Thursday, October 6, 2022
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The world goes on at school

Months ago I watched ” the world keeps spinning “, where they show remarkable, but above all funny TV moments under the heading “the TV keeps spinning”. They showed a boy of about 10 years old who was jokingly referred to as “old goat wool socks professor” or something. This boy attended a free primary school and explained how they learn there.

He told that you could choose what you wanted to learn there and he was asked how that went.

Well, said the boy (unfortunately I can’t remember his name), that’s very nice, just maybe that’s not so smart for the five and six year olds, they might be able to, and he rubbed his chin, better GE first. – FEELING learning. It took his time expressing feelings.

Learning about feelings, in primary school!!!!

I could scream for joy that such a wise boy showed us what is really important, and at the same time I was so sorry that Mathijs van Nieuwkerk and his followers did not realize how incredibly wise this ‘child’ was.

Hats off to this young teacher.


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