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This grounding ritual helps sky constellations get out of their heads

With astrological zodiac signs, it can be of great help to know the element associated with each sign. Sky constellations, for example, are fickle and sporadic. Where constellations of earth and water are in a sense much more connected to the Earth, sky constellations are much more, well, in the sky and in their own heads.

In an interview, Gabriela Herstik, author of Inner Witch and Bewitching the Elements , explains what rituals you can perform as an air constellation to get out of your head for a while. Herstik is an Aquarius herself, so she’s very familiar with the need for some grounding.

This is how sky constellations work

“Air represents our ability to process and communicate information,” Herstik says. “So it seems logical to me that for sky constellations there is often an imbalance, which often makes them very much in their heads.”

Thanks to this floaty nature, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are creative, original and quick to understand. They are logical and love to think about concepts and ideas. But if they get out of balance, that reasoning quality of sky constellations is precisely the reason they lose touch with their emotions and body.

sky constellations massage
Massage is also a good way to get into your body

The power of the breath

All that intellect and conceptualization often gives sky constellations a somewhat visionary quality, but analyzing too much can be extremely strenuous. That’s why Herstik recommends a breathing exercise to practice listening to your body and staying grounded in the here and now.

“If sky-constellations want to find balance, they can work with the breath, pranayama . By working with the breath regularly, you connect the mind with the body, and they become integrated. For me it has been transformative,” she says. “That, and by being very present in the moment, by not losing yourself in worrying about the future. Constantly thinking about the future is a clear sign of an air imbalance.”

“It doesn’t have to be a complicated breathing exercise, by the way,” Herstik says. “Holding your breath for a few minutes for three or four seconds, maybe 10 or 20 times, is enough to bring your mind back a little bit back to your body.”

Bringing out thoughts

And if your thoughts are racing by at high speed, Herstik has another exercise for all you overthinking sky constellations: get your thoughts out by writing them down.

“You can write a letter, or a poem,” she says. “Or you can just write off the cuff and put whatever comes into your head on paper.”

sky constellations

The idea behind this writing style, Herstik explains, is that by getting all your thoughts out of your head and into the physical world, they gain a new tangibility that makes them much less intrusive. And once you’ve written them down? “Tear it up and set it on fire,” Herstik says. “Then you work with fire, a complementary element for air. It also releases all those thoughts – especially if you found yourself getting quite fixed on a particular thought.”

It is important to take some time each day to worship ourselves. For sky constellations, that’s by taking the chance to relax your mind, check in on your body and breath, and put your thoughts down on paper. This will make you feel a lot more at ease.


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