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The total Blue Super Blood Moon eclipse of January 31, 2018


The total Lunar Eclipse of January 31, 2018 is a very special Lunar Eclipse, because this concerns both a blue Moon and a Supermoon. In addition, this is also a Blood Moon that is also obscured. This phenomenon can certainly be called special and also very powerful in effect.


I will explain what the special features of this Lunar Eclipse mean in practical terms. Later in this article I will elaborate on the energetic functioning and the processes that this will raise, both collectively and personally.

Keywords are growing up of ‘the mature person’, censorship, unification, out of the Matrix, inner twin soul, authenticity in the connection, autonomy and authenticity.

Blue Moon

The total Lunar Eclipse is the second full Moon of this first month in 2018 . Normally a month has only one full Moon, but sometimes two and this is called a ‘Blue Moon’.


This total Lunar Eclipse is also a Supermoon. The third in a row and this will be the last for a while. The Moon’s orbit is elliptical and when the Moon is at the point where the distance between the Earth and the Moon is smallest, we call it a Supermoon. The Moon is then 14% larger and reflects the light 30% more powerfully than when the Moon is at the farthest point from the Earth.

The impact of this Lunar Eclipse is therefore also greater than that of any other Lunar Eclipse. Especially at the Moonrise on the horizon, the Moon is now a bit larger than normal. The Moon rises at 5:32 PM on January 31 and sets at 8:13 AM on February 1, 2018. It is well worth a look, even though we cannot see the total eclipse of the Moon here.

blood moon

Some Lunar Eclipses also turn red during the eclipse. This has to do with the position of the Earth’s axis and how the light from the Sun is reflected. So this Lunar Eclipse will turn red. Much special power is attributed to the Blood Moon as a bringer of misery, but that is if you let fear rule. Below I will go a little deeper into the message and operation of this special phenomenon.

Practical information

The total eclipse of the Moon lasts from 13:52 to 15:09, 77 minutes, with the focal point in the Pacific Ocean. Astrologically, the exact opposition of the Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo for the world is at 14:36:50 Dutch time. The Lunar Eclipse is a side effect of the Solar Eclipse (Sarosserie).

This Solar Eclipse is a partial (60%) eclipse on February 15, 2018 with the astrological conjunction for the world of Sun and Moon at 22:05 Dutch time and will therefore not be visible in Europe. This eclipse is 60% eclipse and can be seen in Antarctica and South America. The next series of eclipses will take place in July and August, with a partial solar eclipse on August 13,

grow up

Collectively, this Lunar Eclipse shows that the people are going to communicate outwards. The people are making themselves heard. The horoscope indicates that it is time to grow up. The empowered people in the population are always put in the corner of conspiracies and fake news . This can happen because one places the authority outside oneself. For most people, and therefore also for the collective, the authority lies with the Main Stream Media (MSM).

If the authority is outside of you, anger and frustration fuel the information and the information remains trapped in polarization. As a result, well-substantiated information cannot get into the Main Stream Media, but can be dismissed as fake newsand conspiracy.

Absence hierarchy

If the movement comes from the heart and the forces are bundled and neutralized as information, then one takes its authentic place and the information will penetrate to the masses. This is possible because there is no polarization and the information therefore encounters no resistance. The news service of the new Age of Aquarius can mature and stand for what it has to do. The Age of Aquarius, for which we are now laying the foundations, demands flat structures and an absence of Hierarchy. *1 & 2


The reaction from dualityto keep control will probably be censorship. Social media channels such as Facebook are already fully engaged in this censorship. New forms of information provision that are autonomous and can therefore optimally support authentic and free information will be sought for the collective and especially from the population. Information flows that support the Aquarius principle of equality, freedom and community.

These shapes will come up from the subconscious and probably not be immediately visible, as is usually the case with a Lunar eclipse. So you see more and more people switching to VK. This is Russian Facebook, which, as they say, is where Facebook was ten years ago. The question is whether this is really the case.The best solution is not to get carried away in anger, but to proceed constructively. *3


In trade too, people are trying to increase their own export flow with trade embargoes. US President Donald Trump wants to fulfill his election promise and his America First and is trying to make better trade agreements for the United States worldwide. Communications, alliances and currency wars are a newfound form of manipulation and control of the market. People are trying to increase their own prosperity with trade blockades and stimulation of trade. *4

Subconscious powers

Solar and Lunar Eclipses are imprints in our consciousness and in that of the Earth. A Lunar Eclipse mainly affects the subconscious and the impact of a Lunar Eclipse is therefore often only visible later. We receive this power in our personal as well as collectively in our subconscious and this loosens things up and brings the relevant pattern into the light of consciousness, after which it wants to be looked at more closely and a conscious change can be initiated. .

Expression of the inner world

With this eclipse we can come into deeper contact with our own inner world and express where we want to shine. *5 Your inner self wants to flow out with concrete communication and inform the environment what potential lies within. This may make you feel the need to rest, to turn inward so that the inner world can be experienced, and then flow out.


