Tinnitus & ringing in the ears: are you willing to really listen to what it has to tell you?

Tinnitus & ringing in the ears: are you willing to really listen to what it has to tell you?

General practitioner Juriaan Galavazi specializes in holistic medicine. Regular medicine is and remains the basis of his practice, but it offers the opportunity to look at complaints from a broader perspective. Sometimes you need a different vision with a complaint in which you let go of old thinking patterns. In this article, you can read more about a different view on tinnitus and ringing in the ears.

Tinnitus and longing for rest

He is 48 years old. A big guy with a charismatic appearance. He comes to me because of tinnitus. Also called “tinnitus”. A persistent complaint for which regular medicine does not yet have a structural solution. After having visited various specialists in vain, he is now curious about a different vision and approach. I ask him; “So suppose your body is actually smarter than your head in this situation, what would your body actually want to tell you here?”

Almost immediately he says that he should take it easy a bit. He has a successful business of his own and is considering taking some distance. “What does it do to you when you say that?” I askHe feels pressure on his chest and he feels short of breath. I let him stay with the unpleasant feelings, even though everything in him would prefer to get away from them.  There appears to be a great desire for more peace. Another part, however, directly enters the resistance.

The part that has learned is that he must do something to be successful. That he must act in order to be appreciated. That his self-esteem depends on the performance he has delivered. And great respect for that part. That part also has the best intentions for him. That is, he is doing well. That’s what it learned. In order to offer safety and security and to maintain a sense of control, he has learned to do.

Tinnitus & ringing in the ears: are you willing to really listen to what it has to tell you?

It has been very successful for a long time and has brought him to the successful place where he is now. For him, not doing equals insecurity and uncertainty. And even worthlessness… It’s not surprising that everything goes into resistance the moment another desire knocks on the door; the desire to slow down.

I ask him to repeat the following sentence: “Something in me really wants to be in control”. He confirms the words and feels the pressure on his chest at the same time. When I ask him a little later to say the following sentence: “I am ready to surrender…”, the ringing in the ears immediately increases. Something in him finds it very exciting to surrenderI explain to him that the tinnitus is not against him, but that the tinnitus is for him. And that it keeps reminding him what his real desire is.

Tinnitus is reduced by taking a big step

Two sessions and a few weeks later I see him again. He has since decided to transfer his business ahead of schedule and today is his last active working day as owner. His ringing in the ears is significantly reduced, but still present. Forty years of “do-mode” is not just the reverse. The whole system needs time to recover from the adrenaline addiction.

Tinnitus & ringing in the ears: are you willing to really listen to what it has to tell you?

His “wanting” is always driven by willpower. Putting something into the world that was also appreciated and approved by the environment. Now that his “wanting” is a great desire to slow down, he notices that it is getting very exciting for him: what will other people think of this?

“Something in me is very afraid that people will leave me”, when he says that, all kinds of thoughts come to him and the ringing in the ears increases again on the spot. His parents and the unconscious desire for approval from them come to the surface. I guide him to a place where he can welcome himself with what is good for him and allow himself to find that very exciting. In the final step, he relieves his mother of the duty to recognize and appreciate him. Then something special happens: he literally feels a tingling going through him. He names it as if all kinds of locks suddenly go off on doors and he experiences an enormous heat.

Embracing tinnitus

He has come to see the ringing in the ears after the encounters as a friend who warns him and becomes active when he gets too far removed from what is right for him. His willingness to explore the ringing in the ears, to face the difficulty and the pain, has made him an important step in the transition from doing to not doing, weaning off his adrenaline addiction and freeing himself from the belief that his self-esteem is dependent on the recognition and appreciation of others.

From complaint to opportunity. Ringing in the ears isn’t against you either, it’s there for you. Provided you are willing to listen to it and really hear what it has to tell you.


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