This way you can open your root chakra to be more present in your body


Do you want to open your root chakra and learn to be more present in your body? In this article you will learn how, thanks to the Root Column, you can connect with feelings of trust and foster resilience at any time.

Blocked or weakened root chakra

One of the main ways a blocked or weakened root chakra can manifest in you is when you feel like you’re wandering or disconnected from what’s going on around you. A strong root chakra creates a sense of complete presence and love for your body.

You can read about the characteristics of a blocked or weakened root chakra in the first part of these two articles .

How does the Root Column open the Root Chakra?

The goal of the Root Bowl is to help you connect with these feelings of trust and resilience at any time and provides a strong energetic and psychological foundation. When this foundation is strong, we also gain better access to the other energies associated with our root chakra, including those that play a role in our ability to manifest our goals.

The Carrot Bowl will enable your body to remain calm and healthy when problems arise and strengthen your ability to achieve your dreams and goals. Other chakra tools from Chakra Power for Women , such as the Second Skin and the Navel Fire, could also help with that.


The Root Column

Preparatory Steps:

  • Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and sit on a chair or pillow on the floor, keeping your back as straight as possible. A few pillows to support your back is fine.
  • Be careful not to judge yourself. It may take a while before you actually feel the Carrot Bowl being activated, or see it in front of you and feel it become active.
  • Respect your feelings. If you feel agitated, anxious, or uncomfortable, take a break, change the process, or try again another time. You are free to customize this activation process.
  • Take advantage of the aspects of it that are most effective for you. This is your process, so trust what your intuition tells you, which is right for you.

When you are done with the preparations, you can start with the activation steps.

Step 1: Imagine a beautiful red light located deep below you in the earth, beneath the foundation of the building you are in at that moment. However deep that may be, and even if you are at the very top of a tall building, go all the way down into the earth, and imagine a radiant dark red light there.

Step 2: Watch this dark red light rise from the earth like a column and shine gently on your tailbone at the bottom of your spine. You can imagine a red orb of light and put your hand on your tailbone, which makes the light shine even more.

Step 3: Imagine that in the earth just below you, some of the red light from the column rising from the depths splits off, forming a bowl around you. Next, imagine yourself sitting in this beautiful bowl of radiant red light. This bowl feels like it supports and protects you on all sides.

Step 4: When you are ready to proceed, imagine the light rising from your tailbone into your body, through the center of your torso, through your abdomen, neck, throat, crown, and breathe new life into you and give you energy.

Step 5: See and hold the overall picture: a red light rises from the earth; part of it rises to your tailbone, and from there up through the middle of your body to your crown. Some of the light radiates out around you creating a bowl in which you sit. In this bowl you feel safe and secure, protected and carried.

Step 6: If you work with memories, collect them now. Walk along them and hold them in your head until the feelings associated with them arise. Then return your attention to the image.

Step 7: Say the affirmations below aloud three times in a row that are connected with this chakra tool, and try to feel what you are saying:

  • I’m safe.
  • I am supported.
  • I am empowered.
  • I am grounded.
  • I am resilient.
  • I love my body.

Step 8: Reinforce the image one more time and notice how that feels. Imagine taking a snapshot of yourself in your head with the Carrot Bowl fully activated – beginning to create the shortcut to invoke this feeling faster from now on. This is your snapshot reminder.

Good luck!


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