The spiritual message of the Cuckoo: follow your own path


You don’t hear it that often anymore, but when you hear it, you know exactly what it is. A Cuckoo! The cuckoo is not just around the corner for you. You don’t even have to hear him in person to receive a message from him. In this article you can read the special, spiritual meanings of the cuckoo.

In ‘earlier times’, when the church still had considerable power and people were afraid of this devil-threatening divine power, people started to avoid the word devil. Koekoek became one of the new names. The bird is also linked to the God Thor. A Norse god who was depicted in Christianity as the devil. No one knows who ever made up that this little bird belongs to him. It actually shows exactly what the cuckoo has for message. Get rid of destructive behavior for yourself and remain fully in your lovingness in situations.

That is why this bird appears in a number of proverbs, which actually mean something completely different. Anyone who thought it was about the special properties of the animal now knows better. Parallel to this, you can take the Harry Potter books off the shelf again. ‘He who may not be named’ is the same thing.

Thank you the cuckoo

Dear human, one of the things the cuckoo comes to tell you is that you can just call the animal by its name. This means that you don’t have to turn around the hot knit. Another proverb. It’s about learning to tell someone what’s going on. What bothers you. But then in a loving way and from respect (especially towards your SELF). Lowering yourself in quarrel, condemnation, name-calling, anger, rage (something like that Norse god Thor) is completely meaningless. It brings you down and puts you out of your power.

As a loving person it is the art to maintain this lovingness in any situation. After all, the rest is the other’s projection of your own pieces to be solved and you simply have nothing to do with that. In fact, you’d better stay away from it. Thank you the cuckoo in this case (didn’t see me).

not seen me

These last words, ‘didn’t see me’, are more appropriate than you might suspect. Your experience is that in many situations and by many people you are not ‘seen’. Can’t they really do anything about it. After all, they are like that and you are who you are. So you are not seen and certainly not heard, no matter how hard or soft you cuckoo.

But of course you can always express yourself. Whether that lands with the other person or not. With everyone who gives you a close call and goes far beyond your limits, it makes no sense to do this, unless you just want to explain your side for YOURSELF. Don’t be surprised if you can’t even pronounce it. That also fits into the image of this other. It is purely the difference in soul attunement. The gap between 3D and 5D is simply too big to be able to ‘understand’ each other.

The most important lesson here is that you may learn to stay in your lovingness. Where otherwise you try to move heaven and earth to somehow convey your good intentions, you now know that this is completely pointless. So why waste that energy? You have better things to do, right?


Yet you will also notice that there are other souls on earth at the moment, where you do get the space to indicate what is bothering you, what has touched you. As you develop further, they suddenly come your way (and stay there, without you having to have daily contact). Out of nowhere, just like the cuckoo jumps out of the clock at the right time. With these people you can learn that you can just be vulnerable. You can share your deepest fears and your strangest experiences, without creating an unsafe situation for you. With these people your confidence in your SELF will get a huge boost and you will experience that you are not strange or different, as many and perhaps also your head, try to make you believe.


Who hasn’t done it, or has ever come across it: someone holds something in front of their face and then lowers it and says Cuckoo (or peek-a-boo). The person who should like this is usually a baby, who will burst out laughing. Not the first time, because then he looks at you like you’re crazy, but after a few times he laughs to death, not at the actual deed of course, but at the behavior of the adult person.

Adult people do weird things. For example, a baby is patronized with high-pitched voices and everything that goes with it. But people also do this with animals. Kudi kudi kudi. And what’s even weirder, when someone is old and in need of care, they go back to using the same voice that is used against babies. Weird right? These elderly people have spent a whole life running around the world and have survived and experienced a lot.

What matters is that man fills in for the other (animal or human) what he understands or not. But as a person you cannot know that at all! No one knows what is going on in the other person’s head or heart. Never. Those babies may just laugh at you, because they are very wise souls in their own right. That old lady may have to wear a diaper or has Alzheimer’s, but that doesn’t mean that she can no longer be seen, approached and treated as a full-fledged human being. And so it goes for you. Do you let yourself be patronized? Do others know what is best for you? That’s impossible… only you know what’s right for you.

Be authentic

This cuckoo wisdom is also a call not to twist YOURSELF in all sorts of twists and turns in order to be ‘pleasing’ to others. You can just BE YOURSELF at all times. That sends out a clearer signal to others than jumping into kudi kudi kudi mode.

The cuckoo brings you the news that many ‘stay with you’ and cannot or do not want to understand your beautiful and unique cuckoo. Or judge about it. Find something. CUCKOO! Waking. Doesn’t care at all what the others do or don’t do. You must be able to go through 1 door with YOURSELF and that means that you can always look yourself straight in the mirror and know that you have acted / spoken honestly as a full and honest person.

