The spiritual message of the crane: create silence in your life (especially if you are highly sensitive)

The spiritual message of the crane: create silence in your life (especially if you are highly sensitive)
Being sensitive to stimuli. Much need for peace and space. Recognizable? Then you are just like the crane! This graceful animal has some valuable advice that will surely give you energy. You will find them in this article. In this chaotic world full of illusion and distraction, you have to create your own quiet area, where you can calmly brood on what is important to you.

See life as a dance. One that you create, according to your rhythm. And then you can just dance out of time if that feels right to you.

Have confidence (even without solid ground under your feet)

The crane is a majestic animal. It has a larger wingspan than the stork and is on the ‘red list’ and is therefore protected. This migratory bird makes trips from Scandinavia to southern Europe and Africa to spend the winter there and then flies back north to breed there.

The crane comes to show you: that even if you have no solid ground under your feet and you have no idea where the future is going, you can have faith. And don’t forget to live! It is precisely insecurities that can take you further than you ever imagined. Why? Because you give the Universe maximum space to create for your highest good.

Going on the road

The spiritual message of the crane: create silence in your life (especially if you are highly sensitive)

The crane instinctively sets out and meets its congeners along the way. Sometimes he flies with them, for a while or forever. It does not matter. As long as it takes him further, literally and figuratively, he is on the right track. You are asked the same. Get on your way, dear one. Perhaps literally by moving, relocating, or going on a trip.

But it can also be figurative: by doing what your heart tells you. That course, that walk, that daily silence, that work of art or book, that digital expression… Feel when you want to join something. For a while or maybe longer, as long as it nourishes you and you contribute to the group at the same time. Because just ‘taking’ won’t get you very far.

Sensitive to disturbance

The crane is a bit shy and therefore sensitive to disturbance. Quiet areas are established where it breeds. At least in the Netherlands. When you are like the crane, you are sensitive to disturbance. Only society does not take you into account. No quiet area is set up for you, so that you can quietly brood on what is important to you and live undisturbed. You simply have to deal with places where too many impulses are fired at you. Such as the supermarket, meetings, your work, the city or environments where many people live ‘piled on top of each other’.

Added to this is digital traffic. An endless stream of information, which you continue to ‘consume’, forced or not. Listen to the crane. Feel when it adds to your life and when it doesn’t. Is your energy leaking away or has it already leaked away during the day and does your ‘evening program’ go a step further? Zapping, Netflixing, streaming, Facebooking, where you hang around too long and you continuously put your head in overdrive.

Creating a quiet area

The result is imbalance. Farther and farther out of your body instead of in it. So in this chaotic world full of illusion and distraction you have to create your own quiet area. And that is only possible if you consciously choose your health, your happiness and your joy. You will only find that if you live from your heart and listen to your passion, leaving a lot for what it is. Your inner compass will take you exactly where you need to be.

Society does not protect you, as a highly sensitive energetic being. If you get stuck in something or sink your crane feet into the swamp, you will not find the solution in the regular range of care. You can do it all by yourself and alone. Not from loneliness, but from inner growth. Because you are never alone when you experience that you are always surrounded by a sea of ​​love from Mother Earth and the Universe of light.

The spiritual message of the crane: create silence in your life (especially if you are highly sensitive)

Perhaps the crane will come and tell you this: that you may better guard your borders. That you can pay more attention to where you put your energy. And who is around you and what they do to you? Make more conscious choices about this.

What are you all about?

It is the impressive mating dance that makes the crane so ‘his own. Cries are released (courtesy) and there is swinging, twisting, and jumping, sometimes several meters high. Wings stretched wide and sometimes not. Forget everything that goes on in the environment. Only focus on the lady or gentleman who may be courted. How beautiful is that? What can you learn from this?

The crane asks you to do just like him: look for what you can completely immerse yourself in and then completely in line with your instinctive own rhythm. It is there where, just like with the crane, the most beautiful things arise. That also means that you can let go of everything around you and never have to put anything on it again.

Because your life is the mating dance with yourself, where you completely coincide with yourself. Male, female, body, mind, soul. From unconditional courtship and love for yourself. No, not out of selfishness or narcissism, because you are long past that age of souls, but out of respect for yourself and recognizing your worth and uniqueness.

Life as a dance

How majestic is your mating dance right now? What do you leave for what it is, because you are stuck in ‘can’t’ and ‘afraid’, which comes from the mind? Dear human, does that bring joy? Do you jump meters in the air for that? Do you show your most beautiful feather attire? Does that make you dance through life? Or not?

You know, others will always try to keep you away from your ideas. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good at all. It mainly says something about the other, who, for example, does not have the guts to stand up for themselves. Or to go on that path that you feel internally driven to.

See life as a dance. One that you create. Your way, your rhythm. And then you can just dance out of time if that feels right to you. Do not be held back by any comment, judgment, law or regulation.

Trust your wings

The spiritual message of the crane: create silence in your life (especially if you are highly sensitive)

There is always a way and your inner compass points you to it. What do you really have to lose? Isn’t it precisely the truths and certainties that the outside world has imposed or talked into you? And how far have you gotten with that so far? Perhaps it is the swamp that provides you with a much richer source of nutrition and soil than the solid ground where most people hop around.

You may wade gracefully. Relying on your stable long legs and the power of your huge wings, allowing you to take off again, however swampy. When do you know that you’re always ‘lifting off’ the ground and that there’s always better ahead, what the hell is holding you back? Go court, dear man. Throw out what needs to go out (let go and create new) and dance your most beautiful dance… because that’s what life is.




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