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The Way of the Lightworker – Pamela Kribbe Channels Yeshua

Dear friends,

I am Yeshua. I greet you all today and I am closely connected with you from my heart. There is a level where we are one. It is the one undivided consciousness that units us and that you can feel as an energy of peace, creativity, warmth and joy. This is your true origin and home.

You are now manifested in physical form, focused in time and space, but you are so much more than that. I ask you now to feel this vast and limitless consciousness of which you are a part. Feel God within you and feel how simple this energy is. God is not at the top of any hierarchy looking down on you from above. God is a stream of energy that flows through everything, through you, through everything that lives on Earth, even through so-called inanimate things in your material environment. God is everywhere.

God is not bound by form. God is pure, creative consciousness that connects with material forms in time and space to experience life in many different ways. Feel who you are in this grand, divine flow: a spark of light in an ocean of living consciousness, an indestructible spark that makes a unique contribution to the big picture. Feel that indestructible power within you, it is always there. You are an inalienable part of God.

As part of God, you have chosen your life path and experiences yourself. Even if it doesn’t always feel that way to you as a human being, there is a creative force deep within you that attracts the crucial events in your life. From your soul you want to go through those events in order to understand more, grow inwardly and expand your consciousness. In essence, you are never a victim of this world.

At the core of who you are, you are never powerless. For in your core there is the spark of God that says ‘yes’ to the experiences you live in physical form. Something in you knows that you are able to learn from these experiences and that your consciousness will expand and become even more loving as a result.

Embrace the creative power within you that attracts what you are experiencing right now into your life. Embrace life with all the ups and downs.

You have the power to live. The greatest fulfillment you can find here is to remember who you are in the midst of the challenges of life on Earth. By remembering who you are and allowing the spark of divine light into your heart, your soul can connect with your earthly reality. Your surrender to this limitless spark, the creative light within you, will change your life and it will change the lives of others.

You, who are reading this and are drawn to the Christ energy, are one who longs to let your inner light shine into the world. You desire to manifest as a lightworker, which means you have the desire to spread light, to help grow consciousness on Earth. Your passion is pure and real; it comes from your core, from your soul.

It is the spark of God within you that leads you into this desire, for it is in the nature of God to spread joy, light and compassion further. When you feel happy for expressing who you really are, you feel God’s joy, because you and God are in reality one!

What is the difference between a rescuer and a lightworker?

You may wonder what lightwork actually is and what it means to ‘spread light’ or offer healing and consciousness growth to other people. I would like to answer this question. First I would like to make it clear that the relationship between the giver and the receiver of lightwork is quite different from the relationship between ‘doctor’ and ‘patient’, or even ‘therapist’ and ‘client’.

Let’s see what happens to the relationship between two people as soon as one starts helping the other, for example as a doctor or therapist. A dependency relationship quickly develops. It starts with making a distinction between healthy and sick, or on a spiritual level between whole and (emotionally) broken.When you go to a doctor with a medical problem you are suddenly a ‘sick patient in need of treatment’.

Doctors are supposed to know something you don’t. They are the experts, and because of the halo of expertise they radiate, it’s easy to believe that your health is in their hands. This also quickly happens when you suffer from psychological problems and consult a psychologist or therapist. When people visit a doctor or therapist, many tacitly assume that these experts have superior knowledge and skills to solve their problems.

Because of the special way in which the relationship between patient and doctor, therapist and client, takes shape, something happens to the way in which both view themselves. The pitfall of power versus dependence is quickly lurking.

The nature of this relationship is all too often based on the idea that one person has more knowledge and understanding than another, and so clients need the counselor to get something they lack and cannot give themselves. It is often assumed that the physician or therapist himself is whole and healthy, offering his light and healing from a sort of lead to someone who is ill or emotionally unbalanced.

Spiritually, this view is erroneous and distorting; she misleads you. Yet this attitude is deeply rooted in your society, both in physical and mental health.

Notice how easy it is to feel smaller than the person you seek out for medical and/or spiritual advice. You are the one with the problem and the other is the one with the solution. This is not only a common pitfall for people seeking help, but also for people seeking help. Once you identify with your role as a helper, you can hardly let go of that role.

You feel lost when you can’t play that role, and that makes you as dependent on your clients or patients as they are on you. The client may feel that he needs a helper to heal; but just as much, the helper needs a needy client to continue playing his role as a helper. It can happen that someone becomes very attached to his identity as a care provider and thus always needs people who need him/her. This creates unequal relationships based on power and dependence.

Light work as awakening the soul

lightwork is something very different. To understand what lightwork or spiritual healing really means, you need to let go of the traditional image of “a therapist helping a client” or “a doctor healing patients.” You have to let go of the idea that helping is ‘giving something to someone else’. The thought that someone else lacks something is in fact harmful to his healing process.

