Three important exercises when you are almost burned out

Tips To Recover Quickly From Parental Burn Out

A beautiful sentence by poet Bert Schierbeek. A wish that you wish you had come true. You immediately feel more up to what life outside demands of you. Can you prevent burnout this way?

if you
could surround yourself with carelessness
and that that was your space .

Unfortunately not. The biggest disturbance to your rest, balance and energy level comes from within. Your idea of ​​must, the inner critic, insecurity, fear… What if you could lighten your inner space?

The good news is, it’s possible. And the bad news is, it’s not easy. In order to get out of the old habit pattern, you must be aware of what you are thinking and doing. And what that does to your energy. For this it is important to regularly stand still, turn inward and feel.

What is the secret of healthy working?

What is the key to ‘Never burnout again’, the secret of ‘Always work healthy’? That is turning inward, connecting with your intuition, surrender. Let go of the control of the mind.

How do you break the cycle of exhaustion? It starts with reducing your negative thoughts to their source. Where do they come from? How can you solve them?

If you learn to draw from the source within yourself, the Source, your life becomes very different. How do you do that?

My 3 golden tips for when you are on the edge of a burnout

I have listed the 3 tips below for you. There are three important exercises that you can do in the training Never burnout again .

Tip 1: Make your personal energy balance

This exercise will give you insight and help you make healthier choices. Make two columns, in one column write down everything that costs you energy, in the next column you put the things that give you energy.

Look at the result. What does it tell you? Are you doing enough things that give you energy? Can you eliminate energy guzzlers?

Tip 2: Regularly stand still and feel in your body

Because too often we just keep going. We don’t pay attention to the signals our body gives. We need this, we need that. Until it doesn’t work anymore.

To prevent a (new) burnout, you have to learn to feel how situations affect your energy level. Look back on the day every night. What happened, how did you feel? What did it do to your energy?

Tip 3: Learn to listen to your feelings and intuition

Breathe in slowly, and breathe out slowly. Focus your attention on the stillness within. Become aware of your inner space. Here you can be. Here you know thingsLearn to trust it.

It is important to dwell on your feelings and look for your inner space, do it daily! You can also do it when you are on the train or in the waiting room or when you are standing in line.

If you feel first and then continue with your actions, what you are doing has a new aura. Another energy. Try it out!flower

Never burnout again and always work healthy

Are you just not able to figure it out? Then do the training No more burnout . In a group and with expert guidance you can progress. You learn how to be true to your feelings and intuition. So you can work with more energy. We work a lot with meditation exercises, to bring you to your feeling and inner knowing. You will get to know and see through your undermining beliefs and you will map out your circle of exhaustion.


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