The Spiritual Meaning of the Sheep: What Does It Mean When You Keep Seeing Sheep?

The Spiritual Meaning of the Sheep: What Does It Mean When You Keep Seeing Sheep?

Woolly is your sheep. Some use you to fall asleep and count entire herds in a row. Self-prepared and willing to bang heads to make a point of view or, above all, not to give in to what you stand for. Your lambs will frolic in the meadow, but you can also do something about it yourself. The sheep shows you that it is best to jump out of the corner because even for the sheep the herd behavior is sometimes too much.

Completely in your element

It’s great to see. Lambs that have just been born know exactly what to do: find an udder and drink. Purely on instinct and intuition. Once a few hours older they start to frolic. Clumsily jumping and hopping with four legs in the air. Completely in their element that they have landed on the world.

Are you (still) in your element? That you make a happy dance or a jump of happiness? Simply, because you have that feeling and your body asks for some form of expression. Even if it may be as uncontrolled as that of the newborn lamb. Awesome! But if you don’t have this very often or not at all anymore, the sheep asks you to look for where this feeling has gone.

Think (your head is very good at that ) Think when it was the last time that you were overcome by that wonderful blissful feeling. When was that? And why? And then you can also make the link why you now have that feeling less or no longer. Have you fallen for the certainty of the usual and life mainly consists of having to?

Behind the crowd

The Spiritual Meaning of the Sheep: What Does It Mean When You Keep Seeing Sheep?

If one sheep is over the dam, more will follow. That’s a truth like a cow, but that’s another animal. Sheep do indeed follow the leader. This is usually the oldest of the herd and also usually a ewe. The ram has no problem with that because he knows that she is much better at remembering good places to graze and how to find her way back to the stable. He will be more concerned with keeping an eye on the herd. If there is danger, he is immediately there. Together with the leading ewe, by the way, because she is the patroness of the herd.

In this way, the whole herd trusts in her abilities and when she leaves, the rest will leave as well. If you make the link to the current society, then you may be tired of the 3rd  dimension world. You amaze. You can even become angry with the herd behavior, blindly follow it like a lamb without thinking for yourself whether what ‘the rest’ is doing is sensible or based on truth.

Everyone makes their own choices

The Spiritual Meaning of the Sheep: What Does It Mean When You Keep Seeing Sheep?

Dear human, do you realize that all this has a reason and you only have to take responsibility for your life, even though there may be a huge drive in you that you want to save people. You can’t. What you can do is respect the choices, whatever they are, of others. It doesn’t have to be your choice and you don’t have to convince others.

Everyone has his/her own truth and that in turn is linked to his/her soul attunement. Since about two-thirds of humanity is in 3D, it makes sense that these people would hobble behind the pack. Leave it as it is. Don’t worry, don’t waste your energy, as many are totally unreachable and your well-intentioned efforts will end up in the spam box, no matter what you try. Why? You can read that below.

Communicate like a sheep

How do you communicate? Are you turning around the hot knit? Or do you often say nothing at all and if it comes out then it often becomes cumbersome, because you don’t want to hurt anyone? The sheep asks you to improve this. Simply, because you can also say what is on your heart straight away, especially when others try to go beyond your limits. A dear human being, you are so loving that even in those cases you still take into account the other person who actually hurts you. That’s really not the intention.

When a sheep tries to drink another’s lamb or gets in the way, it’s kicked to the side with a friendly swing of the head, and if there are adults facing each other, it’s just headed to each other. Very clear and not open to multiple explanations. Everyone knows where he or she stands, and on again.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Sheep: What Does It Mean When You Keep Seeing Sheep?

Stop ruminating situations

It also often happens that you sit with something for hours, maybe days, and keep ruminating in your extra sheep stomach (because a sheep is a ruminant). Have you ever considered what the other person you are ruminating on is doing at that moment? That situation, or whatever it was, has long since been forgotten! And you continue to spend your beautiful time on earth on trivial matters. Purely out of self-doubt, because you always want to do it right and keep everyone close. Dear human, THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE! And the nice thing is, you don’t HAVE to. If you always go along like a straw in the wind, you really lose yourself.

