Tired? So all your inexplicable behavior

Tired? So all your inexplicable behavior
As an energy therapist, I help my clients release the heavy, trapped, or undermining energy that often plagues, suppresses, or persecutes them. My clients are extremely sensitive people who absorb a lot of negative energy like a sponge or radar.

I have this myself and I am regularly extremely tired as a result. I have learned that this is part of me and I often sleep in between. People can make me very tired because I take over and process their energy. This is a gift and a burden. As a hypersensitive person, you have no choice in this. You can only make the best of it.

Focusing on the good and special

I teach my clients to continue to focus on the good and special sides of their lives and personality and to see their high sensitivity less as a burden. Every person is beautiful and in the whole, we have a role to play as hyper-sensitive. In order not to die, I keep telling myself and my clients to be proud and kind to themselves.

Pinching patterns

In my work, I have experienced countless times that there are entanglements between this and past lives much more often than we sober people are still willing to realize. I have made it my job to give clients the freedom and permission to heal these patterns. Even if you do not believe in past lives, you may understand that energetic constricting patterns in the DNA are passed on through the paternal or maternal line.

I recently had a client who was completely cured of her desire to fall in love with unpredictable men over and over. In one session, we discovered that in a past life, after a romantic marriage proposal from a young man, she spent the rest of her adult life awaiting his return. He had to travel for business first and then never came back. At a time when the Internet and mobile phones did not exist, she was left with nothing but to wait.

In this capacity, my client remained for years in permanent uncertainty and confusion: was he alive or was he dead? Had he forgotten her or was he still thinking about her? When my client relived this life, we were able to heal her pain and deep doubts. After this she was also able to completely turn her back on the man she currently lusted after, but who treated her badly and totally disrespectfully.

A valuable message

Tired? So all your inexplicable behavior

Recurring images, sentences, and feelings often have a valuable message for us. We often push them away because they are annoying and nasty, or because we doubt them. However, as long as you stay grounded in the here and now, these images and emotions can help you let go of expectations and desires (also called attachments in Buddhism) that you no longer need, or that even work against you.

Working with energy

Working with energy is wonderful and useful. It is the medicine of the future. Something in your body is being healed and cleaned up. The energy is literally taken to the liver, which digests and processes it. Do you also suffer from persistent behavior, fatigue, or unfulfilled love relationships? It can help you to look at it energetically. You can experience a lot of relief and give your problems a place through deep and healing insight. 


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