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This way you can use the energy of the Lion’s Gate on 8-8 (+guided Meditation)

At this time, much is said and written about the great change of our earth and growing with it to higher light frequencies and dimensions. A change in frequency does not just happen by itself. Due to the current position of our earth in relation to other stars, planets and suns in our infinite universe, you currently have the opportunity to increase your consciousness in a relatively easy way and thus increase your frequency.
with the energy! This does not mean that you can travel to higher dimensions through energy gates such as the Lion’s Gate ‘just as easily’. That happens through a change in your consciousness, so you have to do something for that. This way you can increase your frequency, as far as is safe and possible for you.

How to use the energy of an energy gate? piggyback! Just like you can surf the waves of the sea.

Light Frequencies

The energy in the universe is a series of light gates. These light gates are made of light frequencies and can take you to a new dimensional layer. To travel to a higher dimension, you use a ‘gate’ that consists of a field of light energy. By tuning, one light frequency can convert the other into a new frequency and so you can continue to grow in higher or lower frequencies (just like a sluice where the water level is adjusted).

Each dimension has a light gate that you can travel through. You do this through your own consciousness, attuned to the energy of your heart.

Because each dimension has its own vibrational number, you cannot just jump from one dimension to another without first adapting your own vibrational number to the environment. Adjusting your vibrational number is the transformation that you enter into through awareness.

As soon as an energy gate is open, as now, there is a possibility to adapt your own frequency ‘relatively easily’ to the next frequency layer and ‘piggyback’.

It normally takes a lot of time and awareness to raise your frequency. The vibrational number of your energy system is fairly easily transformed, but there are also changes in your body. Those changes take longer because your body is materialized energy. Hence, you cannot just change frequency and live in another dimension.

That goes step by step. This also shows why one person with a certain energy frequency suits you and ‘feels good’ and the other does not. And also: why you literally can’t just see the life that is in the other dimensions. The frequency is too high or too low for our range of what we can perceive with our eyes.

The Lion’s Gate and New Moon

The Lion’s Gate on August 8 , which also coincides with the new moon , gives you an opportunity to hitch a ride and tune in to a frequency that is as high as possible for you for now. It depends on the preparatory work you have done in recent years to what extent you can and dare to take the triple jump. In any case, the Lion’s Gate will help you take a lot of steps further than where you are now with seven-mile boots.

This light gate gives you, among other things, the possibility to look differently at your relationships (so actually at yourself, because your relationships are nothing more than a reflection of you).

At the moment I often receive the question how to deal with our loved ones who ‘don’t want to learn and grow’ or ‘have a different attitude in life’ and judge you. It is a recurring and common theme of all time.

I’ll explain it to you in a metaphor:
Suppose someone close to you likes drafts. That person always talks about it, says that she finds her peace of mind in it and that he can cope with the daily worries and rat race of life through that peace of mind.

But imagine if that person demands that you come along weekly to play drafts. That you should do competitions because that person finds it so fun and interesting. What would you do then? Create distance, right? Because you don’t like drafts. And you also get a little annoyed that that person expects that from you.

Can you feel what I’m trying to say?

Your interest or life purpose is not the same as that of your loved ones. And vice versa. Don’t take it personally! You can’t just convince anyone of what you think is good, nice or the truth, how someone should live or what someone should learn.
No matter how well and lovingly you mean it.
Everyone learns the lessons of life in his or her own way and at his or her own time.

The only thing you can do and what really matters is stick with yourself and follow your own interests and truth. Because only there can your strength be found.

You may then become an example that makes others interested in what you do and how you live. Then the time has come for that person to do something with it. Not before. As soon as you enforce it, it will work against you and will form a wedge between you. It will literally drive you apart….

Giving everyone a free choice shows wisdom and love. There lies the power of awareness from your heart and the promised frequency increase. That is the energy gate to another level.

For the next week, say this affirmation for five minutes a day:

‘Everyone is allowed to discover life from their own process, at their own pace, and so am I.
Everyone is free to think what he wants (and how) and finds important, including me.
Everyone is free to make their own choices, including me’.

Breathe in and out very slowly in between.

To give someone else the freedom to be themselves is to give yourself the freedom to be yourself. This current energy gate, the Lion’s Gate, helps you to gain deep insights from your heart and thus to increase your frequency.

Do the guided Meditation in front of the Lion Gate:


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