Temper your self-doubt

Doubt or self-doubt arises from the misalignment of your 5th-dimensional  soul and your doings. Denying or not acknowledging your inner strength and beautiful loving energy. Too little self-confidence and too little value for YOURSELF.  As a result, you will exhibit behavior that belongs to the 4th dimension in situations in which things do not go as you intended. There’s that guilt again and again the self-doubt. “I meant well, didn’t I?” “How come they don’t see or understand. What am I doing wrong?” Stop that, dear one. It brings you nothing.

It is completely logical that you end up in this in terms of doing and not doing. As a 5th dimensional soul, what you have gained as experiences in the 4th Full Moon in Gemini 23-11-2018. In the 5th dimension you can suddenly learn new things, such as standing up for yourself, but in a loving way, where you no longer deviate from your own BEING.

If that does not work, then the most obvious thing is that you fall back on what your soul has stored from previous lives in the 4th dimension. Because of this, you could still find some connection, namely with the 3 rd dimension of the world. But you don’t have to stop anymore and that is exactly what your 5D soul is showing you now.


The Spiritual Meaning of the Sheep: What Does It Mean When You Keep Seeing Sheep?

They are others who do not understand you or who cannot understand you. Here you can remember once and for all that that is not your problem at all. And that you certainly don’t have to spend any time and energy to get back in line. Because, and you will already have a lot of experience on this front, you will never align.

That is because the majority of humanity (still) has a soul attunement in the 3rd dimension and then the gap is just too big. It also applies the other way around. You don’t understand them (anymore). For both souls, the motivation in life is so completely different that you simply cannot reach each other. Whoever makes any attempt. The only thing you can do is leave it for what it is and not switch to careful mode and get nice and woolly, because then nobody understands anything anymore. Just stay close to YOURSELF. If others can’t grasp that, then you’re not in the right herd. Point.

Counting sheep

How is your sleep? Are you sleeping enough? And that does not mean that you have to lie down for eight hours in a row (because that seems to be healthy). The rhythm of the sheep is very different. It has a kind of eat, sleep, repeat rhythm. Do you listen carefully to your body? Do you follow your natural rhythm? Some souls only need four hours of sleep a night and then take a nap somewhere during the day. Terribly? Nope, do what feels right to you, as long as you listen to your body.

You may not be able, for whatever reason, to just take a power nap. In that case, you can do two things:
1: Create the time and space to take a nap.
2: Don’t take a nap, but make sure you get enough sleep at night.

Follow your own rhythm

Getting enough sleep is different for everyone. You can feel for yourself how much sleep you ‘need’ to be able to continue full of energy. If you notice that your battery is empty again quickly, then something is wrong somewhere. To ensure your health and immunity, sleeping is important as an earthly activity. Therefore, take good care of your body and take a rest when it indicates that.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Sheep: What Does It Mean When You Keep Seeing Sheep?

Making this impossible is, of course, one of the greatest and greatest ways to throw humanity off balance. Working hours, school hours, etc. ensure that alarm clocks are necessary to wake you up ‘on time, while your BEING is not yet ready for that. That means that you actually live every day against your natural rhythm because society asks that of you. Ever thought about it?

The dear human being, that is why it is so important to start creating from your BEING. Shaping your life how it fits you completely so that you are no longer dependent on the obligations to live ‘on time unless you choose to do so yourself because you want to. An appointment with a friend, for example. But that’s just fun and gives you energy...

Bright light and the pineal gland

Due to the increasing technology in the world and linked to that looking at ‘screens’ more and more or perhaps almost continuously, your pineal gland becomes out of balance. This is located behind your 3rd eye and is very important in connecting with the Universe and Mother Earth. And not only that.

