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To love someone from your heart, how do you do that?

To love someone from your heart, how do you do that? In my experience it is so normal that you love someone from your heart. But is that so normal? Does something like this happen automatically? Or do you think you love someone from your heart,

but as soon as you really start to feel, you discover that you don’t? Is that possible? If you want to know how to do that, love from your heart, don’t you sometimes have no connection with your heart?

Wow, so many questions all of a sudden!

Connecting with your heart

It is always important that you connect with your own heart first. Because that is the core of your own self. Because of the lessons of life, it is often the case that your heart is now closed. An impregnable fortress. Locked and the key is missing. How do you reconnect with your heart? Because with such a lock, no energy can flow. Not to yourself, so not to others.

You may want to, your intention is therefore positive and sweet, but how do you do that?


Sit down and breathe in and out slowly. Very deeply, at your own pace, and exhale well. Do that very consciously a few times. That already gives you peace of mind. Do you feel that? By focusing on your heart, visualizing that you are with your thoughts in your heart, you connect with your heart.

But then you’re not there yet. Because the question is; to dare to love from your heart. Especially that word dare touches me. Because what happened?

Apparently there is a fear, a pain, an emotion that you no longer want to feel and because of that you want to love from your heart, but you no longer dare. Afraid or getting hurt again? Afraid or letting go again? Afraid your heart will stand alone again?

all your heart

light heartMaybe I can call it something else. How can you love someone else from your heart? With all your heart, then your heart must be healed.

It is special to have a person come into your life who makes you realize that your heart needs healing. You are worth having your heart healed. Because only then, can you love yourself and then someone else with all your heart.

That person is probably also worthy of you to start healing your heart. Now that the wish comes to you, that you want to dare to love someone with all your heart, means three things; that it is time to heal your heart, that you are ready and that you have met a person who will help you with that. How beautiful is that?!


All the life lessons that have preceded this, your heart is broken, all pieces, also from previous lives. do your research; where is your sadness? Take time for yourself regularly, even if it’s just 5 minutes a day, and connect with your heart. Let the heart energy flow through your body. After a while of practice you will notice that you want to move on, that questions arise, that you gain insights, and that there are more questions to come!

Be vulnerable

The person you so desperately want to love can help you find the answers. Discuss the pain, fear you feel, communicate with each other. Again and again. Always different topics. Take the time for that! Don’t expect solutions within a week! The locks of your heart were not put on in one week either.

Current underway

heart-water-hands-thIn this way you come closer to yourself and also to each other, but you can also open your heart. Both for yourself and for others. Your heart needs the energy to start flowing again, which has been chained up all these years! Little by little you will start to feel freer and love yourself more, and therefore also your loved one! Little by little you can let love grow and start loving again completely from your heart. Both to yourself and to other loved ones.

do you dare?

Do you dare to allow someone to help you with that? Can someone be critical and honest with you? Can you be open to that power in good and bad times? Do you dare to expose yourself and someone else, so that you can access that pain again, to heal that pain for good? If you really want to, do that! It’s the best gift you can give yourself!

teachers realizing that the relationships you have are all teachers. That the relationships are there for a reason. You learn through all relationships.

The teacher with whom you can heal your heart, once it has crossed your path, when you realize that, then you are at a very important crossroads in your life.

That you will also tap into issues in which you really need to stay in your confidence, in love for yourself, and in love for others. Keep communicating keep explaining; what do you feel, what is happening, and why is that? Grab a piece at a time.

If you can trust, encourage and release each other, you can give each other a wonderful gift; heal your heart. How beautiful is that?


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