The truth is that the only way to help a person is to make them aware of their own power and possibilities to heal and heal themselves. It is the mark of a good therapist that he can make himself redundant. True teachers invite you to find your inner strength and they do not suggest that you are small, helpless and dependent on someone else. Real teachers never present themselves as authority.

True healing is essentially simple. It does not require complicated methods or knowledge.

I’m talking about healing for the soul here. It is certainly wise to consult medical experts who specialize in that area for physical problems. Their expertise can be of great value. But healing at the soul level requires something different. If you go to the root of a mental or physical problem, you will find many people with the belief that they are powerless, unworthy, unloved, lonely or doomed.

The root cause is that people feel separated from their true being, from the spark of divine light that they really are. Offering soul level healing to people is done by reminding them of who they really are, by reminding them of their inner beauty, strength and innocence.

How do you do this? First of all, there is no fixed method or medicine. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. It is about an energy transfer that can take place in many ways. I will come back to this.

The second is that no one can heal without making the decision to open themselves to healing. You cannot force or force healing at the level of the soul. It’s one’s own choice. True healing is like a miracle: at some point someone reaches a tipping point that wakes them up to who they really are.

It is not predictable when this will happen. This is a moment of surrender and redemption, in which the soul becomes free from the past and a new consciousness is born. A consciousness with morelove and less fear. Such a breakthrough results from an inner willingness of the person concerned, which cannot be forced by others.

There are times in every human life when you have to face the choice between dark and light. The dark represents giving in to self-judgment, self-hatred, negative thinking, and fear. The light represents opening you up to gentleness, forgiveness, consciousness growth and joy. These energies are the true mark of divinity. But you must be able to recognize them.

Even when the most beautiful angel beckons you to let go of the past and enter God’s kingdom, that is, to merge again with the spark of Light that you are, you may find it impossible to accept the offer. If you are immersed in negative images about yourself or others, if you live in the grip of fear or anger, you may not even notice the angel. Yet the angel of healing is always around you.

Sometimes you meet people in your life who play the role of healing angel for you for a while. They don’t always realize this, but they remind you of who you really are. Because of their way of listening or talking to you, because of the light that shines from their eyes, suddenly a spark of truth arises in your consciousness and you feel joy and inspiration after the meeting.

Their presence can stimulate you to choose from within yourself for the light and make choices that really benefit you, that support your passion and your love for life. The arrival of such an angel in your life, in whatever form, is a spur and perhaps the decisive push toward real change in your life. And yet it remains your decision to take the plunge. A lightworker you meet on your path reminds you of your possibilities. You are the one who realizes them. Only you can make the miracle happen.

Each of you will encounter an angel of healing more than once on your life journey. Most likely you have been such an angel to others, often without your knowing it. Lightwork can take shape in many ways. The energy transfer can take place in a fraction of a second. A look, a smile can be enough.

Lightwork is not about ‘helping people’ in the sense of solving their problems. It is also not about knowledge transfer, where the lightworker is teaching someone about the right way of life or about spiritual do’s and don’ts. Wanting to help or teach people soon presupposes that the other person is ignorant and in need of help. Spiritual healing is exactly the opposite.

What you offer someone as a lightworker is a new perspective in itself. In the way of seeing and being present with the other, a lightworker radiates that the other has the power and insight necessary to change. As a lightworker you internally concentrate on the spark of light in the other, his or her true essence, the wholeness in the other. You don’t focus on their problems, the destructive habits that have grown and the feelings of powerlessness that can be there.

By concentrating on the light in the other, you bring this to shine. If as a lightworker you give something to the other, it is the gift of the right perspective. When you are able to see beyond someone’s pain, fear, anger or self-destructive behavior and perceive the angel of light in their heart, you are giving the other person something very precious. By seeing the true core of the other, you call it forward as it were and invite the other to see himself in the light of his or her true form.

When someone sees your divine core and makes contact with your soul, at a time when you are temporarily unable to do this yourself, it feels to you as if you are being called by your real name. Nothing is more empowering and healing than being called by your own name. It means that someone sees you as you are, in your true nature:

radiant, powerful and sincere. Being able to call on someone by their true name, awakening the essence of someone, is what a lightworker does. You offer the other the right perspective, namely that he or she is a powerful angel instead of a powerless victim.

The miracle of a new birth of the soul

When I was on earth, I sometimes performed miracles in the eyes of people. Some people were cured or seemingly incurable illnesses. What I did was nothing special, nothing superhuman. I made inner contact with someone’s radiant, divine light core. Seeing that spark was enough.

In people who were open to me, there could suddenly be a revelation, a moment in which they fully realized that they were one with God, one with the light of which the whole universe is made. In such a moment a miracle could happen. The god spark in that person itself awoke so strongly that it had a healing influence on his entire mind and body. I didn’t make people better. They did it themselves. It was their own deep self-remembering that made them more powerful both mentally and physically.

