This is how you get into the rhythm of autumn (+ 10 tips to celebrate Mabon)

This is how you get into the rhythm of autumn (+ 10 tips to celebrate Mabon)

Tuesday, September 22 at 3.30 pm will be the transition from summer to autumn, also known as the autumnal equinox or Mabon. It is the time of the last harvests. Mabon is also called autumn festival or last harvest festival. Mabon falls in the time when nature begins to withdraw its vigor, the time when leaves begin to discolor and fall. Symbolically, you can translate that into Mabon as the time to take it easy, waste less energy and think about the changes that are taking place or that you still want to achieve, what you still want to harvest while you still can. Here are a few examples of how you can celebrate Mabon.

10 ways to Celebrate Mabon

1. Find balance

On Mabon, there is balance because day and night have the same length. You can bring the theme of balance back into your ceremony or ritual in various ways. Make a list of all your dark and light sides. Place a scale on the altar. Do a ritual where you literally switch from the light half of the year to the dark half of the year. Place a white and a black ribbon in the middle of the circle next to each other and divide your circle into a light and dark half. Now step very consciously from the light half into the dark half.

2. Have a pot-luck abundance party

This is how you get into the rhythm of autumn (+ 10 tips to celebrate Mabon)

It is the time of harvest and abundance! So invite family and friends over for a lavish meal to end summer and welcome fall.

Celebrate this time of plenty with a lavish meal. By turning it into a pot-luck meal, you also give it the power of sharing. Pot-Luck means that everyone brings something to eat and drink so that there is a lot together. This way you can create a very abundant meal at a fairly low cost. Ask everyone to prepare the food with seasonal vegetables and bring it in nice dishes. The eye also wants something and this way you not only make a tasty meal but also a beautiful meal.

3. Harvest what is ripe

The symbol of Mabon is the apple. Mabon is the time of the apple harvest. You can often pick your own apples at an apple orchard at this time of year.
Apples are the symbol of wisdom and magic. Pick your own apples and perform apple magic:

  • Cut an apple into 9 pieces. Each piece represents certain wisdom that you want to acquire. Now eat the pieces and thus absorb the wisdom.
  • Peel an apple in 1 piece. Make a wish while tossing the peel over your left shoulder.
  • Slice an apple horizontally while saying aloud what you are thankful for. You can see that the core has the shape of a pentagram. Take out the seeds and place them on your altar so that what you are thankful for will be protected.
  • Cut an apple in 2 halves and share it with a loved one to create a connection.

4. Do a gratitude ritual

Gratitude is also one of Mabon’s great themes. Usually, we tend to take for granted what we all have, but consider what you are grateful for? Make sure you cannot be disturbed, turn off your phone (or on silent), turn off your laptop, and really take some time for yourself to meditate.

Turn on quiet background music, dim the lights, light candles and burn some incense. Sit back, close your eyes and place your hands on your heart. Think about what you are grateful for and speak it out loud with conviction and feeling to consciously make it known in the other layers. When you express gratitude, you also get gratitude in return! That is the law of reciprocity in magic.

5. Honor your dark side

Without the dark, there is no light. We focus more on our bright and bright side than on our dark side. Now that the dark half of the year is entering, it is a great time to look at that dark side because there are also really positive sides to this dark side. Try mirror magic, dare to look at yourself in the mirror and see the other side of you. Name that other side and its positivity.

6. Celebrate Autumn!

This is how you get into the rhythm of autumn (+ 10 tips to celebrate Mabon)

Mabon heralds the autumn season! As far as I’m concerned, the most beautiful time of the year, with all the colors. Go outside and smell the fall, see the beautiful colors, try to find leaves in all colors of the rainbow, kick through piles of leaves, pick up chestnuts, acorns, hazelnuts, and other nuts, pick blackberries, and do other autumn activities. Take all your autumn treasures with you to put on your Mabon altar or a family altar and give your home that cheerful autumn atmosphere.

7. Tell stories

In many cultures, this was the time of gatherings and celebrations. The harvest had been gathered and the harvest was shared. When you worked elsewhere you could now go home because the work on the land was finished. At meetings and celebrations, stories were always told, especially when you had been away for a long time you were of course full of stories. But nowadays we don’t do that much anymore.
Sit down old-fashioned to tell each other stories and feel what that does to you! How friendly and cozy that actually is.

8. Boost your energy

With Mabon, the energy changes from light and active energy to a more introverted, resigned, withdrawn energy. It is the time to rest and regain strength. Gain energy instead of sending it out.

Do a ritual of consciously withdrawing the openness and outgoing appearance you have taken on during summer time to get ready for winter time, just as nature begins to retreat. You can do that through a  tree meditation, for example. Or picture it (from spreading your arms to your arms crossed over your chest)

9. Winterize your home and fireplace

This is how you get into the rhythm of autumn (+ 10 tips to celebrate Mabon)

With the onset of autumn, the time when we will increasingly be indoors will also begin. It gets too cold for outdoor activities and we much prefer to spend our time indoors, where it is warm and cozy. Winterizing also includes clearing out what is no longer applicable, cleaning, and purifying.

Take your time for a  home cleansing, a personal cleansing, recharge your amulets and other protectors, make it cozy and hang up autumn decorations and decorate with protective symbols. Hang a wreath on the front door and branches with beautiful decorations in front of the window. You can easily ‘transform’ a lot of decoration into amulets and talismans without others noticing it right away!

10. Let go of what no longer serves

Nature lets go of the green Leaves fall and this is the time to let go. As a witch, this is the perfect time for release rituals. The most famous release ritual is writing down what you want to get rid of and burning the note in a cauldron. But you could also float the note in running water. You can even fold a boat out of it.

Or make it into a plane and let it float away. Make it a kite. Write it down on leaves and let it rot on the ground along with other leaves. Bury it. Or even let go of the writing and project what you want to let go into the leaves. If you want to symbolize letting go, you could also take a branch with still green leaves and pick the leaves off while saying what you want to let go.


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