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The transformations of the full Supermoon of May 7, 2020

This article is about the great shift that has taken place within ourselves and in the world around the full SuperMoon in Scorpio on Thursday, May 7, 2020. A shift in which we undergo a transformation that frees us from manipulation and the duality of the Matrix and the Sovereign Being essence of the cosmic Heart and restoring who you are in Being. With that you finally enter an autonomous existence. The body and energy body can now cause considerable discomfort. Have you made the shift yet? Read what’s shifting.

big shift

I would like to share what I have observed around the full SuperMoon of Thursday 7 May 2020 . There has been a major shift that has taken place. The original field of our inner world has been restored. Who we Are in Essence can once again be at the helm of our daily existence. From the fall of Atlantis we have entered the duality of the Matrix with our consciousness and we have lost the connection with our Being Essence and inner world.

Respect for each other’s vision

Our consciousness can again exist apart from the world of duality. You are now inspired not to fight, but to choose for yourself, regardless of struggle or the negative and destructive opinions of others and the world around us. With this we affirm our sovereign autonomous Self. It is a validation of your reality and it coexists with the reality and vision of the other. Just next to each other with respect for each other’s vision. (Black Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron in the 9th house . VM)

Restore the origin

I can really feel that the original field as we were meant to live as humanity has reopened in our DNA. The Being Essence, our cosmic Heart, is once again at the helm and steeling and always there. Even if the personality is still dancing with the old patterns in which you still have to defend yourself. Perhaps you have also had experiences in which this was shown? Venus is still in a heightened state, opening the opportunity to recognize and restore the true essence of love and value. This power of the cosmic Heart, flows together with the great forces of the Source and Being of the Earth. This is a new layer of this autonomy. During my webinar of the full SuperMoon in Scorpio, this power was able to integrate well. (Venus OOB North)

Connections with others

In concrete terms, I see around me that people break contacts with people who do not respect their vision. In doing so, they choose for themselves, not against the other. So if someone has cut off contact with you, don’t see it as an attack on you, but as a change that may have been coming for a while. If you stand on your own two feet in the new field, this can also give you an uncomfortable void. The connection to the other and to the world is simply different.

Breaking Out of the Matrix

Milena Blomqvist
Milena Blomqvist-

But the most important shift is that this is also happening with the larger collective forces. We don’t have to choose to be for or against the official approach to corona. It’s about claiming your autonomous sovereign existence. That’s the third option. If you can experience this low energy within yourself, you will probably find yourself breaking free from the old incantations of the manipulated and willpower based world of duality. This is really a shift that can be made now. Different and much more total than before. Apart from the fight and the laws of a world where in the end there are only losers. The anger about manipulation and the feeling of being attached to something does not have to be there anymore.The vision of the other, but also of the collective, can simply exist separately from yourself.

Physical discomfort

This full SuperMoon has been accompanied by many electromagnetic disturbances, which have given us extra help to allow in the new light and transformations. You can look up on my Facebook timeline in my “Electromagnetic Updates” what these disturbances of the electromagnetic field were.

The lower body with stuck patterns and physical discomfort was experienced around this full SuperMoon in Scorpio. In order to be able to open and ground this new field within yourself, everything that still holds you in the old duality field will be released. So intestines can play up or let go, uterus, prostate, ovaries, groin, knees and other organs or parts of the lower body require attention to let go of that which is ready.

The head and stomach ( 3rd chakra ) can also makethemselves heard. This is because the head and the 3rd chakra are the old main connections to the Matrix field. And these may be released, as the basis of your connection to the world. You can also be intensely tired, because this shift wants to be made. Then be kind to yourself and give yourself the space to let it be there and be felt, so that it can be released. Choose for yourself and for what lives in your inner world, then the new autonomous sovereign field can take its original place again. But in a new way, with a new construction of the multi-dimensional energy body, in which the cosmic Heart is the center.

Original Earth

From this original yet renewed field within yourself you are connected to the new Earth. The Being of the Earth receives you into reality as the Earth is meant to be. This releases you from the collective field of duality, which is collapsing. From this autonomous state you can move differently in the world, you will make different choices and manifest different situations. This shift is therefore also collective. Are you ready to claim this original yet new field of autonomous sovereign Being?

I hope this shift brings you a lot of good. I wish you much love for yourself.


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