This gland is an essential part of your overall well-being! All screens, whether it’s your mobile or the TV, emit blue light. The newer the device or device, the more intrusive it is. That is meant to turn off your 3rd eye and put it into sleep mode so that you lose the ‘connection’ (like wifi invisible, but always present) with the Universe and Mother Earth. The ‘degeneracy’ of people is woven into so many things. This is certainly one of them.

Would you like to test it? Then take a look at your phone. Then close your eyes and look with your 3rd eye. What do you see? You should see the shape of your phone rendered in blue light. Now you know that these resources have a huge impact on your BEING.

The low frequency of artificial light

The Spiritual Meaning of the Sheep: What Does It Mean When You Keep Seeing Sheep?

Artificial lighting, such as fluorescent lighting, has a certain energetic frequency, with many 5D souls sometimes literally turning their light off. The vibration (sometimes you can also hear it), which these lamps entail, ensures that you are energetically out of balance. Your body then goes on standby as a protection mechanism. Are you regularly in environments where this lighting is on? No wonder you are often dead tired! See what you can do to change this.

You may have experienced that working from home, where you have different lighting, makes you feel better energetically. Of course, there are also other advantages to working from home, such as no traffic jams, no racing against the clock to be on time, because as a 5D soul you always arrive too late or too early, more manage your own time (hey, there you have that natural rhythm again), and so on. But working from home also forces you to perhaps spend more time behind screens and that is something, as mentioned above, that makes you tired again. It’s up to you to keep this in balance. It will do you good.

Protect yourself from the bright light

Bright light frequencies can sometimes also be observed in nature. It is one of those days when it is cloudy and the sun seems to be shining. This produces a certain brightness of the light, which makes your eyes want to close as a matter of course. You just fall away, as it were. What can you do about it? Sunglasses on! One with good filters. Whether this light is artificially staged or not. If you have a higher frequency yourself, you can suffer from it quite a bit.

If you can fill in your days yourself, choose to avoid the above light frequencies as much as possible and experience what it does to your BEING. Do you notice the change? More peace or happiness? Less heavy thoughts? Less fatigue? Then you now know where it is (no typo).

Sheep on dry land

The Spiritual Meaning of the Sheep: What Does It Mean When You Keep Seeing Sheep?

Have your sheep on dry land. Who would not want that? While the flocks of sheep around you are all at full speed in pursuit of wealth in money terms and try to wink at each other with the biggest house, the most expensive car, and more, you may not be able to keep up financially. That is really something of a 5D soul because many do not understand the phenomenon of money.

This is partly due to the energetic frequency, which is currently attached to money. It feels like it has blood on it and it does. Most of the money in circulation is used for things that are against Mother Earth and everything that lives on her. That is exactly what you perceive with your high sensitivity.

Good money

Yet, dear person, money is not there for nothing and it is also reserved for you. The point is that you yourself remove the negative taste or the fear of shortage. If you had a big bank account, what would you do with it? You would use it to do good things. To help the earth, to help people, to help animals, and to create things that contribute to the bigger picture.

Just feel the energetic frequency of money if this were to happen. Will anything change? Doesn’t money suddenly get a much softer frequency? You can focus on that, dear one. You can commit yourself to ‘bring in’ money with a still-low energetic frequency and then ensure that the energetic frequency can transform.

Received in gratitude

That is certainly a life lesson for all who are involved in the spiritual and/or consciousness level. There’s one more thing. You may receive in gratitude. That is also difficult for many. Certainly, because you experience that the energetic frequency is not yet the new one when you receive it. As long as you resist, you’ll hold back the current.

To initiate change worldwide, you can fully embrace money, with the knowledge that you are transforming the energetic frequency. That probably feels very different and because of this, you can identify with it better. It is up to you to get started with this so that you too can get your sheep on dry land in your own unique way.



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