This is how you raise your energetic vibration


During your transformation process you are on the one hand embodying low energetic vibrations , on the other hand you learn to raise your vibration. A high vibration mainly means that your system is able to hold and transport more and higher light frequencies. How do you raise your vibration? And what does it yield?

The energetic spectrum consists of low and high frequencies, comparable to a scale that extends from the solid, earthly tones (the form) to the celestial spiritual (the potency). One extreme is dark, the other is light. The low frequencies are slow, the highs are fast. The former come to a standstill earlier, the latter move more energy in a shorter time.

When you talk about emotions, you will find the ‘pleasant’ feelings like compassion, gratitude and self-love on the side of the high frequencies, and the ‘unpleasant’ ones like shame, fear and loneliness on the side of the low ones. Still, high or ‘raised’ frequencies are no better than low or ‘fixed’ frequencies.

You need the latter to ground the former. The two poles can enter into an alchemical process with each other, and the better you succeed in doing so, the better you can convert dreams into form. You do not have to transcend your emotions, because they move you and give depth to your soul. You just have to feel them, because they are part of the whole spectrum.

Resonance between inside and outside

Raising your vibration mainly means that your nervous system learns to hold and transport higher light frequencies. This makes your appearance bigger and your capacity grows; your energy is no longer spent on surviving and maintaining your patterns, but you have energy available for expression and creativity, among other things.

It also strengthens your energetic immune system; your energy field does not get out of balance in the slightest and you return more and more easily to humor and lightness. The ‘hassle’ of yourself and others get less of a hold on you, think of power games, manipulation, annoyances, discussions, wanting to be right or rejection. You are not available for it, you quickly get out of it, can perceive it without reacting to it or don’t take it so personally.

But perhaps most importantly, you will resonate less and less with the low frequencies and more and more with the highs. Because that’s exactly what energy does: it attracts energy of the same quality and vibration; the energy in your inner world determines that in the outer world. Your pain pieces attract confirmation of that pain and your love attracts more love and light experiences.

And of course you want the latter: you are looking for experiences that match your potential, instead of your injury. And in periods when your vibration increases, you can experience that so well: your shadow sides become clear. Suddenly you realize that your way of dealing with the world was wrong somewhere; that you have been protecting your injury, instead of choosing love and amplifying your light, to live your highest potential.

This is how you raise your vibration

Crucial to raising your vibration is changing old emotional and mental patterns. With those patterns you send your available energy over and over, unconsciously, along the same neurological pathways. It’s like going round the church the same way over and over, while your brain has an infinite and intricate network of possible routes at its disposal. Circles do not provide vital life energy. On the contrary.

They cost energy. And yet you keep doing it. The reason is this: your patterns are connected to feelings and thoughts to which your body is attached or even addicted. You feel at home at that ‘baseline’. You have returned to that over and over again throughout your life.So even if your mind wants it different, your body feels safer, more at home, for example, in depression than in enjoyment, or prefers to experience the physiological response to rejection over love. Unconsciously, it would rather remain in the grip of what was always there than to make a different choice.

Compare your gloom, loneliness or anger with drugs and you will understand that coming out of a depression or changing a deep-seated belief, often resembles drug addiction: you have to constantly force yourself to take a different path than the well-known ingrained road . So not down into the swamp or, out of touch, into the distraction. And that sometimes requires a good dose of mental strength and courage.

Suppose you are rejected. Your body and energy field begin to respond. If you’re fast enough, you have a choice at that moment: you intercept your reaction and start to break your pattern, but if that doesn’t work, you go into the depths with it. Before you know it you are not ‘just’ rejected, but your life is miserable.

You start to grind, take it out on others and prove to yourself that happiness is not for you. It may take an hour or a day or more, but the fact is that at that point you are in the low vibrations, after which a downward spiral starts. If you do not intervene, you will continue to recycle the bad feeling and the associated thoughts and will resonate exactly that frequency with the universal energy field around you.

The best way to raise your vibration

As far as I’m concerned, there is one simple way to raise your vibration: to connect again and again with your feelings and what lives in you. You allow your experience, offer it space and enter into an intimate relationship with it. Ultimately, you then acquire mastery over your inner world. You become your inner world and no longer isolate parts of yourself. That’s love. And love has one of the highest frequencies in the universe.


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