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Through which filters do you view the world?



Have you ever experienced this, that your perception of someone was completely the opposite of the perception of another? Maybe you’re both right, because you always see the world through your own glasses and often it is completely different from someone else’s.

I just heard a song on the radio in which the singer sings that no one knows her like he does. Could that ever be the case, I wondered. Can anyone ever really know me? In fact, can I ever really know myself?

I have the feeling that I know myself fairly well in the meantime, after having walked this globe for almost forty years. But am I looking at myself without filters? I wonder. I have thrown a lot away in the meantime.


I used to think of myself as a weird, spindly girl, not worth it. I was able to let go of that belief. Does that mean that I have been able to let go of all beliefs? I’m afraid not, I still find everything of myself.

For example, I regularly consider myself a bad mother. In my opinion I lose my patience too often. My sons sometimes agree with me, but my oldest has been writing me sweet notes for the past three days, which he leaves for me everywhere. Then I will surely do more good than I often think.


This way everyone has their own filters through which they view the world. Sometimes it pays to be aware of that. It makes you take things a little less seriously. That you take your beliefs about others and your (pre)judgments with a grain of salt. That you might be able to look at yourself a little more gently.

It is only becoming more difficult to view the world with as few filters as possible, because nowadays there is a filter, a sauce over everything. People often share photos on social media that have been made more beautiful, the face narrower, the eyes larger, spots and wrinkles removed. Moreover, they often only share the beautiful things.

I don’t normally post that I’m out of my mind to my sons, but I do post nice things about them. Yet I also sometimes post about a bad day, after all I’m only human!

colored opinions

I am not even talking about the colored opinions that we are often presented with in the media. Both in the ‘mainstream media’, which I no longer believe uncritically, and in the other corner, the conspiracy theories. Personally, I don’t like either side and I don’t really get involved with it, I prefer to focus on the world directly around me, there is already enough going on there.

There is something you can do yourself: take a milder look at yourself and the world around you. Try taking off your colored glasses and look objectively at what you see, not what you think you see. And share with us who you really are , without filters, without beautifiers and without decoration. I don’t find fake interesting at all, I much prefer to see real people . You too?


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