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The True Secret to the Success of your own practice – with 13 tips and a 4 step plan

The True Secret of Success (from a private practice)

Building your own practice is not easy and takes time. we think. And often that just seems oh so true. Yet it is easier than you think and can go much faster. If you dare. I would like to offer you a number of steps that you can take that have helped me to fill my agenda.

  1. Have faith in what you can and do

The very first step you really need to be successful is learning to trust what you can and do. Have faith in yourself. Not much can happen without trust. If you’re doubting yourself, you can be pretty sure that you don’t have that much of an appeal to a large audience.

Rather think : Who you are and what you’ve been through is more than enough to be good at what you do.

Suppose you wore a post it on your forehead that read ‘unfit’, would you be hired for a position? Or could you be a magnet for a large audience? I do not think so ….

If things don’t go the way we would like, we often look further, add additional training or expand, thinking we have to do more for it, but if you still don’t have faith in what you can or that you can actually help solve someone’s problem, then not much can change.

I have set the intention that I can actually help someone who comes to me. And that all the information that is needed for this is revealed. This also happens practically always, although there is occasionally a single exception, then my method may not suit or someone wants to be ready immediately after 1 appointment (which is not always possible).

  1. The success of your practice does not depend on how your website looks

Although this is often claimed, your success does not depend on your website. If you live that belief, your website will keep going… and it will never be good enough. If your clients stay away after an improvement of your website, you will have the conviction that your website is still not good enough and you will start tinkering again, then you will continue to work with it…

  1. Live for what you propagate

It is very important that you live what you propagate and that you start your own processes. If you yourself live from lack, and you propagate abundance, then that is not really right. Or if you express love, but are yourself involved in a battle that is not love or are mainly angry, then that is not correct either. Then you will not attract clients, because they will not find abundance or love with you.

  1. You do not have to be in a constant state of connection to be successful , although it is useful if you have laid down a certain foundation in your own process, it is mainly about living through your own processes and doing what you propagate.
  2. It is not always necessary to work hard

If you only think you can be successful by working hard, you will never feel good enough if you work a little less hard, and if you don’t, you will work harder. If you prefer to tune in to what you do, you will radiate that and it will have much more effect. If you then start taking action from a resistance for whatever reason, it will not yield much. Rather, connect first with what you want to propagate.

If I don’t have an appointment for a moment and have other tasks to do, I always sit down first. Then I can picture myself writing an article in no time, so that I can deal with my mail quickly and effectively. I see that before me and I feel what that feels like. Then I connect with it and always see that tasks / activities go much easier.

In this way you can do a lot more, instead of working on something that you don’t really feel like or that you carry on when it doesn’t seem to work and in fact it doesn’t work for you.

If you’re stuck for a while and nothing seems to be working, pick up a short, simple task first and feel how you feel when you’ve completed it. If you then tune in to the result, by feeling what you feel when you have accomplished something, you will notice that you can also perform other tasks more easily afterwards.

Even before an appointment, I always tune in to a successful appointment and I see that my clients leave the door satisfied and happy. We often continue to tinker with our working method, but if you learn to tune in to a successful result, that working method will come naturally and you will receive everything you need to achieve that. Then you are connected and it flows naturally.


  1. Have faith in your client and tune in to his abilities to handle it

If you assume that it will not work, well, then there is a very good chance that it will actually come to nothing. If you assume that your client already has everything in it to handle it and that everything that is needed to get it to the surface will actually come, then you commit to it and it will happen.

So often I agree with my client before my appointment starts, then I see that he / she leaves the door happy(er) and then I feel how that feels. The good thing is that that always happens.

  1. Only offer your advice in complete freedom

Any other advice is imperative and cannot be accepted because there is a reproach in it. As a result, someone may, for example, feel rejected or not good enough. And then you’re basically saying that someone isn’t doing it right, while someone is just stuck.

This is exactly the reason why ‘well-meaning’ advice – whether or not unsolicited – usually cannot be carried, because there is a hidden message behind it. Then it can’t be caught.

I always indicate that I am only offering something and that the other person may know and feel what he/she wants or can do with it. And no choice in the past has been wrong. But maybe it can be different now.

  1. Who you are and what you’ve been through is more than enough to be good at what you do

No training or course can match that. Now I don’t want to say that I disapprove of training, on the contrary, it often provides some certainty and a foothold to be able to start somewhere. But the more it is your own, and the more you learn to trust your own wisdom and intuition, the purer and stronger the effect of your service will be.

  1. Say yes to yourself: THIS IS WHAT I WANT.

Choose something that you like and that suits you, whether that is in your own practice or in paid employment. If you are happy with what you are doing, it will flow naturally.

If you find yourself in a place that doesn’t feel right for you, first make sure that you come to peace with it and learn to focus on what is already good. As long as you are focused on what you don’t like and what you don’t want, you can’t help but get more of it. If you learn that you have experiences in which a desire arises for something different, something better, you can stimulate that from an accepting flow:

then it is what it is now and then you can choose where you want to focus your attention. If you choose to focus your attention on what is already good, you will enter an accepting and appreciative flow and you will notice that new possibilities arise. Then it cannot be otherwise than that there will be more of what is good for you.

So take a look at what you can already appreciate in the work you do, or the preparations you have made for it. And feel what that feels like.

  1. Determine the price of your service and stand behind it

As long as you doubt whether you can charge money for your services or you are concerned that others think that you should provide your services for free, you cannot help but run into situations on this theme that confirm your own doubts. .

Rather set a price in full conviction, which someone else can simply pay for. Or not, that’s fine too. Set a price that corresponds to the value YOU ascribe to it and allow yourself to hold on to it, that you are worth it.

