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This is how your Soul Mission can flow as a Lightworker

Many Lightworkers at this time feel the desire to live their Soul Mission. We long for a lighter world. And intuitively know that we can contribute even more if we know our spiritual task.
But despite this deep knowledge, it is often not easy to really give shape to our Soul Mission. You feel in everything that your Soul is asking something new of you. And yet it just doesn’t flow.

A deep longing for Love and Light

My own quest for my Soul Mission initially started because I was not really happy with the life I was living. Only during spiritual training did I feel something of the Love and Light that my heart longed for. Then I blossomed, as if my Soul spontaneously went ‘on’.

During one of the training courses I did, it was about Lightworkers; sensitive old Souls with a spiritual task of bringing Light to Earth. It resonated tremendously. For the first time in my life I understood why I had often felt so different. And for the first time in my life I could accept a little bit that there is nothing wrong with being different. But that it just means I have a wonderful spiritual task. The task of being Light in a not so light world .

A Lightworker

Frankly, I expected that after that everything would suddenly be clear. For I felt that Light, unstoppable, in me. And I thought I could simply let that flow into everything I did. Yet at first little changed in my life.

I still ran into all sorts of things. For example the work I did. It didn’t really suit me. Burned me up and exhausted me. But working as a Lightworker within your own company was not a success then either. Something in me kept hiding. I simply struggled with being visible Light.

The doubt and fear was unconscious

That fear of being visible Light was, of course, not conscious. Because if I honestly felt, I was already super happy with my Light. The feeling it gives me, nothing is better than that. And yet… as soon as that Light poured out of my pores, something locked inside me. It preferred to run as far away as possible. Back to the dark. That hideous—and oh-so-familiar—darkness.

Maybe you recognize it. There is nothing you want more than to bring Light or Love to Earth. And you also feel like you would be good at it. When you see other people doing wonderful spiritual things, you know: I can do that too! I too have something in me that can do beautiful things. Self-Wisdom, beautiful, powerful, spiritual Talents. I can do that too!

You can do it – and yet you can’t

It’s to drive you crazy. However? You know you can do it. And yet it doesn’t happen. Are you doing something wrong? Or is your Light not as important as you thought? Do people and the earth really not need your Light? Is there enough Light already, when other Lightworkers are doing their spiritual work?

big questions. Painful questions too, because there is a good chance that something in you fears that your Light is kind of ‘over’. Excess Light. Not really necessary, for the evolution of Humanity. And OW, that hurts. Because it will not be the case that you have come all the way to this earth in vain? So as soon as those questions come up, you quickly tuck them away.

The answer is beautiful

But wait a minute. And listen with me. For your Soul , she is eager to answer those heartbreakingly painful questions that run very deep in your life. Your Soul, it sees your pain. And happy! – at the same time the redemption. That light in you? She knows you through and through. She knows your hopes and your desires. And also your deepest, deepest fear.

Your Soul is also the Light within you, which has made your Soul mission, as it were. Because your Soul knows your Divine, spiritual intent. The spiritual purpose with which you were once created.

This is how you find your Soul Mission as a Lightworker

Your Soul knows the purpose of your Light

Oh, it actually makes so much sense. And yet it took me a while to see it. In order to become aware of your Soul mission, it is first important to become more aware of your Soul as a human being. For who knows your Soul’s mission better than your Soul?

It sounds very obvious when I say it like that. But precisely because it is so obvious, we easily forget this. Not just you and me, but massively. And if you forget this essential step, you’re looking in the wrong place. For example by looking in the world where you think your Light is needed. Or you hope that other bright people can tell you what your Soul Mission is.

The answer lies in your soul

While the answer is already there. It is waiting for you, but simply a layer deeper than you have seen until now: the layer of your Soul. Because Yes! Once you start searching where it is, your Soul Mission can finally become clear.

Not everything at once. Which, frankly, can sometimes be frustrating for us as modern humans. But what you find is real and authentic. And at last a deep peace comes into you. Because the restless searching stops, once you are on the right track.

In the meditative exercise below I help you with a first step in the conscious connection with your Soul. You use your energetic Heart Center (in the middle of your chest) as a Gateway to your Soul.

This is how you open the Gate to your Soul

To make a brief attunement to your Soul, gently close your eyes. And you’re the first to breathe in and out a little deeper than you just did. In through your nose and out through your mouth. So that your body can relax and feel safe.

Feel for a moment how you sit in your chair. And feel how your body is supported by this chair. Also invite yourself to let yourself be carried for now. So that you may just Be in this moment, without having to hold anything.

Then imagine that it becomes all Light around you. Clear, soft-radiant and sparkling Light. All around you. The Light is so powerful that it flows with your breath. Through your body, into all your cells. And everything that is heavy and that no longer serves you is illuminated by this Light. You make it wonderfully pleasant and Light.

Then bring your attention to your Heart Center in the center of your chest. And breathe some extra of the Light through this Heart Center. Do you feel the soft powerful Light? Breathe it in deeply, this Light. And invite your Heart to open gently. One layer deeper. So that there is room again for who you really Are. There will be room for your Soul and your Soul’s mission.

Repeat this several times as long as it feels right for you. And then bring your attention back to your daily awareness. Invite your body to get active again and open up to a New day. A day that just got a little lighter.


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