The power that may now be wasted on, for example, recalcitrant behavior with anger and repulsion, now really wants to free itself. What is being asked of us is to stop fighting the pain and just allow it into the heart. *6 The heart can then process this pain and this ensures that you can follow your inner authentic path without distraction. Where are you stuck in this behavior that prevents you from walking your own path? *7


Perhaps you are distracted because you walk the path of the other and not the path of your inner world. The question or impulse of the other then takes you along on his or her path. You are then actually out of control and not in connection with your own inner world. Then it is necessary that you limit in the connection in order to really authentically follow your own heart.

13 In contact with the inner world, this special Lunar Eclipse will make you feel the pain why your own heart is not expressed. With this pattern, that will likely be the back of the heart chakra between the shoulder blades. A flowing and open back of the heart shows you the most important relationship there is: that with yourself. The connection betweenme, myself and Iand allowing yourself to love yourself first instead of the other person first.

Authenticate in connection

So we can break free from the other and become more authentic in the connection. With that we become Creator of our own life and your path will bring you what you need from effortless. In the flow of oneness, the flow of creation is so effortless that even the will is absent and just what is needed is attracted before you have thought of it or missed it. It just flows. You can get there by dissolving feelings of dissatisfaction and pain in your own heart.

By simply Being present with your presence and awareness of what is, you dissolve the duality within yourself and move the duality out of the Matrix. This power of duality then no longer has a hold on you.*8 You are in your own autonomy, independent of what is projected and what we project ourselves. *9 The Black Moon channel (source energy influx) connects Pluto to the Diamond. In normal Dutch this means that we can no longer project feelings of dissatisfaction, power and impotence onto the other person. We get to feel the pain in our own heart. The pain that keeps us from living in peace, freedom and authenticity with the environment.

Pressure in the body

The powerful Pluto energy can provide a huge breakthrough. But can also put enormous pressure on the body, when there is no surrender to what is.*8 Or when there is no possibility to take the time to go within, into your own inner world. And what the body and the mind may organize is that you are then stopped by a virus or something else, to ensure that this time is there. *1 Old injuries and complaints also show themselves to be healed.

Renewal of the body?

I hear a lot of people talking about intestinal complaints. This also has to do with the renewal of the body and the pressure we perceive in it. As I experience that pressure in the body, I can imagine that the body converts in this way from carbon to crystalline. Just like a Diamond was created under high pressure. Perhaps the body’s change is going extra fast now. Therefore, listen to your body and try to adjust your diet to what your body tells you. So here too, listen to your inner voice. A higher consciousness in the body, requires food that is increasingly purer and smaller portions are enough.*10

Relieve Pressure

With meditation, rest, silence, seeking out nature, yoga, chi-gong, chi-neng, etc., peace and wholeness can also be restored in the body. In this way you can practically walk a new path. The path on the ‘New Earth’, with its meandering soft grounding and effortless creation. This is creation that no longer comes from the will, but which simply unfolds what you need out of effortlessness.

11 I myself notice that sleeping on an earthing sheetgives the purely physical part of the body the opportunity to restore electromagnetic imbalance (too much electricity) super fast and thus reduce the pressure in the body. Silent meditation with minerals (or without), being alone, cbd paste (helps to strengthen the earth connection), being present in nature with bare feet (or leather soles), these are all good means to make the transition to the new energy. Below are a few links to YouTube videos showing the measurements of volts (too much electricity) in the body and what a grounding sheet might do for you.

Match made in Heaven

This image of the 15th degree of Leo shows what practically wants to unfold. *12 The picture shows a match made in heaven with the hands above the man and woman . These people walk harmoniously and equally on their path. In order to be able to do this from peace of mind, you must first stand autonomously on your own two feet.*1 Only then can you avoid projecting your pain onto the other person and the relationship remains healthy.

9 In October 2017 I wrote an article about this inner cosmic process of unification of the masculine and feminine within yourself. This explanation describes the changes we are now undergoing in relationships, evolving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.The images below are from this article.

Inner Twin Flame

The search for the twin soul outside of yourself does not put you in your power, but puts the power and the interests outside of you. The sexual attraction when meeting your twin flame is very intense. Sometimes the soul chooses this accelerated path to resolve your inner pain. When there is so much recognition and so much love, the willingness to look at yourself is usually there too. But oh, oh, oh, it’s hard work when the connection goes so deep.

The other is only a mirror, but in the end I don’t think it’s about that twin soul outside of you, but about your own inner masculinity (eg action) and femininity (eg receptivity). That inner connection brings out the unification and passage of duality and Matrix.This is reclaiming the sacred space of the heart and life of the ‘Christ Consciousness’. We then begin a new evolution into the ‘Melchizedek consciousness’ of the Multidimensional Self. That is present on all dimensions simultaneously. Only the heart can encompass this Multi-dimensional consciousness and make it function as a unit (Torus).


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