Tired? Discover how foot reflexology (foot reflexology massage) can help with fatigue

Tired? Discover how foot reflexology (foot reflexology massage) can help with fatigue
You have probably heard about it: hand and foot reflexology massage. It is a special healing method with surprising results that are used by many. You can easily apply this healing method to your own hands and feet with the help of the right info. This article teaches you the basics in this article and gives you nice exercises that help with fatigue and depression.

Reflex zone therapy cannot be harmful in any way. When applied correctly, they can be miraculously effective.

Forgotten Medicines

It is almost certain that some very ancient civilizations knew how to cure disease by methods that would no doubt surprise us and force us to look for adjectives other than “raw” or “primitive.” Luck and experimentation with massage, pressure, herbs and diet over thousands of years must have led in many cases to great discoveries that proved to be a blessing to man.

Then, of course, they fell into disrepair or were “overrun” and their medical knowledge was lost or destroyed. Willful cases of destruction of knowledge, such as the tragic burning of the library of Alexandria or the destruction of a magnificent collection of Native American lore of spices by Spaniards, are incalculable historical losses.

Acupuncture and foot sole and hand massage

Tired? Discover how foot reflexology (foot reflexology massage) can help with fatigue

Fortunately, more and more methods are being rediscovered. One such method is footpad and hand massage reflex zone therapy, which shares certain principles with acupuncture. Acupuncture has developed a method whereby by inserting needles, the points where meridians come to the surface of the body are treated. Unique in zone therapy is the emphasis on the hands and feet.

There is a very good reason for this: they are the parts of the body with the least depth. In the hands and feet, nerves and nerve endings are forced to the surface, making them more accessible for massage and manipulation that results in pressure numbing.

Focus on the feet

The same reflexes occur in the hands and feet. However, certain points in the hand are harder to find and therefore more difficult to treat, due to the amount of work done with the hands every day. On the other hand, the foot is kept in a sensitive condition by wearing shoes. It is, therefore, easier to treat the whole system by a thorough massage of the feet than in any other way.


It is fascinating to note that those soft parts of the foot are directly related to the various ailments one may be suffering from at any given time. The images below give a rough overview of some of these zone areas in the hands and feet. You can locate all the indicated points on yourself or with a partner. Some pressure can be applied with the thumb, this is the best ‘tool’ to use for this. You can also use the eraser on the back of a pencil.

foot reflex

We dare say that most readers will be surprised to discover how many spots are painful with only a minimal amount of pressure. This is an indication that their health is not as radiant as it should be. Anyone can start zone therapy with a minimum of practice and despite mistakes. But precisely because the method is so simple, we warn the reader to follow our instructions literally in order to achieve good results. It is far too easy to become carefree and does half the work. With zone therapy, half the work is no work at all, so follow our simple rules, you’ll be thankful!

Massages for fatigue and depression

You can find these prescriptions and massages for all kinds of ailments in the book Foot and Hand Massage. This article provides exercises that can help with fatigue and depression. Tiredness is the almost permanent companion of many people in this age of anxiety and worry.


In the image next to this paragraph, all the reflexes represent the all-important glands that need to be massaged if you want to get rid of that feeling of exhaustion.

Start with the most important gland of all, the pituitary gland, by giving the center of your big toe a quick massage, pressing deeply enough to affect it. Continue with a massage of the thyroid reflex and then move on to the reflexes of the adrenal glands. Half a minute should be enough to get going again.

Then work on the reflexes of the gonads in both ankles. Not more than fifteen seconds is enough. Finally, you can massage the spleen. This is done only on the left foot, for half a minute. After that, return to the pituitary reflex. Give a deep closing massage of a few seconds here. You will immediately feel the difference between a zest for life and actual ‘pep’.


Depression is closely related to physical fatigue, although we tend to view it as a purely mental phenomenon. If our physical health were in order, we would not experience depression. Depression is associated with prolonged fatigue.

To cure this, the massage described above can be applied, while the pineal reflex, which is also on the big toe, can be given some attention. The pineal gland is believed to have a lot to do with organizing the functioning of the endocrine glands. Persistent mental depression is a sign of mental health problems and the sufferer should seek adequate medical attention.


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