This is how you get into the rhythm of autumn according to Chinese Medicine

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How do you deal with autumn in your life? Looking at the seasons, it’s easy to imagine that fall is the season most closely associated with themes of letting go, grieving and loss.

The autumn

Autumn is a time to let go. The old form has had its day. The leaf falls. The tree becomes bare. Life retreats to the roots. Autumn means: letting go of the old. This is a stage in life where you have to say goodbye to what was familiar. Whenever it’s time for a new cycle, life goes through a sort of fall. The old way of thinking or acting has had its day. What was once useful and bearing fruit must now be released and given back to the Source of life.

In nature, this happens every autumn. The old that is released is a source of nourishment for the new that is yet to come. Letting go is final. Once a leaf has fallen, it cannot be returned to the tree. It will fall and become part of the breeding ground for new life.

Disrupting factors and the physical consequences

Known factors that can disrupt the metallic element are: sadness, major changes and harmful external influences (such as cold, moisture, wind, viruses and bacteria). The emotions associated with this element are not a problem in themselves, but if they last too long, are too intense or are suppressed, they invade as it were and express themselves preferentially in the organs and systems associated with the element. metal element are connected.

The result may be that your skin, your large intestine, your lungs or your immune system will function less well or even cause problems. These organs and systems are all connected with the metallic element.

Dealing with crisis and difficulty letting go

Many people have trouble with change. Letting go of someone you love is sad. Letting go of old grips creates fear. If you lose your job or health, you lose security, your footing. This is not only insecure or anxious, but also sad. Sorrow, mourning and loss of old certainties burden the metallic element when associated emotions are locked in.

Many people tend to ‘fight through’, be brave and strong. But mourning essentially asks for the movement of autumn: into the silence, into the void. Back to the root. It requires a way through the feelings! The tendency to hide, trap, or avoid feelings can lead to disruption in the metallic element.

Help yourself or someone else through it

But how do you help someone (or yourself) through that? The metal element requires deepening, clarification. What has the old brought you? What is/was precious? And what remains, even if the old is no longer there?

Find people who can listen with their hearts right now, without immediately wanting to comfort you, give you advice or solve anything, so that your feelings can come out and the deeper wisdom that lies within and underneath can surface.

That’s what the metal element is all about. When we have the courage to really go through our emotions in times of crisis, when we have to let go of something we hold dear, we not only stay in better health, but we also develop clarity, wisdom, inner freedom and strength.autumn

This is how you take good care of yourself during the fall

  • Do mindful breathing and movement exercises like this one: on the exhale, make yourself completely small and squeeze all the breath out to the last bit. Then when the inhalation comes, open your arms and chest wide and drink in life. Do this at least 5 times.
  • Sit quietly and meditate on your breath. Don’t try to direct it, but be the spectator. Think ‘receive’ on the inhale and ‘surrender’, ‘release’ or ‘trust’ on the exhale.
  • Ask for help with processing your grief or with the transformation process you are in.
  • Ensure optimal intestinal flora. Use 1-2 tablespoons of Molkosan every day for 4-6 weeks, for example with some apple juice. This is especially recommended if you have had a course of antibiotics, as such a course usually also destroys the useful bacteria. Good intestinal flora is of the utmost importance for a healthy immune system and healthy skin. Consult a naturopathic therapist for support if necessary.
  • Nutrition: Use food that is rich in vegetables and vital substances; freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices, seedlings such as alfalfa or bean sprouts, preferably no regular milk. Yogurt is okay. Spicy spicy foods activate the lungs, but when they are very weak, it is better to avoid this. A lot of spicy spicy food puts a strain on the energy of the lungs and large intestine.
  • If you suffer from eczema or other skin complaints, you could consider a cleansing course. If you have no experience with this, it is best to do so under the guidance of a naturopathic therapist.


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