Keep following your path

You never have to be distracted from your path, because you secretly know somewhere deep inside that this is your way and you can (start) shape your life completely in line. Advice from others is nice, but usually unsolicited. Feel for yourself whether you have to do something with it. You determine the direction and never anyone else. Even if they say it will never work…

If you feel that you can do something that comes from deep within, then there is a 100% chance that it will work. People can distract you from this with the best of intentions (to protect you and/or want to protect you from their own truth). Also know that you don’t have to prove yourself “see, it works”. Humans are naturally set up in such a way that they like to put bears in your way and sow doubts. That comes from their own piece, own truth and own world.

Maybe others don’t understand when you just do your thing. However, they prefer to see you happy, so they will admire you rather than punish you in the future. Trust that.


Do you know that the cuckoo uses ‘host birds’ to incubate its eggs? That means she takes advantage of the care of other birds, including that of sparrows and wagtails. These birds are much smaller than the cuckoo, which can be about the size of a wood pigeon. She lays her egg (about 20 in total) in ‘foster parent nests’ and throws out one of the eggs present.

The bird whose nest it belongs does not realize that there is an ‘other egg’ in between, because the cuckoo’s egg resembles its own eggs. Once hatched, the cuckoo young goes one step further. One by one, the young of the original bird are forced out of the nest, so that it survives itself. There’s no other way, because if you have to grow to be the size of a wood pigeon in a sparrow’s nest, there’s only room for one.

What a clever trick of the cuckoo. Another kind of ‘thank you the cuckoo’ story. Who are you actually committed to? Did someone else lay an egg in your nest? And are you busy hatching and taking care of this, so that the other person gets ‘better’? Even at the expense of your own creative BEING and all the things you would actually like to do?

Another wake up call. Cuckoo. What are you doing? Feeding a young cuckoo that will soon be nice and fat and full, because you simply have a great sense of responsibility and want to ensure that nothing is missing. But this fat boy does take all the time and space to create something for YOU.

Tightly define

The cuckoo calls out to you to be alert. Who or what are you feeding? Where do you put your priorities? Filling up someone else’s pot, in any way whatsoever, with your energy and qualities is often not for your highest good.

Dear human being, be alert to what you are ‘in’ or what you (want to) participate in. Before you know it, you are (again) empty-handed (an empty nest) and you can start building (again). Make sure it brings about the best of the best for you this time. That starts with a strict definition.

What do you want?

What do you want? In what situation would you feel completely happy? Visualize this situation, draw it, glue it together. Make sure you have exactly everything that is important to you in focus. HOW it becomes possible, that is taken care of. That requires a deep trust and perhaps you can still work on that.

Never settle for ‘just have a kid’, because before you know it you’ll be hatching something for someone else. You know it. If you offer someone a drink and the other says, “Do something.” Then you can also offer a glass of piss, because apparently the other person doesn’t care. If you are faced with issues and if you have this attitude, you will not get what lies ahead for you.


Manifest your dream life

Just do a house, do a job, do…. Nope! It’s just not good enough. This has everything to do with what you think your SELF is worth and also what you REALLY want to go for. Not waiting, not holding back, not being too modest. Never forget that YOU can manifest whatever you want, as long as you believe in it.

And you KNOW this, dear human being, for you have had experiences before where you have gotten exactly what you REALLY wanted even though it seemed completely impossible. But somewhere along the way, your trust in this has been damaged. Due to adversity, your own ambition and your ego perhaps? It has caused you to fall for the cuckoo’s pranks.

In the near future, focus your energy on what you want to manifest and what you need to lead a nice and happy life. Don’t let the power of money play a role. You are now done with that too. If you do what your heart tells you and hatch your own eggs, a constant flow in the material is also guaranteed. Not as a main goal, but as a logical consequence.

Utter nonsense

Another expression, ‘then you get the cuckoo’. That means: let the devil get you if that’s true, in other words, you’re telling utter nonsense. This ties in with the previous one. Sometimes your head goes crazy with what you want. This creates illusions, or delusions. It is difficult to distinguish. Just as the sparrow does not recognize the cuckoo’s egg. The only way to do this properly is to FEEL from a deep orientation with Mother Earth and loving connection with the Universe. If you are too much in your head and you fly ‘too high’, this will happen.

Feel what you KNOW for sure and then put your focus on that. It can also be done the other way around and it may be easier. Deep down you KNOW what you don’t want. Then use this handy filter technique: To find out what you really want from your heart, put all ‘I don’t want that’ on a paper. Then you can turn it below or next to it into ‘I want that’. Or the total list of what you don’t want leads to the total picture of what you actually want. This way you can ‘get in’ and shift your attention to your wildest dreams…



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