The spiritual meaning of the tick: energetic imbalance and the art of letting go

The spiritual meaning of the tick: energetic imbalance and the art of letting go

The tick is a special creature with a hazy function in Mother Earth’s ecosystem. A clinging, sucking, parasite. One that you don’t just wipe off. Yet this animal has a spiritual meaning. The tick would like to give you a spiritual message. You can read which ones are in this article.

For humans, the tick is a sign on the wall that the energetic balance of a whole is not right.

The tick’s function is fuzzy in Mother Earth’s ecosystem. Yet it has a role for the parasitic wasp. It lays eggs in the tick and the fry, which hatch, feast on the tick so that it dries out and mummifies. The tick is also sensitive to frost and fungi. With a lot of rain, the chance of this is greater and fewer will survive.

Low frequencies: a tick on the wall

The spiritual meaning of the tick: energetic imbalance and the art of letting go

Where there are a lot of ticks, something is seriously wrong with the energetic balance of the environment. Ticks have a low energetic frequency and can thrive in environments where they do. Now you will think: “But there are so many in the forest, what could be wrong there?” That forest has of course been there for much longer than you have been walking around. What happened there? It may just be that there is ‘blood’ in that forest because there have been fights, there have been deaths. Then there is also the matter of the type of forest. Was it planted or naturally created? What about (partly because of this) biodiversity? The insects and other creatures of nature?

Of course, this does not only apply to forests, but to many environments. What is even more important is whether there are pipes running. This can be above or below ground. Are there windmills nearby? They have a very large range in terms of change of energetic frequency. Not just above the ground. Also underneath, there are pipes attached to those mills, which in turn go somewhere. You could compare windmills with artificial trees.

Trees have an energetic underground network through their roots, with which they are connected worldwide and communicate with each other. Have a feel, dear person: what impact does the massive felling of trees, whether in your area or worldwide, have on this network? At the moment it does not reach that far with windmills, but a network is underground.

The lower the frequency, the more ticks

In environments where nature is not treated with respect, the tick will feel very comfortable. Think of environments where chemical and artificial agents are sprayed cheerfully. To exterminate ‘weeds’, for example. To ‘protect’ crops from ‘vermin’. This destroys the ecosystem, destroys the balance and a tick can thrive on that.

Of course, there must also be something to get for the tick. A source that nourishes him so that he can reproduce. The tick does not live on insects but on the blood of mammals in particular. Humans, pets, but also sheep, horses, donkeys, deer, boars, and so on. Bird’s blood is also on the menu, but that is usually for the smaller, not yet mature specimens.

Depending on the energetic frequency of those animals, the tick may or may not ‘hook’ itself. Weak animals are easy prey. But also animals where people are not so careful with how they are treated. Not only in terms of the living environment but also in terms of food. The lower all this is in terms of energetic frequency, the sooner ticks will parasitize.

Restore nature

As humanity, we are allowed to deal with everything that lives more carefully and respectfully. Fix what we’ve broken. Although that will often take 40 to 50 years or more because chemical and artificial agents do not disappear spontaneously and some will never disappear again.

Simply, because what we have come up with is never or never biodegradable. Cutting trees do not grow back in one year, but we can give new plants or pieces back to nature so that it has the space to create anew. We, humanity that is currently on earth, can actively commit ourselves in large numbers to purify Mother Earth and thus directly also ourselves. Literally and figuratively.

Change in energetic frequency

The spiritual meaning of the tick: energetic imbalance and the art of letting go

This also applies to humanity. Are you ‘weak’? For some, this ‘feeling weak’ or ‘not standing up for yourself has been going on for a while. This can be expressed in terms of health, but also in terms of energetic frequency. Then the tick can find you and confront you with the facts so that you can work on yourSELF and start processing it.

You probably carry heavy ballast with you. Just like with the forest, this can be karmic in this life, but also karmic. So you may not even be aware of it. Until the tick finds you. It then revolves around things that are not in line with who you really are. Unprocessed matters, dishonest matters, ego issues (where is your vulnerability?), no confidence in yourSELF, unprocessed grief, feeling powerless (as in not having a grip on yourself and/or your life), a secret, something that you have kept silent and /or which you ‘stepped over’ as if it didn’t exist.

Or it did justice for you SELF because it offered self-protection for you. You know. The story about what you’ve been through, but in a nutshell. You can almost say it with a smile. Because it wasn’t all that bad, was it? When will you really feel? It’s okay.

Luring low frequencies

A dear human being, if you, as a beautiful spiritual being, still have some things to worry about (consciously or not), the tick can visit you. Depending on the process you are allowed to go through, he may or may not get the chance to cling to you. To bite you or not. Whether or not to inject you with his disease-causing stuff. The red circle that arises is nothing more than showing you that ‘around you’ (the red spot and with your SELF as the white center) there are still things to look at and to solve. No medical device or medicinal product can compete with this. Though it might be helpful.

Feed on high frequencies

In addition to being able to ensure that you are energetically balanced, the physical also plays a role. Your body and what you eat. What are you actually putting in your mouth? And does that match your own energetic frequency? As a 5D human, it’s high. There are no E numbers, industrial meat, and ‘modified’ ingredients. Just like sprayed, manipulated, and chemically processed products. Also, artificial medicines, which many now swallow like sweet cake, have a frequency that undermines your BEING. All such means are a wonderful way to not let people come into their real power and to keep them from their real BEING and the connection with the Universe and Mother Earth.

