This is how you balance your hormones through Ayurveda

This is how you balance your hormones through Ayurveda

We all know, those moods in which we are tired, irritated, or easily distracted. We are prone to blame our hormones for this at times. And that is of course not for nothing, because hormones often play a major role in this. But what exactly are hormones? Why are these sometimes out of balance and how can you get them back in balance? Ayurveda can be a great solution. How exactly does this work? You can read all about it in this article!


Hormones are chemical messengers that your body produces through the glands (thyroid, pancreas, ovaries, etc.). These hormones have a major impact on many basic processes in your body – whether it’s regulating your appetite or influencing your reproductive system. Hormones influence your mood, your weight, your sleeping pattern and so on. If your hormones are out of balance, it can have major consequences. It can be overweight, diabetes and more conditions and diseases.


This is how you balance your hormones through Ayurveda

What is Ayurveda? This is a holistic health system and traditional medicine over 5,000 years old that originated in India. Literally, Ayurveda means ‘the science or art of living’. In this traditional system, you learn how to live a healthy life. In the Ayurvedic tradition, hormones are looked at in a different way than in modern medicine: hormones are not chemically classified but are categorized by function, for example, digestion or reproduction.

Ayurveda and Hormones

According to Ayurvedic guidelines, it is about general balance. If you have knowledge of Ayurveda and of your body, you can intuitively learn how to prevent or remedy certain ailments that you experience.

Ayurveda should not be seen as a quick solution. It is not a pill that ensures that you are quickly back in balance and that is, of course, something different from what we are used to in the western world: everything has to be ‘fast’, ‘now’, and ‘with immediate results.

Instead of treating the symptoms when you are already sick or if your hormones are totally out of balance, Ayurvedic knowledge can help you recognize certain signals ahead of time and react that way. Prevention is better than cure.

For example, if you are overweight because your hormones are out of balance and you want to lose weight, the Ayurvedic approach is one of the few long-term solutions. By really learning to listen to your body and taking the time to balance your hormones by learning new habits you will lose weight naturally and you will never have to go on a diet again.

Life in balance

This is how you balance your hormones through Ayurveda

To regulate and balance your hormones, you need to balance your life. So these are not just your hormones, but your mind, body, and soul. Hormones that are ‘out of balance’ really only react to the experiences you have: your relationships, your emotions, your thoughts, and your environment.

In the western world, a solution is quickly devised to improve your life. You go to a therapist, in a certain sport, you take medication or, for example, a contraceptive pill. In many cases, these are just short-term solutions made from the mind. Usually, these are also solutions that are given ‘from the outside’, while you can learn the most by simply listening better to your body. Your body can tell you exactly what is going on.

What you can do

Easier said than done perhaps because we weren’t taught how to listen to our bodies in school. But luckily you are never too old to learn it.

This is how you balance your hormones through Ayurveda

What can you do about this? Start doing self-examination. Look at your attitude and lifestyle and explore different themes in your lifeThink of food, relationships, family, love, exercise, sleep, relaxation, and work. Create clarity and see where you are relaxed or what causes you stress and costs energy. Write this down and write it down in a book.

You can explore the themes where you feel out of balance. Returning to nature is a good pillar here. For example, following the circadian (biological) rhythm to restore your sleep, your eating pattern, and breathing, while at the same time reducing the overload of stimuli (especially from technology and the ‘blue light’) and taking in sufficient daylight. So ask yourself: what, how, and when do I eat? What could I replace? Choose unprocessed food, eat more than 400 grams of vegetables daily, use fresh herbs and spices and eat and live in the rhythm of nature.

Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, but that from Ayurveda you learn to see and understand yourself as the complex being that you are in an increasingly rapidly changing world. Take the time to stand still and build in daily rest and time to meditate, to be with yourself to feel and “hear” your body.

Nature is always looking for balance and so is your body. Be sweet and gentle to it and give it the attention it deserves, then you will see that there is also that balance within you that you so long for.


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