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Tips to get in touch with your angels.

For anyone who believes that angels are around us, it is ultimate to actually come into contact with the angels who are with us. A big misconception is that we need to be able to see them. To actually see with our eyes as a physical body. There are people who have had this experience, which is beautiful and special. But much more often angels show themselves in other ways.

Signs that angels are with you.

Not everyone has developed the ability to see angels as a physical body. And angels often don’t appear as a full body to be seen either. Angels are masters of subtlety. And angels are persistent, they keep showing you the signs until you notice it and see it.

Angels like to let you know that they are there, sometimes in funny ways. This way you can lose your keys or drop things at any time. Ask yourself what it could be that the angels are trying to tell you. Maybe you could take it a little easier?

How do you know if you’ve seen an angel?

You know that moment when you see something in the corner of your eye and when you look there is nothing. You know that moment when suddenly something seems to be lost and you find it in a very strange place. Or maybe you know that moment when a candle suddenly goes out that hasn’t burned out yet or that a book suddenly falls off the table.

All those moments when you know an angel is with you. Angels also show themselves as points of light or as spots (orbs) on photos or film. Try meditating and notice if you see colored dots of light. For example, blue is Archangel Michael and green is Archangel Raphael . Orbs also feature deceased loved ones as well as angels.


Angels also appear in colored forms when you are meditating . The archangels each have their own color, as do the dots of light. And your own angels have their own color and/or shape. Look for a pattern or landmark.
I often see bright spots in different colors. When I do a reading for someone, I often see a blue dot. I then know that Archangel Michael is with me during the reading.Tips to get in touch with your angels

Tips to connect with Angels

• Meditate and focus on a flame of a white candle
• Before going to bed, ask if the angels want to make themselves visible to you through a dream. Thank you and go to sleep.
• Let go and trust
• Meditate with your eyes closed and ask your angels to show themselves to you.
• Do a workshop or course about angels
• Be guided by a medium or angel expert
• Open up, trust yourself. Listen to your first thought when you notice something.

What if you don’t see angels?

Don’t worry if you don’t see dots, extinguished candles, or colors. Angels are with everyone without exception. Every person immediately has their own guardian angels with them at birth. Even before your birth here on earth, angels are with you. Everyone, including you, has the right to ask angels for help.

Don’t worry about taking an angel away from someone or that angels are too busy to help you. You deserve to be helped and supported. Angels do not know time and space and are able to be present with everyone at the same time. Your guardian angels are always with you no matter what.

Ask for help, be clear and clear in your question. But don’t make your question too tight and don’t tell us how your question should be answered. There is then no room left for the angels to offer a solution. Help and a solution come in ways you might not expect. Give the angels their space and be open to receive.


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