Know that paying for a service leads to everyone’s benefit: an energetic balance is created. If someone invests in themselves, then they will want to get the most out of it and take the necessary steps much sooner. you can give someone else everything they need, but the steps will always have to be taken yourself. Success partly depends on the steps you take yourself.


There have been years when I gave away more than half of my annual income. But actually that wasn’t even the real problem. Because there was nothing in return, an enormous imbalance arose in me, with which I clamped all energy at home. It wasn’t right and it didn’t really make the home more cozy, I can tell you that. And if you do want to calculate a normal price, there is a good chance that that client for whom you have already done so much for nothing, will just walk away from you.

  1. There is no one who is responsible for the lack of your success

There is no one stopping you in your success, only you can do that yourself. If you have a partner who doesn’t seem to support you, it can only stop you if you value it. You may also think that there is no need at all for your partner to support or understand what you are doing. That can and should just be next to each other. If you let go of the fact that your partner has to do things differently, you will notice that he / she can look at it differently. But you don’t have to.

You can decide whether you want to become dependent on the behavior of another. I didn’t and even though my partner doesn’t like what I do that much, it doesn’t hinder us and my work at all.

Also, any other belief that prevents you from believing in possible success will ensure that no success is possible. If you believe that it will never work or you continue to doubt, then the chance of success is very small and maybe even impossible.

  1. You don’t have to prove yourself

I come across many therapists who encounter resistance from people who don’t believe in their work. I never see it. But I’ve decided that I don’t want to prove myself and it doesn’t feel good to be a course attraction, even though the effects of my treatments are often quite big and intense, so that people have no words for it. I’m flabbergasted is a word I often hear after a first appointment.

Because I don’t care whether anyone else believes in it or not, I don’t run into resistance either. Nobody asks me to demonstrate or prove anything, I rather get people at my table who indicate and seem to want to convince me that they believe in that there is more and that they are open to it. I find that very funny and especially beautiful and then I know that we will do good work together.


If you are in line with what you do and you assume that there are far too many providers on the market, or if you feel less because you find a beautiful website from someone else or if you don’t feel happy because it it turns out that it goes well for someone else but it doesn’t work for you, then it’s time to learn to think differently: THERE IS ABUNDANCE, THERE IS ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE, YOUR CLIENTS HAVE BEEN THERE A LONG TIME, THEY ARE ALREADY WAITING FOR YOU. YOU JUST NEED TO CONNECT TO IT! Any other thought will keep you from attracting clients.

Build your own practice

To do

I have gone through all these steps over the years and learned to convert them. Nothing and no one can keep me from my success and I am not dependent on it. However, I owe the greatest success to the following steps:

  1. Why do you want to do what you do?

The first step you can take in this process is to ask yourself why you want to do something. And when you do, feel what that feels like.

I would like this practice:

  • because I love having my own income;
  • because I love to spend money;
  • because it gives me a very nice feeling when I can give something to others so that they can feel good again;
  • because then I feel so grateful that I can contribute to the happiness of another;
  • because then I feel valuable and contribute to a better world;
  • because I can.

Also write down your reasons why you would like to work in your practice and then feel what you feel at the same time. Like me, you will probably feel a wonderful vibe and in an appreciative flow. If you learn to focus on what you like, it can grow.

It is therefore very important that you do what you want. When you radiate that, it just comes to you. It probably sounds very simple and in the end it is.

  1. Accept where you are now and start believing in Abundance

What you have achieved so far is the result of your thoughts and beliefs in your past. And by the way, beliefs are nothing but grinding thoughts that have become truth for you. If you accept that you are responsible for your current situation, you will no longer be stuck in that it should be different. and from this accepting flow you can then take the next step: start from abundance. Start thinking that it is possible that your clients have been there for a long time, that they are waiting for you, that you just need to connect with them. Also, start thinking that there is enough for everyone, including you and believe in yourself. Your experiences have created a desire in you, so everything that has been has certainly served you and was necessary to get to where you are now.

  1. Connect with your desire and the desired result

In the next step you can do two things: you look for thoughts that feel a little better when the step from A to Z is too big for you. In that case, find the silence within yourself, relax and ask yourself the following question: What is the next thought that can make me feel better about the origin of my practice. And let the answers come to you and feel what you feel when the answer comes. Go in search of the best feeling thought, until you are in a wonderful vibe.

You can also immediately go big and see that your practice is filling up. I have done that. I kept seeing my agenda in front of me, in which appointments were set. My whole agenda was filling up, as it were. I also always saw my workplace in front of me with always someone else opposite me and I also saw that they left satisfied and that the next one came in again. And above all, I felt what I felt: happiness.

  1. Connect with Abundance

The last step I took to learn to connect with abundance was a tip from the book by Esther and Jerry Hicks, in which they advised to carry $100 every day and spend the whole day (or so often possible) to spend this amount virtually over and over again. Then I imagined that for that € 100, I bought flowers and plants, clothes or luxury items that I normally find too expensive, just everything I like without looking at the price and then I felt at the same time what that felt like. You spend that € 100 over and over again. That may sound like a strange game, but by doing this it is for your brain as if it really is and so you connect more and more with the abundance that is there for everyone.Build your own practice

When I did, it went really fast and my calendar quickly filled up. Actually, it became too much for me, my agenda became so full that I decided to plan something more spacious, that gave me space and peace again, which I also like so much.

So, whatever you do and whatever you achieve, keep a close eye on whether it’s good for you and you can do that by just continuing to feel.

I wish you much success and most of all have fun. If you say Yes to yourself and believe in yourself, if you connect with the abundant possibilities that are available to everyone, then it can only flow for you again.


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