These are the three karmic life lessons you can experience

These are the three karmic life lessons you can experience

Until our twenty-eighth year of life, everything in our lives is directed so that the laws of karma can fully take effect. The people you meet and the situation you unconsciously create make it possible for all kinds of karmically determined events, and thus intended life lessons, to come into effect. From the age of twenty-eight, the great karmic drama really begins to unfold.

What is the karmic drama?

When the karmic drama begins to unfold, situations slowly begin to escalate. Friction with other people will come to light and you will no longer repress it. You will also be confronted with all kinds of challenges, and sometimes painful, situations that make it clear who you actually are. The action of the great karmic drama usually lasts until we are forty-nine years old. Then we enter a whole new phase of life.

If the lessons have been learned well, you will enter a freer phase of life from the age of forty-nine. You can now show that the lessons have really been learned and that you are able to put them into practice. When we have learned our karmic lessons, this period is thus dominated by growing wisdom, increasing disinterested attention to others, and an ever purer and more intense sense of reality.

The three most important karmic lessons of life

These are the three karmic life lessons you can experience

A number of clear patterns play a role in the great karmic drama of our time. Each age presents us with its own karmic lessons associated with that age. So one time, these are very different lessons than another time. For our present time, there are at least three lessons. Almost everyone has to deal with these three lessons. It is therefore important to examine where in our own lives we are or have come to deal with these lessons. In this way, we gain more insight into our own karma and we can look at ourselves as honestly as possible. We explain the three lessons below.

Lesson 1: Confronting Past Life Relationships

First of all, in this time and in this life we ​​will be confronted with all those relationships from past lives in which there is not yet equality and mutual respect, but power. Anyone who in previous lives showed that he or she did not yet master this lesson sufficiently, will in this life have to deal with situations and events that help him or her with this.

As a result, we are ultimately able to stop all kinds of power games, with which we humans manipulate each other and we can finally make a start in really all relationships based on equality. This is possible if you do not start from fear and uncertainty, and therefore from power, but from your own inner strength.

Lesson 2: Learning to Make a Sacrifice

The second lesson that is required of us is to learn to make a sacrifice. That is, we finally learn, even if only occasionally, to overcome our ego to do something that may not help ourselves, but will help the other person. Self-interest thus makes way for the interest of the other. We must therefore learn that lesson in our time because this victory over our ego is necessary to reveal our higher self.

Our time is the time when this deeper power in us may come to light and in which we can all show through our actions that we are really ready for this birth of the higher self. And how can we do that better than by showing that, where a sacrifice is required of us in life, we are also capable and willing to make that sacrifice?

Lesson 3: Dare to stand on your own two feet

The third lesson that is presented to us at this time, insofar as we have not yet learned to master it in past lives, is this: dare to stand on your own two feet, and do not (any longer) hide behind the broad back of another. That independence is necessary to learn to listen to what the higher self is saying to us, so it is necessary to find the way in.

Because anyone who is not independent, and therefore dependent on (the judgment of) another, listens to that other, and not to his own inner self. That is why independence is so necessary in our time. For whoever cannot yet listen to one’s own higher self, cannot bring this to light inwardly either. For this lesson, it is, therefore, necessary to no longer make yourself dependent on another person but to dare to live from your own strength.

These are the three karmic life lessons you can experience

The question arising from the karmic lessons

So the question that arises from the above lessons is: where do you recognize these lessons in your own life? And which lesson is it most important to you? Have you experienced and learned that lesson of the sacrifice? And/or should you learn to give up power games, or should you learn to be less dependent on others?


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