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Three questions asked of a Human Angel

1. Are you willing to put yourself first?

Putting yourself first in everything you do is the only way you can do the work of a Human Angel without losing your balance. In the higher vibrations of the New Earth , your first premise as a facilitator is to work without taking away the power of those you work with. That can be a difficult balance and is not an easy task.

Even if you have the best intentions but you are not completely centered in your own energy, trying to help someone else can wear you out and lead to bad habits in the person you are trying to help. Discover your own energy first and have the courage to put yourself first in every consideration.

2. Do you choose to take on the role of Human Angel ?
That’s a connection with spirit that says you’re okay with being placed at the perfect confluence of time and space where you can make a difference in someone’s life, whether you know that person or not. The trust that spirit puts you in the right place means that you must first be in balance yourself.

As you take on this task, you must understand that all events that occur in your life from that point on should not be taken personally. From this point on, spirit will put you in the right situation. Finding ways to sow seeds will be your highest intention as a Human Angel.

3. Will you promise to walk in grace or grace whenever possible?
Walking in grace or grace means that with every step you take in your life, you are fully aware of your connection to everything and everyone around you. The illusion of polarity might make you think you are separate from everything and everyone.
Walking in grace or grace means expressing unity consciousness in all that you do .


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