To get out of your pain: this is how you go through it and live your emotions

To get out of your pain: this is how you go through it and live your emotions
Too often I still see people fleeing from what presents itself. In terms of emotions, a lot has been released lately, and people try to flee by not taking responsibility for themselves. One lingers with the emotions, and then one goes into resistance. The resistance locks you in even more and also makes you go around in a vicious circle somewhere. A story that plays again and again, a CD that is on replay. But you don’t realize that going through it and living through the emotions/feelings helps you through all processes much faster. And you can return to a state of joy much faster.

It is you who create resistance, by not dealing with your feelings. By fleeing every time or seeking distractions or answers from outside. I’m also just a signpost that hands you the tools, but you can do it yourself.

I can’t say it often enough, that we make the stories ourselves and play them back and repeat… So we can also take ourselves out of it. Do not avoid yourself, do not avoid your emotions, feel what feelings are going through your body, without pushing them away. Positive, but also negative. Accept that you also have bad sides that make you who you are. Bad and good is nothing but a label that has been created, and we somehow have come to believe that this is not good for us.

YES, all is well with you! Everything complete makes you whole. If we all came to earth perfectly, then there would be nothing to learn and develop, would there be? Go through the pain and sadness, the frustration, the powerlessness, the inability, the depression, the anger and so on. We really CAN feel these feelings! We have to feel them

Have compassion for yourself!

That critical voice that keeps going through your head, that you’re not doing this right and that you aren’t doing that right. That little voice that says you have to be somewhere already, to be whole. NO, just accept yourself as you already are. You are unique! You are beautiful! You are beautiful! You are special! You are PERFECT in your IMPERTECTION!

Don’t let that critical voice (ego) take over and start naming things that you do well. And if you don’t do things right in your eyes, look at them… is this really the truth? Or is this an old belief? Is it because you used to always be told that you weren’t doing this right or that it wasn’t right? By parents, friends, other people…society. Everything the outside world tells you doesn’t have to be your truth. Believe in your own strength and what you really have in you. Have compassion for yourself and be nicer to yourself.

To get out of your pain: this is how you go through it and live your emotions

Just choose for yourself! You came here alone and you leave alone, so become your own best friend. No one else will do it for you, you have to live with yourself… day in and day out. This is only possible by learning to love yourself again and not constantly rejecting yourself. Take a look at what you have already endured as a human being, and how hard life can sometimes be.

And you’ve been through it all, you’re still here. See how powerful you are! See what kind of POWER you already have in you, but because you were so focused on that critical voice you didn’t see it. But now you can take off your blinders, now you are awake, now you know that things can be done differently. Now you know that everything is in your own hands.

Resistance hurts more

It doesn’t hurt to live the emotions/feelings. But because you’ve never done it and/or learned it, you don’t know how to deal with it. Well just feel! Nothing more than that. If you’re angry, don’t put it away and get angry for a while. If you feel powerless, sit in that powerlessness and feel what it does to you. Or are you depressed?…

I know better than anyone how difficult this is because you are only in the resistance. But in depression, surrender is the key. To really give in to what you feel, because the resistance only makes it harder. You have to do it, no one else can do it for you. Everyone has to take responsibility for his or her own pieces. You can get handles and ask for help, but in the end, you will have to live through everything, feel it, and experience it yourself. The faster you get out. Just like the lotus that has to go through the mud in order to bloom. You have to do it yourself, but you are not alone.

Especially in this time when a lot of people are waking up and going through the same processes. The veil is coming down, and people are starting to understand things more. Get a different perspective on life, and start making different choices. Energetically, so much is happening that we are collectively at a rapid pace, thereby making a shift in people’s consciousness. Everyone triggers each other to get higher in consciousness, and everyone activates each other and will find more of his or her soul group. People with whom you resonate and grow and help each other.

To get out of your pain: this is how you go through it and live your emotions

Old-time vs New time

In the old days (3d) people still force things on each other and manipulate them to get their way. Trying to control each other for their own happiness. Everything for their own personal agenda and their own happiness. In the new time (5d) we move towards resonance. What does resonate with you, you follow and what does not resonate with you you let go.

No more being forced to stay in a relationship, or stay with a job, or do something that doesn’t feel right anymore. If it doesn’t resonate, then move on to something else. We as human beings are put here to create and not to fix ourselves. Getting stuck in relationships that don’t make us happy, holding jobs that drain us energetically, and so on.

We are here on Earth to create and try things, and learn. To go with the flow of life and let go of things with ease and without judgment when it no longer resonates. Not to judge each other when we choose a different path, but to see it as an opportunity for that other to grow and develop and to encourage this. And who knows, maybe you’ll meet again in another period because you took a different path for a while .. because your soul had to learn other things. Learn to play again on the energies of life, and what presents itself in each moment.

Learn to live in the NOW and enjoy the road you are on. Nothing more to fix, or to plan far ahead, but more to go along with the spontaneity of life. And to let everyone do this in his or her own freedom so that we flow through the universe as a smooth movement. As it is intended.

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Just look at a group of birds flying in the sky and flying through the sky in synchronicity, without bumping into each other. Those trust, they go with the flow of life, and they don’t fix themselves. We can all go here too. Trust more in life and what presents itself, and go through life more spontaneously. Live with the moment, and feel what you need and what you need with each moment. Let go of control and everything will blossom on its own.

Do you need help in these times? Do you want to come back to yourself and your body and regain confidence in yourself and life? Perhaps I can help you with that. I have my own massage&healing practice where I help people as they get back in touch with themselves and in balance. Through access bars / healings (also remotely) / massages / coaching / yoga. Feel free to take a look at my website for more info You can always send me a message if you have more questions about treatment.



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