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The underlying truth as to why 2016 gave us all a beating.

The underlying truth as to why 2016 gave us all a beating.

You saw it all over social media: 2016 was a tough year for many You probably saw and heard it

Personally I understand this because 2016 has also given me blow after blow. Many people around me have had similar experiences where we were all forced into a different perspective.

What interests me most about this 2016 trend is the fact that it shows how we seem to react to things that happen to us in our lives: we feel victimized by them.Not only is this a counterproductive mindset to have, but it guarantees we’ll be doing the same situation over and over again. I’ll explain this later.

You are the reason 2016 was rotten; this is a fundamental shift that will challenge us, but it is the truth.

And that’s how it started

Around October, I started seeing people posting GIFs and memes  on the internet illustrating how crappy 2016 had been for them thus far. Watching a gif of Chris Farley falling uncontrollably off a hill not only made me laugh but I recognized myself in it. 2016 had been a challenge!

Now every year can be tough for us: losing your job, multiple deaths in a family or maybe a difficult divorce, but this year has touched a lot of people at the same time. That in itself should make you think.

Collective Consciousness

In 2012, we (at collective evolution) released a movie called The Collective Evolution 3: The Shift.

This film explores a global shift in consciousness that is taking place and that affects us in multiple ways. We examine the cosmic side, the scientific side, the historical side and the opinions of many teachers about this time. After traveling for 30 days and working on the film for 2 years, we conclude one thing: we live in the most fascinating and changing time in history.

This is one of the reasons why everyone got kicked out in 2016. This year has been a reflection of what humanity must go through and experience in order to see our world in a different light. To be honest, I think we’ll destroy ourselves if we don’t. It is not just about fear but simply that we need to realize what life is trying to tell us: it is time for an epiphany to evolve our consciousness. And positively speaking, it’s a whole lot easier than we think.

PS I strongly recommend watching the movie to get a better idea of ​​the bigger picture.

How to make sure that life doesn’t give you such a kick.

First, it’s a view. How you choose to judge a scenario is entirely your own choice and mindset. You can see something as rotten or as an opportunity, the choice is yours.

Reality #1

Sometimes in our lives we need to get a kick in the ass. This can be done in 2 ways. When we live our lives day after day without thinking about what we actually want, what excites us and what our soul calls us to do, life will come to a standstill.

Suddenly the push you need to get moving is going to have to be something crazy, bad, challenging or scary because when that happens we will finally stop and start thinking. We reflect. Why does something like this have to happen to get us to stop and reflect? Because we primarily live our lives unconsciously day to day, and that’s exactly what we need to change.

Reality #2

Let’s dig a little deeper into the reactions to 2016. As people swear and rant and rage at what 2016 did to them, a certain kind of energy comes out of that. People feel victimized. Not only that, you get the feeling that we are looking at a situation, judging and just moving on with our everyday life. But wait! What about the beating we just had? Shouldn’t we be wondering why we reacted this way in the first place? What can I take away from this experience? Why did I have to experience this?

Now if you’re a person who believes that life happens to you and that there’s never a reason for it, that’s OK, but even if you believe that, there’s so much you can learn from many important experiences in your life .

What if we take the view that what happens to you is for a reason? Or, maybe not so cliche; can you say you can learn from it? Look inside yourself and ask yourself those questions that will not only take you out of your victimhood but also give you a chance to take action and make sure things like this don’t happen to you again in the future. Below are some important questions to ask yourself the next time you find yourself in such a situation.

Reality #3

You know what I mean by patterns, the ones we repeat over and over… I’ve seen it happen a thousand times in my own life as well as in the lives of others. If you don’t want to see the lessons that life gives you over and over, you will create that situation all the time, be it a repeating relationship, business partners challenging you, family members reacting negatively, etc. There is often something that we keep repeating and life gives us that opportunity for a reason.

These experiences give us the opportunity to understand what is really going on in our reality and how we can choose to move through our experiences more easily and ultimately create a change. To move with in, rather than fight against. It’s a huge change in perception, yes, and at first it will seem like we’re letting life beat us, but that really isn’t happening. We take the right path and end the suffering.

The Important Questions

The next time you find yourself in a situation where you can’t believe it’s happening, feel bad about it, or think it’s someone else’s fault, ask yourself the following questions. Believe me, it will interrupt your negative patterns and victimization and put you on the road to change your situation and heal yourself emotionally.

1 What emotions do I feel as a result of this situation? (write them down or say them out loud, don’t think too much, FEEL.)

2 Can you spot a repeating pattern or belief about how you think things should be when you find yourself saying “if people do that I get really mad” or something like that?

3 Do you assess the situation through your own filter? Remove the judgment and emotional cause and review the situation.

4 If I remain humble, can I see my part in this? What am I causing or doing to create this?

5 Why am I in this situation? I’m not here by accident, so what is this trying to say about ME?

These 5 questions are an incredibly powerful tool to help you get to the bottom of not only the reason for your reactions to certain situations that make you suffer, but also to help you break free and become stronger without losing life. have to put the same situation in your path again.

The more you practice this, the more you will NOT be challenged in the same way. Instead of being on an emotional roller coaster where you get angry every 5 seconds, you will be free of your emotions. This will give you the opportunity to experience them without getting lost in them.

Imagine a world where humanity deals with everyday situations in this changing way of perception. It would create so much more peace on this planet, so much more growth and so much more understanding. We would collectively shift, evolve and change rapidly and minimize suffering.

So! Now that we have entered 2017, remember this and do not create 2017 in the same way as 2016. It is up to us.


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