This is how you get into the rhythm of spring according to Chinese Medicine

This is how you get into the rhythm of spring according to Chinese Medicine

Nature is in abundance. Spring is also known as the wood element according to Chinese Medicine. In this article, you can read more about the five elements of Chinese Medicine, how to keep your wood element healthy and balanced during the spring, and tips to strengthen your yang energy.

Chinese Medicine: The Five Elements

We live with the rhythm of the day (yang) and night (yin). The night (yin) always reverts to the morning and the morning slowly moves to the afternoon (yang). At all levels of existence, there is a natural rhythm in which the male and female archetypes merge. This is how the night (yin) turns into the morning and the afternoon (yang). Then the movement continues to dominate the yin, towards evening and night.

This is how you get into the rhythm of spring according to Chinese Medicine

The seasons follow the same principle of predominantly yin, to equilibrium, and then again predominantly yang. In addition and within that we know the seasons of our own life with infancy, youth, adulthood, and old age.

Seasons and Five Elements

Spring: wood, yin moves to yang, morning and youth
Summer: fire, yang, afternoon, mature
Indian summer: earth, neutral, afternoon and midlife
Autumn: metal, yang moves to yin, evening, fall, and old age
Winter: water, yin, night, death

The above rhythms are time-bound. In addition, there are also periods in everyone’s life that are related to the seasons. Such a period or phase is independent of season, time of day, or age. Depending on the lessons you learn from the phases of life you go through, you grow in awareness, authenticity, inner strength, and freedom.

The wood element

The element of wood is associated with spring. Spring represents morning, youth, and new beginnings. The associated color is green. You have a strong urge to develop, discover and grow. It’s time to transition from yin to yang energy. The hibernation is over and nature is waking up again. Lettuce seeds develop into a head of lettuce and the seed of an apple grows into a large apple tree.

The wood element is the force that makes life move forward. The power that brings growth and change. The spring resonates with the liver and gallbladder energy and therefore a loaded wood element will result in loaded energy of the liver and gallbladder. This can make you more likely to be angry, irritable, or depressed.

This is how you get into the rhythm of spring according to Chinese Medicine

Disturbances in the wood element

Frustration and stagnation are the main causes of disturbances in the wood element. When life cannot flow as it wants, it creates problems. The liver and gallbladder are connected to the solar plexus center. This energy center represents the I, the willpower, and the ego and reacts strongly to emotions.

In nature, things take their natural course. Everything has its time and nothing is forced. Stress arises when you force yourself to go faster, perform or go beyond your limits. You then no longer act naturally but are forced by willpower. By no longer acting naturally but from control, ego, emotional slavery, or energy waste, disturbances arise in the wood element.

A healthy wood element

When the wood element is healthy, there is flexibility and resilience in your nervous system and movements. There is playfulness and clarity in thinking, feeling, and growing. Someone with healthy liver-gallbladder energy is humble, kind, forgiving, tidy, and light-hearted. Toxic feelings and toxic substances will be excreted effectively, which can keep the body healthy.

Tips to strengthen the yang energy

This is how you get into the rhythm of spring according to Chinese Medicine

The following tips will help support the wood element:

  1. Take pure and unrefined food.
  2. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, bitter vegetables, herbs, and root vegetables.
  3. Eat highly digestible food combinations.
  4. Do not drink alcohol and take as few medicines and other unnatural substances as possible.
  5. Drink ginger tea.
  6. Make sure you can talk to someone about your concerns. Writing in a diary is also an option.
  7.  Practice positive thinking and techniques that teach you to be in the NOW. Appreciate what is there, rather than fixating on what you want and cannot get.
  8. Teach the art of being free and authentic to children around you. Enjoy and allow yourself to participate.
  9. Do something a little inappropriate or crazy every now and then.
  10. Take a deep breath regularly.



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