Thursday, December 1, 2022

To trust

What exactly is trust? How do you trust? Or, what makes you trust something or someone?

Is trust more than an expectation of yourself towards the other? When someone doesn’t keep their word, what happened? Has someone violated your trust or has that someone failed to live up to your expectations? That would mean that you have made an error of judgment yourself!

Very difficult to accept because by giving your trust you indicate your faith in someone. It is a form of surrender from you to the other. So expose yourself a bit. And it hurts when something in there turns out to be wrong.

It’s a lot that we need to trust something or someone. The formation of trust already starts in your early childhood. When you have developed a healthy dose of confidence within yourself, it is easier for you to trust other people in your life.

Once you start looking at trust from the perspective of energy, because you know, everything is energy, it is interesting to discover within yourself whether you have many people/situations in your life that can be trusted.

When you are in the energy of; ‘the world cannot be trusted’, you can be sure that the world is shown to you in this way. With all its consequences. That’s too bad. It can be so beautiful.

The foundation for trust is developed in three phases in your life

baby parentsIn the baby time; through nutrition, care and nurturing at times when you need it. That gives you as a dependent baby your safety. And it makes you feel like you’re worth it.

Around your age of ten; Did you have the basic security in the family where you grew up to discover your own ‘I’? Were you given the space and encouragement / support to discover yourself and the world?

The 3rd stage of development is puberty; Have you been given the confidence, space and a safe base from your educators to work out your (rethinking) plans and ideas? To shape your life the way you want? Were you given the space to discover your self-worth or your own truth? That also gives you the feeling that you are worth it and that you can be who you are. And from that comes trust.

In these three growth phases you see that trust has everything to do with security. Feeling safe in who you are. And self-esteem, so that you can build equal relationships from there without feeling yourself superior or inferior. Because you think it’s worth it to yourself, but also because you can see the value of the other.

In this small piece of text, several things come to the fore which are linked to trust; security, expectations, faith, including hope, assessment, disclosure, equality and surrender. And that all together makes; To trust.

Become aware from the base: the 5 areas of life.

In what do you trust yourself? Do you have faith in you….

Relationships? Health? Finance? Life fulfillment / Work? Luck?

See in which area of ​​your life you can use more confidence (security and self-esteem…). And work on the fulfillment you need to improve that area of ​​life. Start with yourself, that’s the only right step. No one else can do that for you. See how valuable you are and how beautiful your life can be once you realize it!

How do you do that? Improve confidence in an area of ​​life?

As soon as you have discovered which area of ​​life you can improve on, you first confirm the foundation; become aware of what you already have. Which areas of life are already full of confidence? Recognize your confidence in yourself and in your life. You have a basis in everything! There is no ‘hole’ anywhere. Start to see what you have, what is already there, because you can build further from that consciousness.

Then you go to investigate. Find out what else you need to ‘replenish’; knowledge? (training?) or just information? (can anyone answer your questions?) can a book help you? Are there people around you who trust you? They must have a reason for that! Make yourself aware of the confidence in your life!

And trust yourself; No one else can give you enough confidence (to feel fulfillment) if you don’t trust yourself. Once you are aware of what you already have, it is important to recognize yourself in it. No matter how little you like it. (that’s your own judgment). In short; take responsibility for your life into your own hands and trust in yourself.


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