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There’s even more to the core


dungeonI have long suspected that I had some important life themes, which involved being imprisoned, persecuted, tortured, condemned and suffering through injustice, power, persecution and control. But I had no idea how far back they go and how much I’ve let them affect my life,

until my recent health problems forced me to look deep within myself and look for clues to these themes. For the last three years I have also noticed this tendency in sessions with clients, because I can always trace life problems back to past life traumas and I can show them how to achieve healing by going to this often hard-to-reach core, because Past life themes are usually linked to difficult and disempowering life problems.

In my case, and I won’t go into much detail, the short version is about a life in which I was in a French dungeon, chained to the wall by my political beliefs. In another life, resembling a life in ancient Sumer,

I was a powerful teacher, enslaved by those to whom he was to teach, and persecuted, imprisoned, and finally executed for refusing to remain silent about her beliefs. In both lives the person (myself) was chained by the ankles and died by drowning, both powerful karmic themes for me today.

In both lives I have gone from anger to despair, in my situation. Struggling was in vain, escaping was impossible, and in a recent insight I realized that the only way I knew to escape prison was to die, and that almost happened with my current health problem. But there must be another option, and that’s why I’m still here.

The core was revealed, and that was a situation that has recurred around ankle injuries (my ankles are painfully swollen and hurt), being chained up or ‘imprisoned’ or paralyzed (I have difficulty walking and am very tired as I recover) , and water (this week the sewer in my basement leaked). So now I have the scenario, so it’s time to create another solution,

the Wheel of Life from Tibetan Buddhism
the Wheel of Life from Tibetan Buddhism in which, among other things, karma and rebirth are discussed

If you feel a connection with any of this, powerful healing is available to you once you are able to identify the karmic cycle and create new options for your life. What is the core theme of a karmic cycle? It’s that which keeps repeating itself, and maybe it looks different every time, but it’s the same kind of situation.

Why is it important? Because it is the reason for your life now, to experience it and create a different outcome. How do you deal with it? Until you are aware of it, you do the same thing over and over again, unaware of what is happening and without seeing the repetition in it. With awareness you can see the pattern in it, and create multiple solutions, and have the courage to apply at least one of them.

But there is a reason for all this (isn’t there always a reason?), and it has to do with ascension, transformation, transition, and new beginnings. As Jesus said, “You cannot pour new wine into old vessels,” and I don’t think he was talking about alcoholic beverages. If we are the ‘new wine’,

we cannot step into our new paradigm and still carry our old beliefs, habits, energies, frequencies and karmic patterns. How much karmic baggage do you think you can carry through the eye of the needle in your life (the bridge between 3D and the higher dimensions)?

What do we do to release our luggage? We get to what we think is the core, and reveal that truth.

Then we dig a little deeper to find the greater truth, that truth that shows us the connection between every situation, relationship, person, belief and event that we have experienced in our lives, revealing the hidden past lives they are linked to, and see how we have built and adapted our lives to re-create it.

And when we are not willing to see, we still get a strong impulse in the form of a life event that forces us to really look deeper and explore those areas, until we are willing to be ourselves in all our aspects. , history and energy so that we know exactly what it takes to bring us back to wholeness.

shiningIt is a journey from healing to being whole and whatever is in our core prevents us from being ‘whole’. Karmic cycles are energy suckers that use our energy, limiting our ability to expand into higher aspects and release the density,

necessary to reach new frequencies, and move into higher dimensions. In our karma lies how we have experienced 3D energy, which now burdens our souls with pain and fear. The ballast must be discarded, like the ballast of a hot air balloon, which is thrown out to make the balloon rise.

The choice is ours, either stay on the ground or ascend, to remain in a karmic cycle, or lay a new path. There’s no better time than now to do this kind of work, because the whole universe encourages us to get it done. It’s your time and your turning point, are you willing to let go of some ballast and take off?


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