The wonderful world of vibrations

The wonderful world of vibrations

At the level of quantum physics, the world we live in, and everything in it, is nothing more than vibrating energy. You and I also consist essentially of energy. And each of us vibrates at a certain frequency in this field of energy.

The combination of your beliefs, thinking patterns, feelings, statements, and actions (in short, the state of your consciousness) determines how low or how high the frequency is at which you vibrate.

High and low frequencies

When your thinking, speaking, and acting mainly result from conditioning and socialization, alias from what you have been taught by society and its dominant systems (religion, media, pharmaceutical industry, politics, education…), then you are more likely to emit a low frequency.

When, on the other hand, your thinking, speaking, and acting are increasingly aligned with the true nature of who you are and you are no longer fearful, limited, and dominated by the laws of the world, but instead come to live in alignment with the universal laws, you will be transmitting a higher and higher frequency.

The greater the awareness of your true nature, the higher your frequency. The smaller the awareness of your true nature, the lower your frequency.

The wonderful world of vibrations

Different per country

In a country like the USA, the majority of the population vibrates at a low frequency. Many people are still unaware of their true nature. They have come to see the truth of society as their own.

So if you don’t feel well in a country like the USA, but you do feel good abroad, for example, it could be related to this. I know that in my case this played a part in my choice to live abroad most of the time.

Influenced by your ambient frequency

Lately, I have been able to keep my consciousness high in Belgium as well. But that was not the case for a long time. Whenever I returned to Belgium after a period abroad, I fell back into old habits and behaviors after just a few weeks, days, or hours.

Habits such as thinking, talking, and acting in terms of shortage (because OMG there is a fear of money in Belgium!). Joining in gossip and judging, worrying about what’s on the news or in the paper… and so on. I was drawn into the unconscious again and again. Until I started to recognize the dynamics.

Being the difference yourself

The wonderful world of vibrations

Instead of being pulled down by the low vibrations that surround me, I now consciously try to keep my own vibration high. This automatically increases the ambient frequency.

Your state of consciousness is like a ripple in the ocean. In the ocean, high waves pull the surrounding water up with them. Just as you are in a heightened state of consciousness lift the people around you energetically.

Whirlpools or rip currents will drag the surrounding water into the depths. Just like you can feel energetically pulled down in the presence of people who go through life unconsciously.

We will look together at how we can contribute to a new society through our own awareness every day. To a society that is not driven by fear, separation, and scarcity. In which the egos no longer triumph, but more and more people live from their true core. In which it is no longer every man for himself, but the connection and the greater whole come first. You are most welcome to come and connect and deepen.


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