This is how you speak with the voice of your destination: 5 tips

If you speak from your heart you can never say anything wrong

Everyone is looking for their ultimate destination. We try to become quiet and listen in which direction to go, visit a medium to hear it from another, or draw a card for a difficult decision. How do you follow the voice of your destiny? Because if you do that, sooner or later you will automatically reach your destination. You cannot get lost: there is only one way yours.


How does the voice of your destiny work? As life flows through us, we feel the resonance. We are attracted to do or not do certain things. Some people are attracted to others and not, and one job suits us and the other costs us loads of energy. In the specific contact with another person, a resonance field is created. Your field and the field of the other come into contact with each other.

The voice of your destiny is for you to manifest in the world; that you release your tone. It is therefore not only about the path to follow, but also about how you become visible and audible here. How to release yourself along the way when your voice coincides with the voice of your destiny.

Speaking in a resonance field

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Marieke de Vrij tells in her biography This wonderful life about how she and her guides work together in the disembodied world. In a harmony, in which everyone remains themselves, all members have their contribution to the group. There is service to a common goal that transcends personal goals. The members are attracted to this common goal (resonance). They are present by resting very much within themselves.

They feel the energy flow of the goal flowing through them and feel called upon when they want to contribute something that has added value for the group. The highest wisdom (which everyone has a monopoly on ‘his’ moment) is central. Marieke tells how she herself makes a back and forth movement. How she takes the words of the other in to the layer of the essence and then brings it out again in the encounter.

Ancient peoples are also an example for us in many ways. Also in this. Robert Wolff tells about the Sng’oi tribe in Malaysia in his book Ancient Wisdom of Native Peoples.  When they consult in their group, they speak with many silences and let the silence speak. They attune themselves to the field in their group and trust that which wants to release itself through them.

What could that look like for us? Convinced of your place, in your own strength, and feeling what that evokes in you. This is something we are not used to (anymore). We are no longer self-evident.

This is how you speak with the voice of your destination

Speaking demands the presence of its counterpart, namely silence. The silence that gives time to reflect on what has been said. The silence that gives space to the one who feels called to step forward and release. It is nourishing to let the flow work horizontally through your heart and connect to it.

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1 Guarding the silences

It is important to guard the silences. We are so used to talking as soon as there is silence. It feels awkward, and it seems rude, but a silence is so necessary.

If you really want to listen and feel what the other person is telling you, so that you can connect to the energy flow, you need some time. Feeling simply takes more time than thinking with our fast head. Our body is a bit slower. And you should not only feel what the other is doing to you, but also what that evokes in you.

2 Speak calmly and don’t repeat yourself

Just as you must learn not to respond directly to another, another will not respond to you immediately. That can make you very insecure. Do not repeat yourself, give an explanation or explain the same point again in other words. You then lose energy and it does not promote the process of ‘digestion’ that the other person is currently doing. Give your words room to enter the other person.

3 Your body is a gauge

If people do respond to you immediately while it is not from themselves, then you often experience disharmony. Your stomach shrinks, your heart becomes restless, and so do your thoughts. You may notice a little later in the conversation that you drop out internally. Take those signals seriously and bring the conversation back.

4 Taking responsibility

If you feel called to share something from within yourself, we often think about it three times first. Precisely when it comes from within ourselves, we tend to question our hunch. That’s because in our Western school system we learn to put authority outside of ourselves. Others know better and their own wisdom is not really stimulated in many places. So it takes getting used to and that is only possible by doing it. Then you experience how your hunches ‘fall’ and where it takes you.

5 Differences are allowed

The fact that you share from within yourself does not mean that the other person agrees. That is not necessary. The fact that you share your truth in resonance with the field does not mean that you have truth in store for the other. Apparently, it’s what needs to be said at that moment, and maybe the difference is what is needed to sink both deeper into your own truth before you can really bridge the difference.

To practise

This is how you speak with the voice of your destination: 5 tips

You can easily start practicing with a friend whose silence doesn’t immediately feel very uncomfortable. You will notice that you get completely different conversations! As a preparation, you can become more familiar with the silence yourself by looking for it more often. If you find yourself talking out of discomfort, ask yourself what you’re trying to fill. Feel what comes up in this field with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and what it’s like to release that, to release yourself.

Your destiny unlocks itself by following the road step by step. You hear her voice through your own voice that increasingly coincides with it, and that speaks about your path, the challenges you meet and the answer you give.



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