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The transition from the third to the fifth dimension: what does this mean for you?

I had not yet typed this title before I smelled a sharp burning smell. We urgently had to leave the apartment; the kitchen on the second floor was on fire. Fire, ambulance, police arrived with sirens screaming torn. “Horrible! How bad…” said the bystanders .

Experience everything without resistance

In the fifth dimension we no longer experience an event as ‘terrible’. A fire is neither good nor bad. It’s normal. It is an experience that takes place and there is an ‘I’ that undergoes this event. My ego doesn’t have to interfere. It only interferes with it in the sense that it causes me to leave my house in haste.

I experience the event with an open heart: I feel fear and terror, including those of my neighbours. I also feel excitement, which is always so close to fear. I experience aversion to the penetrating smell of smoke and burnt stuff. I breathe all this in, as it were, and let it pass through me. This event may be in my life.

I don’t have to find any.It shouldn’t have been any other way. Life unfolds in all its perfection through me.

Divine Timing

“Perfect? ​​How perfect?!” I hear the neighbor downstairs whose kitchen is completely burned out, exclaim angrily.Although it looks far from perfect from an earthly perspective, it is perfect from another layer of reality.And at the right time.For me, the timing was perfect, as I was at the beginning of this article.

This made me realize that the transition from the third to the fifth dimension can happen in the blink of an eye. From a human perspective, the kitchen, the world, is now on fire. layer, however, it is visible that this isserving.

Experienced as a child

When you are in the fifth dimension, you experience deep trust in life. You are completely open to it because you feel from the inside that you only suffer when you resist what is happening on your life stage. In fact, you feel an excited curiosity about where life is taking you next.

You are like a child, wide-eyed and full of wonder, who walks into a zoo for the first time: captivated, curious, completely open and flushed with excitement. You walk confidently at the hand of your father and mother and look around.

from the third to the fifth dimension

The answer to everything is trust

The answer to everything is trust. Especially now in this intense time. Trust that everything in your life also unfolds in a way that serves you. That nurtures your personal development.

And if you don’t understand the logic of the events or can’t find meaning in it, know that you can’t because you look with human eyes ( also read my article What is a lightworker? † In the fifth dimension you mainly perceive what is happening in your life. This is not a cold or distant look, but a look in which there is no longer any judgment or desire .

You no longer need anything from the outside world.When you are in the fifth dimension, you feel from within that everything is already within you.

Deep relaxation

In the fifth dimension you live a relaxed life. This is because you feel from the inside that you don’t have to do anything more than experience with an open heart what presents itself in your life. There is nothing wrong with you, you are not doing anything wrong if all sorts of things seem to be going ‘wrong’.

You just have to live through these events. Because that is what we are here for (among other things). Deep faith in life provides deep relaxation on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. The human mind now wonders: how do I do that, deep trust? Smile at that question, take a deep breath and feel the confidence that has been in you for a long time.

You can’t go wrong!

When you are in the fifth dimension, you see that there is nothing wrong with the third dimension . All you do is step out by always choosing the neutral position of the observer. And on days when you do completely submerge in the third dimension, that’s okay too. Even then you are not doing anything wrong or it should not have been otherwise.

Become aware that you were trapped in duality and choose the neutral observer position. In other words, you can’t go wrong! Do you feel that deep relaxation these words bring about? So even if your world is on fire, relax. It’s okay. Really okay. Welcome to the fifth dimension.


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