What if the snake comes to warn you in this case? That you are involved in or committed to something that is essentially incorrect? That you are being misled or misled, without noticing it at the moment? What is going on under the skin and invisible? Do you twist YOURSELF into a tangle, just like the beat can and do you make it unnecessarily ‘complicated’ for yourself? If this is the case with you, then it is important that you go in silence and start feeling what and what the snake wants to draw your attention to.

blue snake

The spiritual meaning of shedding

The snake regularly puts on a new coat. He’s bored. Because it has grown or because the season changes. That may also apply to you at the moment. Your old coat no longer fits and that can relate to many different things. You know exactly what with your clear snake eye under the skin. As you transform and your new skin shows itself to the outside world, it can feel like that outside world is standing still. Not coming along, not connecting anymore. That is exactly the intention. You may continue to grow into your most beautiful YOU, who is already present inside.

What the rest of the world is doing isn’t really that interesting, because if you just focus on your radiant SELF, it always has an effect on the bigger picture. As difficult as this can sometimes be in today’s world, use the cleverness of the snake and fake it untill you make it.

Just as new skin feels uncomfortable, you can practice being yourSELF radiant, even if you may not feel it inside yet. Be kind to YOURSELF. Smile at YOURSELF. Say it’s going to be a great day today. And when you go to sleep, be thankful for this great day, even though it might not have been great at all, or it was, but you couldn’t quite feel it yet.

Bet that if you practice this, your entire state of BEING will slowly move toward that radiant? Just as the snake can unfold itself from its coiled apparent tangle, the ‘complicity’ that you create and maintain yourself, very simply to its ‘normal’ state of BEING and continues its path, but in a new jacket and completely himself.



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