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This energetic imbalance can contribute to your anxiety & allergies

Disease in the physical body begins with a disturbance in the subtle body . The first energy center that the subtle body develops is the root chakra. Thus, it is the foundation upon which all other chakras are built.

The carrot is all about safety and survival, which is essential for every healthy, prosperous life. That is why it is important that we create stability in the root before we can express ourselves through the other chakras in a harmonious and authentic way.

First some background information about the root chakra and its relationship to the body.

We form the root chakra from birth until we are 7 years old. An imbalance at the root usually stems from unconscious fears about safety. Ultimately, this energy can manifest as physical or mental illness, especially if in parts of our lives we don’t feel it’s safe to be authentic .

Exploring the root chakra in my practice has helped many of my clients understand why they are prone to certain health aids. Physical states associated with the root are usually the result of confusion about what is safe and what is not. An example: if someone has anxiety symptoms without a clearly identifiable source, their body gives them physiological signals that they are not safe, a signal that there is work to be done in the root.root chakra

The immune system is one of the best defenses of the physical body, so an imbalance in the root chakra can also contribute to a disrupted immune system. Allergies and autoimmune diseases are physiological expressions of an immune system that doesn’t quite understand what is harmful and what is not. Rather than limiting its activities to attacking outside invaders, such as bacteria and viruses entering the body, the immune system responds to everything in the environment — or, in the case of an autoimmune disease, to the body itself.

While you can improve all of these health issues by making lifestyle changes or by taking nutritional supplements and medications, exploring and supporting the root chakra is essential for lasting healing.

We depend on our primary caregivers for our first seven years of life to survive, so healthy root chakra development depends on caregivers understanding what we need. Growing up in a loving environment helps children to rely on their ability to survive in the world and to develop secure patterns of connection. But even the most loving and sensitive of parents cannot provide for their child’s needs at all times.root chakra

For example, an authentic need of a toddler may be her preference of apple juice over orange juice. One morning the apple juice at the coffee shop is sold out, so the parent gives her orange juice. If the toddler then throws a tantrum in an environment full of people to express that their wish is unfulfilled, the parent begins to feel ashamed and frustrated.

During this early stage of life, children are very sensitive to the feelings and energies of others, so the toddler can sense and respond to the frustration of the parents by suppressing their needs, thus strengthening their secure connection. Some version of this story has occurred to each of us when we were young children; in this way we learned to suppress our less crucial (but authentic) needs or wishes,

While these repressions may seem insignificant in retrospect, they did plant the theme of sacrificing authenticity in exchange for bonding in the root chakra. The early suppressions that take place while the root chakra is forming can reinforce the misconception that it is unsafe to be yourself. As we grow up, it spins a web in all areas of our lives and we sacrifice our true wishes, feelings, thoughts and expressions in an effort to gain love and social acceptance.

root chakra

The misunderstanding that it is not safe to express yourself authentically is the basis for illnesses in the physical and subtle bodies.

Healing the root chakra is a process in which you work through your fears and learn to trust that it is safe to be who you really are.

It’s about:

(1) exploring unconscious fears about survival;

(2) learn that it is safe to be authentic ;

(3) removing other people’s beliefs , emotions and energies from your field;

and (4) trusting yourself and the process of life, even when you are afraid.

Four exercises that can help you start healing your base chakra:

Mountain Pose
The Mountain Pose (mountain pose) hatha yoga

Mount Pose

Take the mountain pose barefoot on the grass (if possible). Take the time to get into your pose and focus on the feel of your feet against the floor. Lift and spread your toes and the balls of your foot, then lower them back down. Rock back and forth on the soles of your feet, looking for the point where your weight feels balanced. Then release your knees and tighten your legs for a strong foundation. Only when your foundation feels solid do you tighten your stomach, then open your chest, relax your shoulder blades and imagine the crown of your head stretching out into the air. Hold this pose for three minutes.

Write it down!

inspirationTake some time to write about your fears . Write down where they came from and how they influenced your life. What would be different in your life if you didn’t have these fears?

inner child exercise

Close your eyes and imagine yourself as a young child under 7. Imagine that your current self is holding the child version of yourself. Silently whisper the following sentences in his/her ear:

  • You are safe as you are.
  • You are loved as you are.
  • It’s safe to be yourself.
  • It’s safe to trust yourself.
  • I will always love you.

Hold the child version of yourself firmly and then visualize his/her body merging with your current body.

Visualize: Imagine your roots.Discharge

Grounding - this is it, and this is how you do itClose your eyes and visualize the roots of a tree growing from the bottom of your spine to the core of the earth. Imagine that all the energy in your body and your field that is not your authentic energy is being sucked into the earth through those roots. Don’t worry about who owns that energy. Just let it get sucked out of your body. When you feel it completed, visualize yourself chopping the roots of the tree from your body.


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