The transition from autumn to winter seen from Chinese Medicine

The transition from autumn to winter seen from Chinese Medicine
The transition from fall to winter is not just a transition of the seasons. It is also a transition of the elements active in this period. The transition from the metallic element of autumn to the water element of winter involves many changes. This can be seen in nature, but you can also feel this inside.


In the fall, the leaves on the trees turn color and slowly begin to detach from the branches. The weather is changing, the temperature is dropping and the days are getting shorter. Autumn is a season of letting go and withdrawing. What was once useful and fruitful must now be released and returned to the Source of life. The trees release their leaves which, once they hit the ground, provide a source of nourishment for the new to come. Autumn is about letting go for good: you can’t go back to the way it was.

Do you feel insecure, do you worry a lot in the fall, and do you suffer from a tiring pain or heavy feeling? These are influences of the metallic element. Take care of yourself by doing conscious breathing and movement exercises, optimizing your intestinal flora, eat a lot of vegetables, and do not eat too spicy food.


The transition from autumn to winter seen from Chinese Medicine

After the seasons of growth, performance, bearing fruit, processing and letting go, winter is not a time for growth, it is a time for looking back, processing and settling down. It is a time of rest. The body needs time to recover, to recharge and to gain new energy. Like the plants that seem dead in winter but aren’t, we need to retreat and pause. Winter is the season to re-energize for a new cycle of growth to come in the spring.

In winter, feelings of depression, loneliness and cold can take over. To ensure that this does not throw you off balance, it is important to relax. Do this with soothing music, a nice book, a hot water bottle or a soft blanket. Create an atmosphere that is comfortable for you. Avoid extremes, try to maintain a regular sleep schedule, meditate and avoid extremes. A warm kidney or bladder tea can also be a nice support.


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