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The “Wild” Crystal Women by Jennifer Hoffman

Recently I wrote about the “Wild” Indigo Women. So many of you express your appreciation for this message because it helped you understand your difficult life. Knowing that your goal was to create the chaos and drama you created to bring more compassion and acceptance to the world decreases the sharpness of the pain you struggled with.

I have also had such conversations with Crystal women who did not understand why she struggled so much while feeling so much compassion and love for others. They felt ignored and unsuccessful as their work takes place in silence. But the mature Crystal women also possess the Wild woman energy. Like the indigos, you came to introduce a tremendous change. And in this process you have been rejected, betrayed and at times almost emotionally destroyed.

Adult Crystals, forty years and older, came here to bring the energy of compassion, joy and acceptance to a world driven by discord, separation, condemnation and pain. You came to heal these energies by setting an example for others and to hold the energetic space for them. And you have suffered a lot.

Many of you took on the task of healing the energies of soul groups. Some did this in families and suffered from abuse and trauma, or were the parents of your parents, sisters and brothers.

Some did this on a global level by becoming modern martyrs, introducing new ideas of compassion and being killed by those with fear of change and lack of power. Others chose to embody the tragedy in the form of chronic illnesses and other physical problems to ensure awareness among the medical community. This would lead to new discoveries for healing.

Whichever path you chose, the goal was to shine the healing of humanity through your light, which you selflessly gave to the world that needed it, but was not quite ready to accept it.

I feel your sorrow and pain, because you truly want to heal the world. You have not failed in your work. The lesson you had to learn was that of accepting the paths of others and with it their will to heal or not.

It is also time for you to reunite with your spark, to share your gifts with others. And to remember that the wild woman in you knows that by experiencing your own joy, you bring the most joy to others.


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