Tired of fatigue? This is why you should avoid trans fats

Tired of fatigue? This is why you should avoid trans fats

Do you suffer from fatigue complaints, but you do not know where they come from? Then it may just be that your daily menu contains a lot of energy robbers. This article explains why trans fats can cause fatigue symptoms.

Whether you are plagued by lack of energy, reduced resistance, or a chronic illness, it can in principle all have to do with an excess of gluten-containing white flour, milk, dairy products, sugar and sweeteners, and rancid fats or trans fats from the casserole or processed products. Eliminate such energy robbers from your menu, at least for a short time. This way you can effectively and cost-effectively inventory which products you do not tolerate well. It can give you a significantly higher energy level. We are now going to delve into trans fats.

Trans fats

A serious threat to your health and productivity lies in the dreaded trans fatty acids from industrial manufacture. These polyunsaturated fatty acids are so harmful because the body cannot distinguish them from fatty acids that promote health. Therefore, it accidentally deposits the trans fats distilled from food in the cell membranes of the body cells. Once the trans fats have made themselves wide in the cells, they disrupt the cell metabolism and the busy communication, the endless chatter of the cells among each other. On a micro level, the whole body suffers from this trans fat gang.

Tired of fatigue? This is why you should avoid trans fats

When most people think of trans fats, they think of processed products such as chips, fried food, cookies, donuts, or old cheap margarine. I can already hear you muttering: ‘I don’t have that kind of unhealthy junk in the house.’ Unfortunately, not everyone realizes how easy it is to grow ultra-toxic trans fats in the frying pan.

That’s how it happened. For example, due to improper use of oils that are not allowed on high heat. We now know that excessive heating can produce harmful by-products: dangerous secondary oxidation products. They are disastrous for health. The composition of the fatty acids determines the stability of the oil during heating. In other words: your choice of cooking fat and heating also influences your health and life energy.



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