Tibetan wisdom: this is how you keep the energy of your kidneys in balance

Tibetan wisdom: this is how you keep the energy of your kidneys in balance
According to the teachings of Tibetan Pulsing, certain organs have a specific activity for about two weeks a year and are extra sensitive. The period of the kidneys is April 6 to 20. The kidney energy is now central and therefore it is time for clarity and relaxation. Fears and other negativity are also very important during this period.

An energetic blockage in the kidneys prevents you from feeling and admitting fear.

The kidneys in a nutshell

The role of the kidneys is to cleanse the blood. Impure elements and toxins are funneled into the bladder and excreted. However, the body is burdened not only by literal toxins but also by mental and emotional negativity, which spread like poison through the nervous system. Too much poison in the body, and too much negativity on an emotional or psychological level, causes overload, a lack of openness, upheaval, and intolerance towards female qualities and the female soul.

The kidneys deal with deep emotions and fears, with things that get under our skin. 

Energetic blockage in the kidneys

Tibetan wisdom: this is how you keep the energy of your kidneys in balance

An energetic blockage in the kidneys prevents you from feeling and admitting fear. We are then no longer receptive to this emotion, but close ourselves off by hardening the kidneys, thus getting rid of the fear or simply suppressing it. But this mental intervention generates even more fear, which must also be suppressed. An unhealthy cycle is created that does more harm than good.

Pay extra attention to fears that you are suppressing. What lies behind these fears? Why do you suppress these fears? 

The kidneys in balance

When the kidney energy is in balance, we allow ourselves breaks and time for reflection. We deal with the feminine qualities of openness and purity in a relaxed manner. The forces of the active yang and passive yin are balanced and we can see and hear things as they are. Our heads are not overflowing with stories and prejudices. We do not randomly project* outwards but are willing to test our prejudices. Nothing is more important to us than pure intentions. We possess both softness and strength.

Tips to support your kidney energy

Tibetan wisdom: this is how you keep the energy of your kidneys in balance

If we keep our minds ‘untainted’, perceive and express authentic emotions, and do not bombard our bodies with toxins, we support our kidneys. Then we stay away from superiority and submission. We don’t have to be better to feel better. These tips will help you with this:

1. Build moments of relaxation into your daily routine.

If that takes effort, ask yourself what’s holding you back. That can be a fundamental uneasiness or restlessness, but also the thought that your work does not allow breaks. Or a feeling of emptiness or lack arises when everything comes to a halt.

2. Drink water

Don’t take the umpteenth cup of coffee to boost yourself, but drink a glass of water. Water (other than carbonated mineral water) is the only drink that really cleanses the kidneys.

3. Surrender to the flow of life

Experience consciously that you don’t have to set things in motion. Surrender to the flow of life, not knowing exactly where it is going; both small and large. The truth is, you don’t know where it’s going anyway, no matter how rigorously we’ve planned our lives.

4. Don’t respond right away

Take a moment to slow down before reacting to anything. Hear and see what is happening before your eyes and how you react to it inside. We need inner peace, balance, and moments of reflection to respond wisely to a situation.

5. Be honest

You can return what you notice without being hurtful. It can feel quite exciting to bring up something that we’re not sure if it’s true and what the result will be. But it is better to express than to suppress. You will be heard, or meet with resistance. If that happens, you have hit a sensitive point in the other person to which the person primarily reacts.

Then you can listen to yourself again instead of doing the same and getting bogged down in a painful discussion. You break out of your linear perception, you are tolerant and you remain alert. This results in more clarity and open-mindedness. In this way, you lay the foundation for change and transformation. As you go along you learn how others react and at the same time you see what happens inside if you honestly indicate what you are experiencing.

A projection is the striving to brush away something unpleasant and negative (and sometimes also something positive) in ourselves and to project it outwards, in other words, to put others in our shoes. If we are not aware of this, it leads to an eclipse of reality. We see the world through the image we have of ourselves. Everything we see around us corresponds to our minds. Everything is a mirror of what we believe about ourselves.


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