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Tips to realize your mission in work


You want to manifest your mission in work. Do what you are here for, experience satisfaction. How do you discover your mission? Maybe you already know that, but now you’re stuck. How do you get on?

I believe we have a task or mission in life. We are here to mean something to others. We have also been given the qualities to do this. All this is stored in our souls waiting for recognition and appreciation.

Our mission is stored in our souls waiting for recognition and appreciation.

If you follow your deeper drives and desires and do what makes you happy, you get energy. If you follow this energy, you come into your own lifestream, what is meant to happen. And if you focus this energy on goals that are meaningful to you, you will achieve results.

How do you find or recognize your life mission? I’ll give you some tips

Your mission is often at the service of a greater whole. We really want to  mean something to others . What’s that with you? How can you make a positive contribution to the lives of other people with who you are and what you do?

Doing what you are here for gives a sense of  joy and satisfaction . It makes you happy and gives you energy. So ask yourself what makes you happy. What are the things that give you energy?

What you are here for, you also  effortlessly do . You seem to have a  talent  for it. You are cut out for it! Even if you have long believed the contrary. What are your talents? What was your thing as a child? Even if you used to put it aside as ‘I can’t do this’.

Once you know what your mission is and you are going to do it, you will get  all the support . I always say, there’s energy to it. It flows, it runs, as if by itself. Then you know you are on the right track.

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What if it doesn’t flow

If you notice that you don’t get energy from what you do, examine your motivations. Ask yourself, why do you do what you do? For fear of losing what you have, just for the money or because you think you have to ? That can cost a lot of energy. And you’re not doing what you really want.

behind every fear is a desire

Therefore try to look deeper, to feel what you really really want. If everything is possible, and nothing is necessary, if you could follow your heart… what would you do?

Also look at your talents, your core qualities, with different eyes. It is precisely the things that you can do without effort that form your special talent , of which you think ‘everyone can do that’. So no! Give your talents space. Because that’s how you get to know your life mission.

From finding to realizing

Where are you on the line from discovering your mission to giving it concrete shape?

Do you finally want to clarify your mission? Do you know (sort of) but do you run into obstacles? Or are you already well on your way but still going round in circles somewhere?

Then I have another tip. Once you’ve discovered your deeper desire, create a collage or vision board . It helps to shape what you want. And that is a step towards achieving your mission.

summarizing; discover your deeper desires, your talents and find your flow

So it is important to find out your real and deeper  desires  . To discover these, to dig up sometimes from under the obligations. And it is also necessary to get a picture of your  talents  . And to pay attention to  energy , to  flow . Ask yourself, what gives you energy, what does energy contain? You follow that flow.

Putting your mission into the world is ultimately also a matter of showing your colors, showing who you are. All this can evoke fear, and insecurity. “Can I do that?” we ask ourselves. Yes, because that’s what you’re here for!

Be aware of your sometimes negative thoughts, and do it anyway. Follow your feeling in it. Does it make you happy? Does it feel good? Then you know you are in the right direction. Especially don’t give up. So persevere and carry on.

Good luck!

© Lusanne Hogeweg


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