Monday, February 6, 2023
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The story that shows that we are free as a child

Last year I heard the voice of a daughter (10 years) of a colleague for the first time, in an instagram story, and I was totally unexpectedly deeply moved because of the pure love in it. She managed to keep her love going through me. Never “fallen asleep”, always stayed “awake”. Always knew in her base that she is unconditional love.

And I forgot that when I was ten myself. I chose to fall asleep again. I felt that old pain of not being connected again. Twenty years later, it slowly dawned on me, that unconditional love and who I was again. And that I was not alone. And why I came here.

Around me I see that worldwide more people than ever, just like me then, are slowly waking up. Remember who they really are. Everyone in their own way, their own level , and their own pace. Many people still fight with their hearts telling them that they are actually love, and that we are all connected. They still can’t believe it. They still feel the immense pain of feeling constantly separated. Of themselves and others. But somewhere it starts to dawn en masse…

And that is one of the reasons why we are here now, the daughter, you and me.

We are those pure voices who remind the sleeping masses of non-judgment.
We are that connection.
The story that shows that we are free as a child.
The oasis that is unconditional love.
The echo of someone else’s heart.



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