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This is how I help heal myself and the world


The world as I now experience it is full of confusion, deep misery and appalling suffering. Think of the wars between and within nations and the oppressive regimes in the world. Think of parts of the earth becoming unlivable due to climate change.

All this makes me feel desperate, because I don’t think there’s much I can do about it. It is beyond me, no one has asked me anything, I cannot change the suffering of the whole world.

Or is it different?

Me and you

Martin Luther King would disagree with my impotent thought above. He saw that all life is connected and that I am therefore part of the chaos in the world, but I can also be part of the healing. He assumed a divine loving presence that connects all life. In which we can heal each other instead of injuring each other. In which there is no room for ‘us against them’ or ‘I against you’, but only for an equal ‘me and you’. That is why Martin Luther King chose nonviolence in thought, word and deed. And yes, from all the chaos in the world it appears that his work and therefore also my work is far from finished.

My little violence

Because of negative life contacts and experiences I can sometimes react suspiciously, judgmental, defensive or aggressive towards others, but also towards myself. You could say like an average global citizen with too little attention, care and dedication to the world and the people around me. My little violence in judging, indifference, hurtful jokes, contempt, pressure and manipulation hurts and makes cold and indifferent. It is a base and legitimacy for greater violence and border crossings.

Listen and pronounce

I can really take responsibility for my minor violence and do something about it myself, thereby alleviating the suffering, chaos and disorientation in the world. By a loving presence and setting myself up as a neighbor to my fellow man. By developing an attentive mind and an empathetic heart. By not silencing the suffering of others, but openly taking a stand in it. By listening, not judging, speaking out and staying in conversation with everyone.
This requires continuous training so that I gain insight into my feelings and awareness.

With this I can work every day and in every situation, awaken my soul, increase my consciousness and align my actions with healing of myself and the world.


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