Lightwork in the sense referred to above does not always lead to instant healing or physical healing. Spectacular miracles always attract attention, but the miracle can also be spread over time. It often takes a while before someone really opens up to his or her own light, to healing on the level of the soul.

If you are engaged in light work, with consciousness change in any form, it is important not to expect immediate results. let it go. You don’t know exactly which path the other is taking. You don’t know when the time is right for a breakthrough. Actually, it’s none of your business. You only need to concern yourself with yourself. Do what feels right to you, be true to yourself. That’s enough.

As a lightworker you don’t heal or heal anyone. Real healing comes from within. As a lightworker you create a space of openness and non-judgment, in which others can rediscover themselves.

Instead of focusing on the outer problems and helping to solve them, you reach out to the core of a person, his or her soul. You look for the source of strength in the other and encourage the other to feel and trust it themselves. This is the way of the light worker. You assume the greatness and wholeness of the other, not his smallness or helplessness. As soon as you approach people from the level of the soul, you give them the space to take responsibility for their own lives.

Because you do this from an attitude of love and trust, this responsibility will not feel like a burden. It becomes empowering and liberating to take responsibility. When you truly believe in the spiritual power and self-healing ability of someone, you radiate this through your eyes and words. Because you recognize her or his deepest dignity, this also becomes visible and tangible for the other person.

This energy transfer can only take place when you really believe in the other. If you still doubt to some extent whether they can solve their problems on their own, you are affirming their sense of weakness or inferiority rather than their strength.

As a lightworker, you are at your most powerful when you fully rely on other people’s ability to solve their own problems, so when you let go of any suggestion that the other person is dependent on you. In relationships that are close to you, for example with your parents, your child or your love partner, this can be a difficult task.

You sometimes think that giving back responsibility means abandoning the other person. But if you free your relationships from elements of dependence and power, you are still there for the other person.

No longer as a ‘helper’ or ‘rescuer’. You no longer give your energy away and you no longer try to change into that person. You are there as a lightworker for the other if you always keep an eye on their strength and self-healing ability, and do not go along with their negative self-images.

Even when you don’t say anything, you will be able to touch something in the other through your appearance. You offer the other an open space, the opportunity to see themselves in a new and wider perspective. Whether this person will also use that space is his or her choice.

Letting go of the other person’s suffering

I know it is very difficult for many of you to see others suffer, especially if they are your loved ones. It then seems impossible to stop ‘helping’ them, to let them go and put your energy into something else.

But take a moment for yourself to consider whether you are really helping them by suffering with them and seeing them as someone to care for. If people have become dependent on your energy to feel good, how will they become motivated to take responsibility for themselves and believe in their own strength? Viewed from the level of the soul, you amplify their weakness instead of their true, inner strength. Ultimately, this will affect both of you negatively.

Being a lightworker means connecting with another soul to soul. At a soul level everyone is equal and no one is further than the other.

You are all a spark of oneness, of God. On a human level, it may seem that one person is more educated or wiser than another. From the perspective of the soul, this kind of judgment is meaningless. Each soul makes a unique journey through the infinite universe, continuously experiencing new cycles of experience and growth.

It is possible that you are currently assisting someone who is suffering from severe emotional trauma caused by difficult circumstances in that person’s life. Perhaps you are now an angel of healing for that person. But if that person has regained his strength later, it is quite possible that through what he radiates he becomes a lightworker for you. In general, every person can show you wisdom and compassion at unexpected moments, which surprise and touch you deeply. 

To find your way as a lightworker, it is important to always remember that you are equal to others at the soul level. It is essential to recognize your own humanity and to know that all people are in the same boat. You may hold onto others by offering them a space of light and compassion, but that doesn’t make you ‘further’ or ‘higher’ than they are. Do not identify yourself with being a lightworker.

If you feel within yourself the desire to help people discover their true inner strength, then follow your passion, your heart, and do what you love to do. Lightwork can take many forms; it is certainly not limited to offering therapy. In general, if you do what you love, you inspire others to do the same.

What you do with heart and soul gives you a sense of oneness with the god spark in your heart. This radiates joy and inspiration and it will automatically lead you to the right job, relationship or place to live. Living from your heart is actually very simple. It’s about trusting what your heart tells you and living and acting accordingly.

What characterizes the path of the lightworker is not so much that you ‘help other people’, as that you dare to live from surrender to the heart. Your light then naturally radiates outwards. You don’t have to bother with the question ‘how to spread light in the world’. You don’t have to try to be ‘good’ and ‘helpful’. be yourself. Live from your own soul, your own inspiration, that’s what makes the world better.


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