Here too the tick asks you to make a change because you keep your energetic frequency lower than necessary. No matter how delicious it is and the temptation still so great, if you want to grow and get more in touch with your real BEING, then start making more conscious choices in terms of fuel for your physical vehicle.

Conscious choices and high frequencies

So in the earthly world, you can do something to make sure that ticks don’t find you interesting at all. That also applies to your pets. It’s all about food with a higher energetic frequency. Allow yourself and your pets pure and clean food and drink. This ensures a higher PH value (the less ‘acidic’ you are). Which then fits better with your energetic frequency. If this is more in line with your real BEING, then ticks can no longer live on this.

That alone makes it interesting to switch to only organic food and no longer use water directly from the tap. Buy a good filter. One that also filters for PFAS. If you buy water, make sure that it does not contain fluoride, preferably no chlorine, and that the manufacturer treats the extraction of this water with respect.

You will certainly experience that this entails energetic, psychological, and physical change and growth, which makes you feel better on all fronts.

‘Parasitic’ situations

The spiritual meaning of the tick: energetic imbalance and the art of letting go

Is your heart perhaps closed? Boarded up? By YOURSELF probably. Though you tend to say it’s because of what you’ve been through. Because of what others ‘have done to you. Um, weren’t you there yourself? To what extent have you abandoned your SELF to maintain an unhealthy situation/relationship for yourself? And who actually hurt who? The other you. That is certainly true because you have been able to experience that with emotions in your earthly body. But secretly it was you who hurt yourSELF. By staying in the situation/relationship. Letting it go too far. Too far removed from YOURSELF in this case. That’s where the pain is.

It’s up to you to see what your part was in this situation/relationship. To keep it to YOURSELF and not to project it ‘outside’ of YOURSELF. That you are the bitten dog, for example. You may also be inclined to call the other parasite or the situation parasitic. Spreading or judging negativity about it. Oh, oh, dear man. Go back to your essence. Is this really what resonates with your BEING? Is it your own vulnerability that sounds the alarm and do you not see that you are simply being challenged to lower your energetic frequency? Do not. You just attract more or more ticks.

Let it go

You can say a lot about the tick, but when it gets tired of its connection to another creature, it just drops. Without a safety net. Just somewhere and then he’ll see where he ends up again. And you know, this creature always gets along just fine, because the statistics show their numbers are growing lustily. Of course also because of what we as humans do with Mother Earth and therefore create the ‘long life the drawing climate’.

Are we not supposed to grow as humanity towards a more loving, respectful, and harmonious world? Then low-energy behavior is no longer appropriate. It’s up to you to increase your drawing resistance on all fronts. Fill yourself with pure energy, positivity, love, nature, wonder, take care of yourself, BE honest, and share where possible and in whatever form.

Now is the time to really let things go and move on. More in line with the higher frequency, which you always carry with you, but which is not quite in line with how you manifest yourSELF on a daily basis. That is, with what you do, eat, say, and think every day. The tick asks you to enter into an integration process, where you can BE completely one. That you are right in the NOW with who you really are from your soulAs inside, so outside.

The helpful tick

That is not an easy task, but practice makes perfect. And then, the tick suddenly takes on a different dimension. What if you are a tick that bites others and helps others? Do you get stuck in what you REALLY want deep down in this life? And what if many would do that to you? Would the drawing climate of the new world suddenly arise?

Lyme without a tick bite

There are people who are indicated with Lyme without ever having had a tick bite. This is then dismissed as: “You must not have noticed.” You don’t have to be bitten by a tick to develop Lyme. Lyme is nothing but an energetic frequency. One that shows that you are ‘too low’ in terms of self-esteem, or that there is something under the skin that may be ‘enlightened’ or ‘exposed’. Again, integrity and honesty, most especially to yourSELF play a key role here.

If something bothers you and you have it investigated, the current systems and measuring equipment that mankind has developed cannot measure anything other than Lyme. Give the animal a name that applies here. There are natural remedies on the market that can support you. However; it is up to you to feel good whether this will help you further or whether you will do ‘symptom relief’‘.

The meeting with the tick

Signs are rampant on Earth right now and the chances of him coming your way are quite high. For example, crawling somewhere or on a pet. See what you can do the moment he crosses your path. Where are you at that moment? Can you help the environment to a higher frequency?

That can go very far, as far as dissolving very old karma in a place or helping souls to move on to their ‘home’‘. Maybe one is on your pet. Is the animal in balance? Probably not. Maybe it tries to grow with you, but it doesn’t because you feed it with food that has too low an energetic frequency. Try organic pet food and see what happens. In whatever situation the tick crosses your path: feel it. What is going on? What is the ‘writing on the wall’?

If you find a tick, never kill it when it is engorged. Then you spread the eggs, which then become new ticks in your area. It is best to ‘drown’ or burn him. Very sad to say this, but considering the propagation speed and restoring the balance if only on a tiny piece of earth; nevertheless necessary.

You may also destroy a tick that has not yet sucked itself up and crawls nicely like a spider somewhere. You’ve got the message if you’ve read this, so you can thank him for coming and say “I’m sorry” the moment you set him free from life.



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