The spiritual message of the chicken: what does it mean to you?

The spiritual message of the chicken: what does it mean to you?

The chicken has more groceries for you than you can probably imagine. Have you come across a lot of chickens lately? Then the chicken wants to tell you about feeling good about yourself: what do you feed on? Do you listen to yourself or are you tempted to adopt the opinions of others? In this article, you can read the messages from the chicken.

Focus on being comfortable in your own skin, like a chicken with a head.

Free ranger

The chicken is free-range. Originally she lived in forests or wooded areas so she could BE safe from the bird of prey’s eye. With her plucky legs and sharp eyes, she knows where to find grain, seed, blade of grass, worm, or other insects that feed her. If she has the space, of course, because otherwise, it will be pecking what is presented to her.

Living space

The rooster is also among the chickens, but he has a message of his own, which may still see the light. Humans have figured out how much space a chicken needs to ‘survive’. The bar is set at 1.5 m per normal-size chicken. So if you want to keep 3 chickens, you must have at least a 4.5 m run. Strange that we as humans determine what that chicken really needs.

Based on this, we set up stables or fenced-off ‘free-range areas’ to allow many chickens to live in them. It is logical that you have to (additional) feed because there is nothing to get in stables. In terms of life on the ground, poverty is the trump card. Who else came up with the idea that chickens should eat soy (more about soy in The new (W)AARDE part 2 )? Who came up with the idea that engineered grains are also quite good enough?

Is farm fresh?

The spiritual message of the chicken: what does it mean to you?

Dear human, think twice when you buy your eggs in the supermarket. Do these chicken feed ingredients grow naturally in the forest? New! So let’s stop with this. If you have chickens, take a look at your bag of food. What’s in it? Is there soy? Also ask yourself if you buy eggs or products that contain eggs (including pasta, rusks, pastries, breaded meats, also meat substitutes, savory pies, and mayonnaise) or chicken meat, what those chickens actually ate during their lives. That is never stated on the packaging and, oh well, a small roll for the rooster in this message, no rooster crows either.

Whether you eat the egg or the meat, in whatever form, what they ate is ‘in it’. Artificial substances? GMO (Genetically Engineered)? That way you eat it again. Know that your body cannot process these substances and that you don’t notice it now, but that will come naturally. You notice it when you get strange complaints: intestines that no longer cooperate, organs that have become overloaded, hormones that are confused, and so on. The industry has free rein to make humanity ‘sick’ through the chicken.


Time for this to change and that can only happen if you choose differently. more aware. Don’t just check the packaging to see if it is organic, because the organic farmer can also feed soy. If all is well, this excludes that genetically modified food has been used and that less or no poisons and pesticides have been used to grow the grains (for example wheat/maize). Many farmers with an organic labels provide their own food chain. It (more) back to its original nature, and helps Mother Earth with her recovery. Buy somewhere where you can see for yourself how the chickens live.

The spiritual message of the chicken: what does it mean to you?

Nice! So much for a lesson in awareness: ‘what am I actually eating?’. So, from now on, better not to ingest chicken nuggets or other animal cruelty through the industry or fast food chains. The energetic frequency of what they convert there from the chicken into ‘craft food’ is really that low. That has a huge impact on your whole BEING.

Headless chicken

For those who don’t know yet: if you leave a chicken (or rooster, oh there it is again) on her feet and you chop her head off, she literally starts running without a head. Her body is displaying a shock response from the decapitation. This can be compared to what has been unfolding in society for quite some time, read centuries, and it also goes one step further because of the evolving technology and what it brings us. From the newspaper to the radio, to TV, and the digital highway that has meanwhile been added to it. They feed our heads with information. Not with wisdom, because it is inside. True? In our hearts.

Oh, dear. Can you perceive in your own unique way that the world today is based on separating our chicken heads from our chicken bodies? Everything approached from matter, everything from thinking. To make people dependent on the chicken feed with an underlying motive on the chicken feed that is sprinkled in the chicken coop determined by others (literally your stamp on which you live and the freedom of movement you get).

And we ‘take’ it. While it is precisely our heart that we may follow. That is the only way to create from love. Our head can help with that, but it never has a leading role. Nor the minds of the figurative ‘farmers’, who ‘think’ they can decide on our fate.

So what’s happening? From the introduction of chemical drugs a long time ago and its sequel today. The Head is separated from the chicken. Disconnected from our essence. Zombie mode on. The earth is crying out for help… but many are running like a headless chickens.

The chicken or the egg?

The spiritual message of the chicken: what does it mean to you?

Well, what came before? Nobody knows. The fact remains that something special is going on on this planet because one day the chicken must have fallen from the sky, or the egg. Not one egg, but two or more, because a chicken can’t do anything alone. There must also be a rooster in the game for reproduction. Or maybe they all landed in paradise at the same time. The hen, the rooster, and a nest with eggs. Or ten hens, ten roosters, and ten nests or any combination and number. It’s irrelevant. The chicken has manifested. Also, her beautiful property to lay eggs, which we as humans can eat.

