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The Symbolism of the Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree originated with the peoples of the northwestern hemisphere, long before the Christians claimed the tree as a symbol of the birth of Jesus. The period after December 21 ushered in the solstice festival, which at that time was celebrated with the burning of fires and later also candles.

At that time, life consisted mainly of growing crops and raising livestock. With the solstice feast they greeted and celebrated the arrival of the light of the sun, which had been almost or not at all visible in the firmament for the preceding months. That was a period of rest from their work on the land. And so this festival was the beginning of the new year, when the Sun, as a symbol for the pure spirit, was greeted and blessings were asked for good health and harvest for the coming year.

I don’t know exactly when the Christmas tree was introduced, but with the arrival of Christianity over the centuries in the northwestern countries and with the cultural developments towards an increasingly urban life, the Christmas tree made its appearance.

Christmas comes from the verb to christianize, which means conversion. From darkness to the light.

The Symbolism of the Christmas Tree

The Spruce and Pine tree symbolize eternity, as they are always green.

They originally grew on the high altitudes of the mountains, where deciduous trees cannot thrive. They need little water and can still get food from the poor soil. From these hardships they develop their greatest strength. Symbolically they are related to the planet Saturn.

The planet that rules the bones and hair, to provide structure to the body during evolution. Psychologically about limiting and limiting and even enduring hardships to achieve a certain goal. Positively it gives a doorsetting ability and toughness, negatively it leads to crystallization and death. Thus, these trees symbolize constructive character traits. These trees also have a lot to offer to humans such as turpentine, resin, tar,

The decoration as a symbol for the path of human life.

christmas tree decorationPendulums in the tree represent the path of life that man takes, not a straight path but meandering in a spiral shape.

The gnomes, elves and animals traditionally hang at the bottom of the tree as a symbol of the powers of the earth.

They are related to the still magical archaic man and will be transformed into self-awareness and talents during evolution. These are symbolized by the balls and the lights. The balls are the many incarnations in the human form of the soul, which gains its experiences here on earth and thereby becomes more and more Self-aware.

The lights are the direction indicators, through which the road is illuminated and man grows in wisdom through his experiences. Eventually all the lights will merge into a Light that makes man know his true Self. The Angels in the tree are the helpers on the path,

The candy is the heavenly sweet that man tastes when he/she becomes aware and is grateful for the insight.

That is why man is fond of sweets, because unconsciously he/she remembers his heavenly state. After man has gone through all human experiences after many incarnations he/she will remember what his true home is and will do everything in his power to get there.

This is symbolized by the peak. This is a sphere with an arrow pointing to the cosmos. The sphere is a symbol for collecting and synthesizing all experiences and insights to use for the one-pointed consciousness that will guide the way to the Source.


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