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The Twin Soul Gate will open on March 12. Will you step in?

We are in the most spiritual month of this year. From 12 to 21 March we will experience a special phenomenon: the Twin Soul Gate is open. But I’ll be honest with you: the terminology that goes around in spiritual circles around the twin flame phenomenon sometimes gives me the creeps. One sounds even better than the other. But is it actually really beautiful?

It depends on how you look at it. If you look through rose-colored glasses, you will experience considerable pain at certain moments to be put back on earth with both feet.

Soul experiences

If you look through reflective glasses, you will experience many situations in which you will project and be judged vice versa.

If you look through black glasses, you will see pain and war.

There are many more perspectives and colors from which you can look, which is why there are so many soul experiences to undergo.

Anyway, through whatever lens you look, your soul simply wants to experience, learn, grow, discover and develop.

Special experience

The moment in your life when you meet your twin flame is actually a moment for peace and quiet retreat. It is a wonderful opportunity to heal and nourish your heart, mind and soul. You are called to rediscover yourself. It is a very big and interesting lesson for your soul to make a growth spurt.

The tricky part here is: you don’t feel and experience it that way at that moment! Most of the time it feels like your life is turned upside down and it seems that you have to burn all your ships behind you to start a new life with your twin flame and move on together somewhere else in the world. That creates chaos, unrest and uncertainty in your life and that is not nice. Because it can cause sadness, fear and loneliness.

What’s the lesson if you’ve probably met your twin flame? Then evaluate your life, your relationships and your self-esteem. Take a critical look at your life and be honest about what you are not being honest about with yourself.

Take time to be alone with yourself. Your heart chakra opens through this encounter and as a result you learn to feel, experience and look at life differently. During this period of reflection, things that no longer serve you may simply fall away. During this powerful process, things will change. That’s okay. Everything is exactly as it should be.

The best tip ever:

Stop thinking, start feeling!
Things will change, but not as you initially think or desire, because as a human being through our conditioning you can only think from romantic love. Your thinking is a huge limiting factor compared to the magnitude of soul energy. Realise that!

Once your heart opens and you feel the energy flowing again in the direction your soul chose for this life, don’t limit yourself with just the thought of romantic love. Life has much more to offer than that. You are doing yourself a huge disservice and that is a shame. Your twin flame ‘just’ comes to shake you awake to evaluate your life. To enable the ‘on’ button.

Then do something with it, because that is the greatest gift that your twin soul will bring you! What can all come out of that is enormous!

That’s why ‘meeting your twin flame’ feels so huge and grand. It indicates that it is time to really start living your life from your soul mission.

And that is very exciting. That is new to you and suddenly a whole new world opens up for you. You feel, see and experience that in every possible way. Hence, it feels like your life is turned upside down.

To answer the question: does a twin soul exist?’, I say yes! It exists. But I absolutely do not believe in all romanticized stories. Frankly, I even find those kinds of stories dangerous, because in my opinion you stimulate coding behaviour .

But what is the Twin Flame Gate?

It is a unique energy that is supported for 10 days by the energy of unity and connection. The highest energies from the universe are flowing to Mother Earth. During that period you will be protected and healed on different levels in order to achieve an octave increase in your own energy system.

From March 12, ’21 (a 3-3-3 day) through March 21, ’21 (also a 3-3-3 day) an energy gate opens and closes with the energy of high masters. High masters are in direct connection with your soul energy. The gate has already been activated on March 3rd (already a 3-3-3 day!).

The energy of your soul is tuned to these high frequencies. So if you want to integrate healing, insights, connection and protection, do so on these days! Maybe you have gone through a twin flame, false twin flame or otherwise intense soul experience or maybe you are even in the middle of it. It is wise to take very good care of yourself during these days! Allow the high energy.

You can do this by eating healthy, drinking water, relaxing, looking for nature and meditating. But you can also participate in the (twin) souls-10-day in which I take you through a process of an enormous amount of soul information, knowledge, healing with meditations in certain themes, live recorded lessons and exercises. To connect with your soul, to understand what is happening in your life, to be able to make powerful decisions, to forgive and let go and much more…

Helen is at the door. Will you join us?

The Twin Flame Gate is about to open. The energy is at the right light frequency for your soul to heal and leave old pain behind. I only organize this course once. It’s only possible now, you only have one chance! The Light energy is now at its most powerful.


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