Discussing is pointless

The statement has everything to do with discussions, in yourSELF or with others, which you just can’t figure out. But perhaps that is not necessary at all and that is what the chicken is coming to teach us. Discussing is pointless. So get rid of those talk shows. It is persuading one person to go along with the other’s convictions.

But everyone has their own truth. And how much of our precious time on this planet we spend on this phenomenon! Endlessly discussing, debating, and thus winning people over to you, even against their own ‘knowing better’, which reverts to intuitive knowing from the heart. Meanwhile, the Earth’s climate clock is ticking like a time bomb… let’s get distracted.

Do you listen to yourself?

When you persuade someone to follow your opinion, your truth, and it doesn’t resonate with that person’s essence or true energetic frequency, what are you actually creating? Conversely, if you can’t listen well to your inner voice or perhaps hear it from an ego piece somewhere, but ignore it, what happens to you?

Give everyone their own truth

In either case, you build up karma. Convincing someone is not positive. It shows that you don’t value the other person to the fullest. It shows that you show no respect for the other person and that he or she is simply entitled to his or her own truth. Do you yourself blow with all the winds? Are you trying to be friends with everyone through this go-along or fold or whatever you want to call it? This is not the intention.

Because in both cases you are tempted to get rid of YOURSELF. To do something, to join something or if you are not so strong in your shoes: to allow yourself to be manipulated, which is not in accordance with your essence. Deep down you know that too.

Our entire society is focused on discussion. Forcing something on others out of power, tricking people into getting behind something or someone. The (social) media has a major impact on this and with all the modern techniques of today, including the ability to manipulate images, photos, and the ever-increasing AI (Artificial Intelligence), it is increasingly difficult to distinguish what is real and what not.

What can we as humans learn? We’ve been building negative karma long enough. There really is no need for new growth. You are being asked to listen more closely to your inner voice. Don’t believe that the chicken was there before when that really is the egg for you. Stay true to what resonates with you and shape your truth based on that.

You don’t need other people or input in any way for that. All you have to do is feel. Don’t think, because then you often end up in circles that you can’t get out of and your head doesn’t have the answer, otherwise you would have already had it.

Natural pecking order

The spiritual message of the chicken: what does it mean to you?

There is a hierarchy among chickens on a natural basis. The elders have more rights than the younger ones. If an attempt is made to undermine this, the young hen is pecked on the head. The pecking order does not necessarily have to be negative. Traditionally, when mankind still lived in tribes, the elders had the most life experience on all fronts. About hunting, routes, what you could and couldn’t eat, weather changes, seasons, building, and so on. Everything that they possessed in knowledge and wisdom about this was also taught to them by their predecessors.

Out of deep respect they also usually became the ‘leaders’ of the tribe, group, or people. At the moment we have lost something here along the way and a conscious effort has been made to get it into oblivion (due to the distraction of all the media). This is on the basis of the largest mouth and usually in combination with the most money.

As a result, power is now divided. Everything has to do with playing games and getting a step higher over the back of someone else. Cheating (bribery, figurative daggers in the back, manipulation, etc.) is also allowed. As long as no one finds out or as long as the trail is made as invisible or inscrutable as possible so that Jan in the cap can no longer follow it.

We, humanity, trust this way of doing things and also the people who are the face of it. It’s up to you to stop and feel whether this picture is correct. People who ‘improperly’ have managed to gain power somewhere and to whom people then simply give their trust. Whether that is in your own environment, for example at your employer, or whether it concerns a country or an institute of which many countries or perhaps the whole world is ‘member’.

Where has the respect gone that can be ‘earned’ in all these layers to allow the pecking order to arise from a naturalness on the basis of wisdom (not knowledge, because that is head and just information)? Perhaps it makes you think about what you ‘give’ your trust to and perhaps also ‘give’ your energy to?

Chicken in your skin

The spiritual message of the chicken: what does it mean to you?

A nice chicken (in this case figuratively, so if you have different sex, you don’t feel excluded), is just comfortable in her own skin. She chooses where she wants to scratch. She has no run that limits her. She also doesn’t have to take what doesn’t feed her. That has a literal and figurative meaning.

In fact, she just leaves it completely to the left, or to the right, of course. The chicken shows you that you can choose your own autonomy. That you, based on your truth, should be respected. Anyone who crosses this line or tries to lure you out of your coop, can kindly (because we assume loving) pick you up on the head. The chicken also shows you that you can be pickier when it comes to trusting and putting energy into something.

Focus on being comfortable in your own skin, like a chicken with a head. Whatever you do. Only do what resonates within. Don’t waste your energy on things or people that don’t feed you. There is only love and light. Your light can be turned on and that is only possible if you take care of it YOURSELF, also in terms of food, that you feel good.

And you don’t know who came first, the chicken or the egg. Then that’s totally fine too. Leave it for what it is at that moment. The answer may come later in an “unfathomable” way, or perhaps never. Then you didn’t have to do anything with it. Keeping incubating on an unfertilized egg makes little sense and is a waste of your beautiful energy and time in this life.


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