Three effective tips for a better night’s sleep

Three effective tips for a better night's sleep

Sleep well.
Good night.
Is worth a lot?
If you sleep better, you will feel better.

Sleep better – wake up well

Apply these three effective tips structurally and you will not only sleep better, but will also wake up rested and full of energy.

1. Do something different before going to bed

Many of us are used to watching television at night or browsing the Internet. Only this has a negative effect on our sleep. The light from the screens ensures that we do not only fall asleep worse. But the quality of our sleep is also less good. Instead of ‘screen time’ you allow yourself a different way of relaxing.

Read a nice book or magazine. Instead of texting, talk to your partner or call a friend. Or, like me, play an old-fashioned board game before going to sleep. Your brain is then not affected by the light from the screens. They are already adjusting to the end of the day, to sleep. This will have a positive effect on your sleep.

2. The Power of Thought

I learned this from author Louise Hay. She was convinced that thoughts are often the cause of our problems. If you don’t sleep well on a regular basis, it will keep you busy. There is a good chance that you are concerned about it.
In the evening the thoughts flood in: ‘Will I sleep well? Or will it be another night of tossing and turning?’ I think you can feel it coming. We think of poor sleep, so what’s the result?

We sleep badly. Louise Hay’s tip, is always goes to bed with the thought: ‘I’m going to sleep well, I sleep through the night and wake up rested.’ The idea is that you focus on what you want. You visualize what you want to achieve. Your brain understands this. Recognize this. A much greater chance that you will achieve this result and sleep soundly.

3. Let it go

Three effective tips for a better night's sleep

Sometimes you lie in bed. But the head keeps going. To do lists, what you could have said to that colleague, how you are going to do that presentation tomorrow. This continuous flow of thoughts does not give you the space to relax. It also gets your body into action mode. Feeling that it has to do something. Instead of relaxing. What I do? I have a notebook next to my bed. Here I subscribe to what interests me. I write until my head is quiet. I can let it go. And can go to sleep.

Give your night’s sleep a ‘boost’!

It’s good to know that everyone has a bad night from time to time. Only structurally bad sleep or difficulty falling asleep is annoying. You yourself have a lot to do to change this. With these effective tips, you can certainly give your night’s sleep a positive ‘boost’. Apply them every night and experience the difference.

Sleep well!


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