Tired? Out of balance or sick? This is how you build recovery according to Chinese medicine

Tired? Out of balance or sick? This is how you build recovery according to Chinese medicine
How are you? How is your zest for life, your energy, and your inspiration? Does it flow? Does it itch and bubble, like in nature now? Or are you tired, tense, or uninspired? Do you feel stuck in everything that has to be done and do you have the idea that there is more to survival than to living?

We need so much. There is so much information coming at us and there is so little space left to be together with yourself and nature in a good, healing way. And it just doesn’t work; you can’t always just produce, have to, and be directed outwards, because then you burn out. You live, as it were, far too much in the ‘Yang quality’ (summer, outward-looking, goal-oriented action) and you do not get enough rest, reflection, recovery, and recharging (the ‘Yin’, the ‘winter’). This is how your life gets out of balance.

Ask an acupuncturist about two essential characteristics of health and disease, and he will say, “flow and balance.” Two simple words with far-reaching meanings.

The balance between yin and yang, the basis of health in every area

In Chinese medicine and Taoism it has been an indisputable fact for at least 5000 years that health stands or falls with balance; the balance between yin and yang. Yin and yang represent the primordial principle of the masculine and feminine.

When there is a dynamic balance between the two primal polarities of life, there is health and well-being. A condition for health – in whatever area – is therefore that balance between the opposites. Yin and yang are always in dynamic interaction with each other. Their dance is the engine for growth, movement, and awareness.

Major – or long-term – imbalance leads to illness. Whether you are talking about illness of the body or mind, the acid-base balance in your diet, the health of an organization or society, or the relationship between two partners. All these different areas of life influence each other.

Tired? Out of balance or sick? This is how you build recovery according to Chinese medicine

This is how you ensure recovery and prevent a lot of misery

Do you want to take good care of yourself? Then make sure you take a moment every now and then to relax and recover, to reconnect with yourself and nature; yin moments.

You can do that yourself. For example like this:

  • Schedule enough times when you feel you don’t need anything. Schedule the void space in your calendar as your most important appointment.
  • Build-in meditation moments at a set time and stick to them. If you find this difficult, this can help you:
  • Take a mindfulness or meditation course so that you can get help with that.
  • Book a retreat, so that you can really relax and reflect

Yes.. and I say this to myself too, because I don’t find it easy either.

“Just this, just that. But I want to finish it and now is the chance. I have no rest when…” and so on. Do you know that too? In essence, it is a choice. A choice that people like me have to make over and over again. The choice of “first things first.” The choice to put your own health and well-being first, because only then do you really have something to offer for the other.

In the five-element retreats that I offer, you not only relax in beautiful surroundings. You will also be given a structure within which you gain insight into yourself and how you live; where you are still bothering yourself.

Maybe you don’t need that? I myself really need a time-out like that every now and then to get it clear again. To decide again – now even more deeply – AND to understand that I am really going to (and should) take good care of myself. 



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